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10 Nov 2019 20:51:00
whilst not underestimating how good a footballer Trent is it's becoming more and more obvious that opposing teams see his lesser defensive abilities as a weakness to try and exploit. This was glaringly obvious today, practically all cities attacks where instituted on the left wing.

Granted Sterling is a very dangerous player so it's understandable, but this approach against us is used by other teams as well and it is some thing we need to address. Before Gomes was injured and he was in the team to my mind he had the speed to cover Trent and reduced the threat in this area but unfortunately although Matip and Lovren have performed well neither are quick enough to this, I only hope Gomez returns to form quickly otherwise this could cost us.

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10 Nov 2019 21:20:10
Not sure if I agree Evered77.
Trent has improved his defensive side of his game massively. I'd be quite happy if teams try and attack him because they'll be left up that side of the pitch whilst Mane bangs another in on the opposite flank.
I do prefer Gomez alongside Virgil anyway but not for this reason. I think that Gomez's pace helps us play a higher line. Just need him to play some more games and regain his form.

10 Nov 2019 21:21:23
You may have noticed we just beat the reigning champions 3-1 and have equalled the highest points tally after 12 games of any team - ever. Also, Trent created the most assists in premier league history last year. I think Klopp knows what he’s doing it’s far to say. Deary me.

10 Nov 2019 21:24:20
Evered77, you are correct and every man and his dog sees that so why do you think Klopp has "not addressed" it? Could it be cos Trent offers WAY more in the attack going forward based on the way we play? The reason it seems like there is more space behind Trent is cos Salah does not or is not required to track back as much as Mane does on the other side and IMO, that is by design cos we deliberately leave Salah further forward to counter the other team as son as we win the ball back.

Also, you will see that with the 2 "no. 8's" we play with in Wiji and Hendo, they along with Fab, are there to cover for either fullback when they go forward. If that does not happen on the odd time, the CB's have to get out there which is why all our CB's are required to be able to defend, one on one, out wide in space.

You may want to play Gomez at RB (IMO, he should not be there except due to injury or to do a job) and that is fine BUT we will lose all the great things Trent brings as he is as Carra said, "our KDB at RB". You don't see Pep pulling KDB off just cos he does not track back, do you? N btw, TAA shut down Sterling today for 75 mins until Angelino started becoming the spare man and Klopp put Ox on to shut that down and he did. It is what it is, man and I'm fine with it cos rewards outweigh the risk, IMO.

10 Nov 2019 22:08:01
I thought teen did ok till the last 15 minutes don’t think Henderson going off helped he seemed to cover that side of the pitch like Gini was are left side did not see Milner doing it as much as Henderson. And Trent was against on form one of the best players in world football.

10 Nov 2019 23:30:45
Also they had sterling and de Bruyne on the left, who were more dangerous than gundogan and silva who were pretty pocketed.

11 Nov 2019 01:23:27
true, and he did alright really. Had one of Europes biggest threats speeding towards him and managed to do a job for us. Well done I say.

11 Nov 2019 02:11:24
Mane often gets back to cover Robertson as well whereas Mo tracks back less frequently meaning Trent isn't afforded as much support. It was a tough game for him, no doubt, Sterling is incredibly difficult to defend against, but he did well and never made life easy for him.

I think City attacked down that side of the pitch more due to the quality they had on that side, as well us not having as much defensive support on that side - Trent is playing incredibly at the moment, i'm not sure what more you could want from a right back.

11 Nov 2019 03:23:18
It’s strange the things that people say after beating the current champions and going 8 points clear. It’s almost like people want something to worry or complain about!

11 Nov 2019 03:50:21
That's ridiculously unfair on Trent. Just because sterling saw a lot of the ball means nothing. How many times did he get goalside of trent with all the touches he had, barely any. Trent stood him up and forced him to byline nearly every attack and sterling was visibly reacting with frustration as he was regularly closed down. Not many RBs have kept sterling so frustrated over the last 2 seasons. Trent performed excellent in defence and attack and was far from being exposed like you think.

11 Nov 2019 04:37:23
While it may yes be seen as the weaker of both wing backs if a team decided to attack the left where Robertson is I'm sure we would find it difficult none the less even if he defends better. I agree he defends poorly at times but he is improving and i see where he will understand this clearer how to track back and play in a controlled more defensive mindset. YNWA 3 points boys cheer up.

11 Nov 2019 06:06:07
I think the point that was trying to be was on our right center half and not our right back. Granted we set up more defensively on our left hand side our right is bound to be invaded. The poster didn't suggest removing trent but rather find some one or way to help him.

11 Nov 2019 06:53:01
And how is that tactical approach going for our opponents? 😂.

11 Nov 2019 07:19:56
More attacks come down TAA side as Salah doesn’t work as hard defensively as Mané does for Robertson.

Not saying Salah doesn’t close down etc but he doesn’t provide as much cover when compared to our left hand side.
Any coach with their salt would spot that and highlight that side of our defence for overloading.



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