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08 Nov 2019 18:13:39
Good evening Ed001. Trust you are well. Pep Guardiola is supposed to have said "Liverpool is probably the strongest team in the World right now". What do you think? Mind games or is he just being factual since so many of his own players are out injured? And, do you share his opinion if you think he is being sincere?

{Ed001's Note - mind games of course.}

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08 Nov 2019 18:32:34
OP, Never believe what comes out of that guy's mouth regarding Liverpool. He has always been someone who blows smoke up his rivals' arse esp. those that he is threatened by. If he is not threatened by you just like Mou or Fergie were, then he does not talk nor say anything like that about you or your team.

We don't need Pep to tell us how good we are. We have empirical and visual evidence of that and he is terrified of us. It is up to us to do our best to show it at every occasion. O n btw, that whole "Ederson is out for the Anfield game"? Don't eat the cheese. It's a trap, IMO. I'll believe it when I see it.

08 Nov 2019 18:34:24
Pep is far too arrogant to think another team other than his is the greatest in the world.

His level of mind games for this match shows how rattled he is by us.

The margins are so fine for this game that any yard you can take could make a difference.

08 Nov 2019 18:58:18
I don't mind much if Ederson does indeed suit up and play. Has never shown me anything seriously worthwhile.

08 Nov 2019 18:58:44
Thanks Ed001.

{Ed001's Note - welcome mate.}

08 Nov 2019 22:26:05
I don't think for any reason pep would lie about ederson, it woukdnt really have much impact on how klopp approaches the game. He's also publically backed his trust in bravo too much for it to be a big lie.

09 Nov 2019 00:38:41
I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Ederson makes a miraculous recovery in the next 36 hours.
I think he’s their most important player and transformed their back line after he signed for them much as Ali has done for us. Pep knows that Liverpool are clever enough to know this so I really wouldn’t put it past him to try to give us hope he’s out when he’s actually fit.

09 Nov 2019 10:08:29
Lol 'I think he’s their most important player and transformed their back line after he signed for them much as Ali has done for us. '

You can't be serious? their defence/ keeper aren't good enough for such a team, if they improved on both I'd be worried but they continue to ignore it. What makes you (and others) think Ederson is so damn good? it baffles me it really does because 9/ 10 when he gets tested he concedes. may I ask, how many games have you seen him play?

09 Nov 2019 10:35:08
Spot on, Salah. people seem enamored with his ability to play out of the back and be very good with the ball at his fit. That fits the style of play City want to play. But what does it matter to a GK if he can do that YET can't keep the ball out of the net for majority of the time he is tested? This is where Allison is miles ahead of Ederson, IMO.

Alison is solid with the ball at his feet and to me, that is all I need for him to be in this regard. What I really need for AB1 to be is keep the ball out the net as much as possible, command his box and defence and take charge of situations and try to keep us in games. Ederson is poor at ALL of these IMO hence, City keeps struggling defensively regardless of the over 300m they have spent on defenders and GK's (Ederson and Bravo cost 70m alone) .

09 Nov 2019 10:56:01
Come on Salah take your blinkers off and look at it for what it is. City were woeful in Pep’s first season and he was a huge factor in them improving so much.
I’ve seen him play lots of times I watch City’s games whenever they are on and I’ve always been impressed by Ederson.
I question your football knowledge if you think he’s not a good keeper. Your statements are just not true and quite frankly a little condescending.

09 Nov 2019 13:28:39
Well whatever BP mate, you question my football knowledge, that's fine, I have very little but I know a good keeper when I see one. Ederson is not a good keeper so your football knowledge must be worse than mine and that's saying something.



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