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19 Nov 2019 09:01:16
To all the Ed's, as I agree with the majority of your views and assessments of most players, I was wondering if U could remember any players in the last say 10 years who when u found out they were signing, u were horrified (because u thought they were no where good enough) but they actually became top players?

{Ed001's Note - I am sure there are some, but off the top of my head I can't think of any. Someone will no doubt set me right.}

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19 Nov 2019 09:54:10
I think almost all the horrifying players signed in recent times actually turned out to be quite horrifying. But the one player that sticks out in mind for exceeding all my expectations, is Robertson. I thought he would simply be an able backup to Moreno and stick around for a few years. He's turned that completely around. His ability to swallow up acres of space on the left (because of the way the team plays) and cause imminent danger, is a vital aspect to our attacking game.

19 Nov 2019 10:28:41
I’ll be honest I wasn’t overly fussed (not horrified) on Andy Robinson but how wrong was I!
Love the lad now.

19 Nov 2019 10:35:30
I'll admit, i was one of the people who (Was not horried) but thought it was a poor signing when we got Sadio Mane! He had flashes of quality at Southampton and tore us apart but he was so inconsistent. I got that dead wrong though!

19 Nov 2019 10:39:56
steve finnan was a player I thought was average. An ok prem right back but I was so wrong about him. After a few games I had changed my mind. Every summer we seemed to buy a new fall back and every year he improved and kept his place.

19 Nov 2019 11:24:36
I seem to remember Ed you weren't too keen on Robertson when he joined (many people weren't keen either) the same with VVD who you had doubts about his positioning and Mane worries over his attitude.

Not wanting to pull you up on it at all but it would be interesting to see what you think of those signings now.

In addition I can remember being very disappointed when we signed Henderson and I thought that Aquillani and Sahin were going to be incredible signings. Oh how wrong I was on all counts.

{Ed001's Note - yep I wasn't too keen on any of them but certainly not horrified and they have so far all shown the good parts of their game for us. All 3 have been fantastic for us.}

19 Nov 2019 11:32:38
Cheers for the response Ed.

How much credit for that do you think should go to Klopp and his team and how much to the players themselves?

Some players naturally grow out of bad habits and some get trained out of them. Would be interesting to know if those 3 guys have just matured and developed their game or if Klopp and the coaches have really been drilling all of them on their weaknesses?

Cheers in advance.

{Ed001's Note - I would say a lot of the credit can go to Klopp and the coaches. A little to the players. But a large portion of Klopp's part is keeping the club competitive. Players like Mane, for instance, cause trouble at smaller clubs because they want to be somewhere competitive. While we compete for the biggest trophies, he is content. If we were struggling like Man Utd, for instance, would he still be as content? I don't think he would.}

19 Nov 2019 12:46:00
Am the same as you, Lamborini. I thought Mane was overpriced with a bad attitude. Waste of money. Thank god that I know nothing.

19 Nov 2019 12:55:57
Mane has surprised me lots, he seems to be a genuine humble person and is incredibly consistent. Not traits I would have expected of him when we signed. I’m sure as ed said it’s partly due to successes be he seems to have matured a lot.

19 Nov 2019 13:24:38
i’m maybe going a bit to far back . but i thought gary mcallister was decent but past it and was not going to be up for it if i’m honest. 🙈 how wrong can someone be. probably the best free transfer we’ve ever had.

19 Nov 2019 14:47:34
Last signing that I was excited by but was a big disappointment was Markovic. Shows how well the club has recruited in recent years.

The last signing that I wasn’t convinced by that turned out to be a huge positive was Ox. I thought he was neither a winger or a midfielder but somehow in between, but how wrong I was. Turns out he’s a fantastic midfielder and a stand up character as well.

19 Nov 2019 16:04:02
Mario balotelli ed001. How could you forget? Clearly the one that got away.

{Ed001's Note - ah yes, I must be getting old to forget Super Duper Mario.}

19 Nov 2019 17:35:27
Ox I didn't want him anywhere near the club thank God I'm not in charge.

20 Nov 2019 01:12:14
Paul Konchesky surely.

20 Nov 2019 09:27:46
Players that did better than I thought as above Robertson, I though it was mad giving what we gave for ox how wrong I was thankfully.

Being young and match of the day fever I though Carroll was going to RIP the league up when we signed him in the form he was in.

20 Nov 2019 15:56:23
Danny Wilson and the Seb defender kid.

20 Nov 2019 17:49:13
Paul Konchesky nailed on, and Roy Hodgson trying to say erroneous in one of his first press conferences. Stop it now Roy!

20 Nov 2019 18:24:13
Andy Carroll. Say no more.

20 Nov 2019 19:38:10
Ox and Robbo for me. Did not want either of them here and Klopp shut me up and has shut me up for good. If Klopp wants to sign the mechanic from Spurs, I'm cool with that.



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