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10 Jan 2020 23:04:26
Question for ed001 what do you think were carraghers best attributes when he was playing? How do you think he would have got on playing in klopps team?

{Ed001's Note - desire and heart. He would have run through brick walls for the team as he was all about the team as a player. Klopp would have loved him and made him a better player, but he did lack the pace for a high line, so not sure how he would have been used, maybe as a Fabinho alternative?}

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11 Jan 2020 10:16:13
I would agree with Ed001, I think his debut was against Aston Villa and I remember him running through a brick wall called Andy Townsend who had a few words to say to Jamie after such a tackle.

11 Jan 2020 12:07:22
He was also great for talking the kids through games. I remember a game with Flannigan playing right back. Carra was talking him through the game the whole time and making sure the defence played as a unit. I found it very impressive.

{Ed025's Note - he is also very adept at spitting mikey, apparently he can hit a 10 yr 0ld girl from 10ft while at speed...disgusting individual..

11 Jan 2020 12:17:23
I don’t want to have digs or anything Ed025 but he held his hands up immediately and admitted he made a mistake, didn’t shy away from being scrutinised by the media and i honestly don’t think he would ever have done it had he known there was a child in the car who he could have hit, a properly stupid and disgusting act but he handled it with humility and grace afterwards and that's the least you can ask for.

I find it rather rich that the Evertonians put duncan ferguson on a pedestal despite being a man with a criminal record, a horribly violent individual and the joint most red cards in premier league history, with him his rough and tumble style is considered endearing to this day but someone like Luis Suarez is rightly regarded as disgusting. I don’t want to cause an argument but i do find it somewhat hypocritical and annoying that Ferguson seems to get a free pass for it.

{Ed025's Note - give me a smack in the mouth rather than spit at me AW, its a vile thing to do to any human being, being sorry just does,nt cut it for me its the same as.. oh yeah but i only killed one is enough, 2 wrongs have never made a right im afraid mate and trying to condone it by making excuses for the guy is deplorable, if he was not an ex-red would you be saying the same thing??..very shallow..

11 Jan 2020 12:31:46
Spitting is horrible, but last time I checked so was assault! 😉.

11 Jan 2020 12:59:35
Gerrard and Carragher were two great players yes, of course they were but Carragher took the easy money at Rupert Murdock’s Sky and cost himself and his mate Gerrard a premier league title. (I’ve always believed we wouldn’t have conceded nearly as many as we did that year if Carra had been in the team, even though he was past his best he’d been terrific in the second half of the season before. )

The spitting was the act of a yob. The apology was in order to keep his job at Sky.

Gerrard needs to stop talking about the possibility of replacing Klopp. It makes him sound entitled, deluded and unbelievably arrogant.

11 Jan 2020 13:21:34
Most people were happy to see Carra call it a day after the 12/ 13 season in fairness, and I'm sure Gerrard is just giving an answer to a question he must get asked a lot. if anything he keeps saying he Hope's Klopp stays for years.

11 Jan 2020 13:57:50
There have been plenty of nobheads to wear the Liverpool shirt - Suarez and Diouf possibly top the tree - and Jamie Carragher is another who stained his career with abusive behaviour.

11 Jan 2020 13:41:34
Ed25, he is a toffee at heart, what did you expect. TBF there is no defence for the spitting. I was talking in pure footballing terms, great coaching the young players through games.

{Ed025's Note - i was a big fan before that mikey i must admit, but that was unforgivable mate..

11 Jan 2020 13:47:48
Totally agree with ed25.
Many thanks for all the memories and that but he has shown his yobbish way and there is no coming back from that.

{Ed025's Note - i agree jurgenator, not the first and wont be the last that thinks they are untouchable and can do what they want mate..

11 Jan 2020 14:12:19
I’m not making excuses for it Ed025 it is utterly disgusting but at the very least he had the balls and humility to apologise right away. While i don’t think anybody would condone or forgive him for that my point was that the Evertonians and collective footballing media seem to actually relish Duncan Fergusons appalling track record for violence, convicted on 3 occasions, and find it endearing in some way. Spitting is disgusting but i don’t think you could argue a largely symbolic act is worse than causing intentional physical harm to someone. This a very distasteful subject i don’t really want to get embroiled in a huge discussion i was just trying to highlight that every club has its heroes and its villains, Liverpool have more than their fair share, but no clubs record is clean and particularly when it comes from Evertonians i find the accusation that you lot are somehow not culpable of backing people who have committed despicable acts before as highly hypocritical. In the case of Ferguson, most seem to applaud his violent sensibilities as endearing and comedic. I’d argue that is far more deplorable and shallow.

{Ed025's Note - this is not about ferguson though AW so i dont know why you are trying to deflect things mate, like it or not these people on our screens are role models and should know better, did they give keys and gray a second chance?, or ron atkinson or rodney marsh? because they acted despicably, should we forgive carragher just because he once wore the red of liverpool?...i think you know the answer to that, sometimes saying sorry is just not enough

11 Jan 2020 15:54:37
Balls and humility to apologise? He was caught spitting and was forced to apologise, no doubt in order to protect his lucrative, cushy Sky job. I'm not mentioning names but Sky have sacked pundits and presenters for less than what Carragher did. In fact I was amazed he kept his job, which proves Sky are Hypocrites anyway.
To suggest he would not have done it if he had known there was a child in the car is irrelevant.

11 Jan 2020 16:29:51
Why does Ed 25s opinions always have to come back to what Everton have done etc. Cara’s as scummy as diouf and was a bully boy in the dressing room. Top player rubbish person.

11 Jan 2020 20:34:16
I'd rather be spat at than smacked in the face by a big hard fist.

Yeah yeah, form a queue.

{Ed001's Note - we will need to organise crowd control....}

11 Jan 2020 22:46:27
I’ve met Carra Ed 25 mate, I actually sat on his table at the end of season LFC awards a couple of seasons ago.

. He’s a top guy but I have to agree, spitting is extremely low.

{Ed025's Note - fred west was apparently a very good builder drogie..

12 Jan 2020 00:29:03
Ed25 criticising a Liverpool legend? Fancy that!
About as predictable as Liverpool spanking Everton at Goodison this season.

{Ed025's Note - its nothing to do with his footballing status BP or where hes from and i think you know that, but if he does another book it should be called...from LEGend to BELLend..

12 Jan 2020 09:42:30
The OP asked what were Carragher's best attributes when he was playing and Ed025 starts going on about something that he did when he wasn't playing.



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