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14 Jan 2020 22:40:49
Was reading an article today from Paul Merson saying he believes Klopp could get Rotherham to the prem league with time. Made me sit back and think, whilst I hear a lot of pundits lauding Liverpool and Klopp he doesn't really get the credit he deserves for being a top coach.

People seem to see this huggable guy on the touch line who makes dynamite tv in his interviews and press conferences but I don't believe he gets enough credit for how better he makes players. I understand you must have a good team behind you but I can't think of ANY player we have had who hasn't improved massively under his tutelage. Maybe if he sulked in his press conferences and bemoaned decisions people might think he some managing messiah like Pep.

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14 Jan 2020 23:55:18
I would love one of these multi millionaire big time managers to take one of those sorts of jobs just to see what they could do at a lower level. Like Klopp, when he leaves us see him pitch up at Oxford (my local club), for example, and see what he could do over five years. I fully understand why they all want to stay at the top, but what a challenge that would be for one of them.

14 Jan 2020 23:59:19
I don’t think Klopp gets less praise than Pep. They are widely recognised as two of the best managers in world football.
Pep has a history of winning a lot of silverware on big budgets and Jurgen has the ability to take struggling teams to become champions. Both are regularly lauded in the worlds media and rightly so.

15 Jan 2020 01:33:50
Klopp gas won a load of awards including best manager in the world. But I think I know what you mean. His tactics are bang on. Its not just his brilliant man management.

We've seen some fairly big managers mixing it in the lower leagues.

I have to say. Klopp made Liverpool competitive without spending a fortune. Then he spent big money on a keeper, two midfielders and a cb and made us world beaters. Because he knows you have to spend if you want to win things.

15 Jan 2020 05:30:25
I think it’s only recently that Klopp has finally been getting praise as a truly elite manager, not just in terms of motivating but also how tactically superb he is and also how much better he makes players.
In the past, this kind of praise was reserved largely for Guardiola, with words like ‘perfectionist’ being dolled out constantly, whereas Klopp was considered to be a loveable ‘motivator’. A lot of mainstream media publications still ignorantly categorize Liverpool as gegenpressers.
It is, however, finally becoming clear to all that Klopp is the full package, and the absolute best manager in the game.

15 Jan 2020 07:44:38
What he did with Mainz was about the a same as getting Doncaster promoted.

15 Jan 2020 07:58:16
I think he also deserves credit for the way in which he has bought into the ethos of the club and its supporters. Through example he has shown passion for the club, players and supporters. He was laughed at for celebrating a draw in front of the supporters. Who's laughing now? He understands the uniqueness of Liverpool, not just the club but the city and its people.

15 Jan 2020 08:08:35
Robbiesline. Your right mate, he has spent big.
My continued argument with other teams supporters is.
Allison was out, we was still winning.
Fabinho was out, we are still winning. Milner and Keita (Milner in big wages they have said) we’re still winning. Ox is in and out with injuries and at a minimum is on the bench if fit. We have won games without him in the squad.
In all honesty, Salah has been the first season wonder we knew and all probably want.
It’s the process of buying players but he has still progressed the squad to develop to adjust.
Yea if Van Dijk was out for a certain amount of time. Who knows?
Spurs failed at the final hurdle last season in the champions league final without spending in the summer before. I’d like to think in the modern era of football. This would be the first time a club has spent minimal money and is on course to win the top league.
Yes, he hasn’t spent fortunes prior to this campaign but I think for the majority he has bought right and under his development they have all become top top class players.

15 Jan 2020 16:55:14
Really good point lerchy.

15 Jan 2020 19:17:37
Klopp said before the CL final that his greatest achievement in his managing career was getting Mainz 05 promoted to the Bundesliga when in comparison to the other rivals gunning for promotion, they were penniless. Now did he have to spend. Of course BUT every team does that now. Everton have spent 400m in the past 3/ 4 summers now to break in the top 6 YET here they are.
Klopp said it himself in Qatar. He had to buy big where he needed finished articles like VVD and Allisson and signed Fab and Keita to improve the team. The others? He has improved them from good to border line world class to world class. That is to his credit.

As for whether he gets the amount of credit his body of work deserves, I think he does BUT it depends on the source, IMO. The English media call him a master motivator with passion and high energy and all that as if that's all you need to win you games at this level. IMO, it is due to laziness instead of actually trying to see what Klopp is about tactically and on that level, he is a tactical genius. He is able to morph the team and players into diff. systems and formations in-game that does managers' heads in. Pigeon-holing Klopp or Liverpool as just this high energy, gegenpressing (we stopped doing that over two years ago) is just like I said, lazy.

Now do you really want to know who gives Klopp the credit he truly deserves? Fellow big time managers. People should go watch or listen to the way other big time managers like Pep, Wenger, Sarri and Mou talk about Klopp and it will blow your mind. IMO, being lauded and respected by your peers at the highest level, is the biggest credit/ sign or respect of all and Klopp has it in bunches with these guys.



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