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06 Jan 2020 16:08:12
Have to say lad's what a performance yesterday unbelievable. Everybody has their own stand out player but for me it was Neco Williams. He stood out in the league cup game against Arsenal but he was even better against Everton. If TTA got injured leave Gomez, Milner or who everelse could fill in and stick in young Neco Williams he can well do a job in there no problem.

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06 Jan 2020 16:23:20
Lallana for me. That armband raised his level and led the team.

Gomez second. Outstanding.

The young players did fantastic but senior players still were the best players on show.

The liverpool ones im talking about of course 😀.

06 Jan 2020 16:57:30
Imagine if we played our first team at Goodison and their under 12s beat us 1-0. If they passed us off the pitch and a scouse blue curled one in off the crossbar from 20 yards over Van Dijks head and passed Allison. Every time Mane touched the ball he put the ball out for a throw in, and Robbo got subbed off after being skinned for an hour off some 16 year old Die hard Blue. Hahaha I would be under a rock and you wouldn't hear from me for a year.

06 Jan 2020 17:44:55
FC8 Everton must have one hell of an under 12s team 😂.

06 Jan 2020 18:29:54
1jj, maybe they should have fielded their U-12's last night instead of the pathetic, embarrassing dross that turned up at Anfield to receiving a footballing lesson from a bunch of kids who prolly still had to wait for their dads to come pick them up from the Stadium after the game.

06 Jan 2020 18:41:06
FC8, a bit of an exaggeration, haha.

I really sympathise with Everton fans after that game. It was an embarrassing performance and result but let's not forget it was a no-win situation for them. If they'd have won, we'd have just dismissed it as we only played the kids.

06 Jan 2020 19:06:38
EpicPotato, sympathise with Everton fans? I take it you don’t live in the Merseyside area and don’t have to put up with them on an almost daily basis? There are very few good humoured banter merchants like Ed025 left.

06 Jan 2020 19:51:11
Does the"banter"get nasty WW?

06 Jan 2020 20:17:46
I loved the old fashioned banter but not the bile that passes between the two sets of supporters now. At the risk of sounding like the dinosaur that I really am, I think that the poison on social media has got a lot to do with it. But whatever the cause, I have experienced the bitterness and just cannot sympathise with Everton supporters when we beat them.

06 Jan 2020 21:47:45
WW glad you are back on the site.

How did you feel when Man U pissed all over us for 20+ years and they are not even in same city, were you a little bitter? Everton would have won the European cup in the 80's if not banned. I lived in the city but only for a couple years and realise it is not the same now, with a few diffent decisions roles could be reversed.

I was on the Kop when Davey Thompson was our best player, so I take nothing for granted and do sympathise with the blue side.

06 Jan 2020 22:21:25
I have to agree with WW.

I grew up watching the greet Liverpool and Everton sides of the 80’s, mentioned before, I was at the old Wembley in 86 when we won 3-1, the whole stadium singing Merseyside. And, just because they had a great side under HK, There would be no guarantees they’d have won a European. Up, history tells us this is not always the case, look at us in 2005.

Roll on to the modern era and when I go to goodison away and hear them singing murderers, and we all know what they are singing, sorry mark, no sympathy. You also need to read some of the vile stuff on social media. Did you not hear their “ since 1985 chant on Sunday?

It also has nothing to do with United, we sang about them being poor during the 80’s so it’s horses for courses. Also when you realise and know how they achieved their success, there really is no bitterness.

06 Jan 2020 22:46:21
you make some points Drogie but what your saying is 100% biased and one sided. There will be 1000's of decent Everton fans with very similar stories to tell about their experienses regarding LFC fans.

I have been sitting with Liverpool fans who refused to recognise a Barnes goal because he was black. One sided arguments are pointless. The gloating fans on here in the last few days I don't agree with one bit, short memories.

07 Jan 2020 11:11:44
To be fair I think it gets worse as generations go by and honestly sky and showing matches on tv has a lot to do with it my stepson is a bitter manc hates liverpool and says he hates all scoucers and can't give a reason just he was brought up that way (bare in mind half my family are scouse and the other half Norwegian so I'm about as stereotypical liverpool fan as you get) anyways people sit in thier houses shouting and chanting things they would not do in public with young ears listening at a young age it corrupts I wish for the days of healthy banter and a respectful chat between fans but I think them days are long gone and will never return.

07 Jan 2020 11:16:21
Fair enough drogie but there’s idiots at every club. I was at the united game 2 seasons ago and there was small sections of our fans making aeroplane like movements.

I think it’s more to do with the disgusting crap hole Britain is coming. Took the mrs to ane today and been told there’s a 14 hour wait for a doctor and walk in centres are closed!

Anybody seen the new joker film? Sums up this selfish society we live in. Unfortunately good people are few and far between nowadays.

{Ed025's Note - i hope your wrong with that last bit lerchy..

07 Jan 2020 13:06:23
Soft touch Britain Ed, forget young offenders institutes. Hard labour camps with regular beatings for these feral beings! Of course you can’t do that though you might upset someone. Ever the optimist.

Hope you’re well Ed for every dark cloud there’s a silver lining mate and maybe you lads needed that game for Carlo to see the pathetic attitude of some of the senior pros! Sigi and schneiderlin were two of the main culprits for me.

{Ed025's Note - yeah they were the worst of a bad buch lerchy mate..

07 Jan 2020 23:51:04
Mark08, thanks for the welcome back. I stopped posting because I was stupidly getting drawn into pointless, argumentative exchanges with other posters (and occasionally with the Eds) and I was annoyed with myself. I didn’t stop checking the site on a daily basis though and it just felt right to post again.

We will never know whether the Everton team of the mid 1980s was good enough to win the European Cup but a sizeable minority of their fan base believes that they would have done. That has become an article of faith for them and they bitterly blame Liverpool supporters - all of us - for stopping that from happening.

Add in the more recent phenomenon of social media and as Drogie has pointed out a very unpleasant atmosphere has developed at derby matches with some horrible chants and abuse that goes well beyond acceptable banter. So, no sympathy from me.

08 Jan 2020 06:12:08
They may have missed out on 1 but we missed out on 4.



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