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07 Dec 2019 19:29:13
Even United have done their bit today. 😏 Seriously, though City are in a meltdown and long may it continue!

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07 Dec 2019 20:06:19
Now we need Leicester too start melting, honestly though they look impressive and are definitely are main threat.

07 Dec 2019 20:16:27
Things becoming a bit more difficult for Pep in his fourth season. I hope someone answers that phone, cos Ed001 called it.

14 behind us. Even if they beat us at their place, they still need us to drop 11 more than them on top of that between now and May. I don't think that's particularly likely.

07 Dec 2019 20:30:05
They won 14/ 15 games in a row at the end of last season so I wouldn’t rule them out just yet! They also have been very unlucky with injuries so you can’t just blame Pep!
I expect them to invest heavily in January and that will get them back on track.

07 Dec 2019 20:45:17
And that's only if city win EVERY game. They're not going to do that with that defence.

I think pep believes that if city have 70%+ they'll win. But it's just not the case. Teams plan to be defensive against them, and with that back 4 they're susceptible.

I agree that Leicester are the danger, and they're not going to win every game either. They have to play all the big boys. We've done spurs away, Chelsea away, utd away. Did we play arsenal in london.

07 Dec 2019 21:21:15
we beat arsenal 3-1 at home.

07 Dec 2019 21:46:01
We don't need any of our competitors to be in meltdown, we'll win the league on our own merit . As for City, yes Pep have to take a big chunk of the blame, for anyone that plays fantasy premier league, look how many defenders he has at his disposal, he needs to start taking a risk and use them and let Ferdenhio play where he is good at.

07 Dec 2019 22:16:30
I don’t understand how people can say City have been unlucky with injuries. The main injury they have suffered was Laporte and he did that to himself trying to foul someone after giving the ball away, that isn’t unlucky, it’s stupid!

07 Dec 2019 22:48:54
Wombat, whilst it's obviously not outright impossible for them to catch us and I'm under no illusions about that, it's unlikely.

We've dropped 19 points in the league since the start of last season. A year and a half. Even if Man City win every game between now and May, we'd need to drop 14 in just over half a season. I don't see how that's going to happen. I genuinely think it's game over for them this season. They won't catch us.

And to be honest, the fact that Leicester are still only 8 behind (I'm assuming they'll win tomorrow) is good for us because it'll guard against complacency for our boys.

07 Dec 2019 23:19:03
We have had worse injury problems. Differences are John stones 50mil and Joel Matip free. Rodri 70mil, fab 40mil. There are loads of examples of klopps better recruitment. For the price of sterling we can buy mane AND origi.

Brilliant comment Roy. We will win it on merit, I agree. The boys deserve it, we keep pulling away, pulling away. We don't lose in this league. I'm sure we will lose one or two, but not five. City are done. We need to lose 3 for Leicester to pinch it, can't see it. Leicester away and city away are tough. I think we will win one and draw the other personally.

07 Dec 2019 23:56:09
Hailstones do you think we will finish with more than 90 points this season? I do.
There is honestly no way on this earth that Leicester will finish with more than 85 points never mind 90! They won the league with 80 points with no one else playing so against a strong City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Spurs they have no chance whatsoever.
City are the main rivals and they have massively dropped the ball. I really can’t see them catching us now. We’d have to lose 5 games or draw 8 out of 22. We’ve lost 1 in 50 odd! That’s if they win every game!
If we should ever have confidence in this team it should be now. We have rotated and still won easily. We are scoring goals from midfield which was always apparently a weakness. I’m not saying we’ve won it already but realistically it’s in the bag. Surely everyone feels that?

08 Dec 2019 00:39:57
Becker, The worst thing the team can possibly do is get complacent and think the league is already won.

08 Dec 2019 06:55:59
Robbiesline, we’ve not played spurs away yet mate, it’s the 11th jan then United home the week after.

08 Dec 2019 08:34:39
Their biggest mistake was not replacing kompany. Just 1 injury to laporte has seen them now in disarray. Fernandinho not being able to play in their midfield as a result they are vulnerable in nearly every game when teams counter attack them. United were cutting them wide open every attack, Chelsea too should have hurt them. Their lack of leaders since kompany has seen them lose that ruthless winning mentality. Newcastle, wolves with late blows and Norwich too showing that this city side isn't to be feared like the teams of last 2 seasons.

They look likely to drop more points in upcoming games than we do, arsenal away and Leicester next 2 games, 2 sides with pacy attacks which city have struggled against. They've dropped more points in the etihad this season already than they probably did last 3 years combined. Let's not fear them, we're playing at a much higher level than them.

08 Dec 2019 13:24:47
Still a long way to go, just need to keep concentrating on the next game and that's it. None of this 'in the bag' stuff, we're in a good position so just need to keep going and the way we are and stay grounded, only 15 games in.

08 Dec 2019 16:00:47
What happened to taking it a game time? Run our own race and we should be fine.

08 Dec 2019 18:52:26
I know we shouldn’t count our chickens and all that but if this was another team not Liverpool in the position we are in we’d all be saying they won’t be caught.
The team needs to stay grounded and keep doing what they’re doing of course the PL is unforgiving and the slightest drop off could leave the door ajar for City and they are capable of bursting through it.
As fans though I don’t see anything wrong with being confident. I have massive faith in Klopp and this team that they won’t let their standards slip and if they don’t then the league is won.

08 Dec 2019 21:43:22
Wombats, respectfully disagree with this notion that "City have been unlucky with injuries" schtick you and others are peddling. City are said to be a billion pound team, having spent over 300m - 400m on GK's and defenders alone YET when only one defender (I know, Laporte is class) suddenly that is to blame for their issues? Sorry, both of those things cannot be correct at the same time.

City's problems are numerous and just Laporte's injury or Pep's inability or arrogance of not buying a CB capable of defending against a chair, does not explain all of them. Pep is the one who spent 130m YET on Rodri and Cancelo yet no CB. Pep is the one who has spent 150m worth on FB's yet signed Cancelo for 62m and the guy does not even play. Pep is the one who refused to change his style of play when it is clear that when out of possession, they are sitting ducks and if even Newcastle could expose this, what did he think Utd (who are built to exploit such failings) was going to do?

City are where they are this season because of Pep and Pep ALONE. He made the decisions and his actions or in-actions have led him to where he is now and people need to say it and not give him a pass and shield him with the whole "injuries, VAR, etc. ) schstick we are being fed by his syncophants in the media.



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