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22 Jan 2020 17:35:46
I have a day off work and noticed I recorded the Manchester United game so thought I would have a watch through again. Whilst I loved the game and finally closely matched the hype it has done for couple years I had a knawing problem with the analysis at the end of match. Why the fook don't gini, and hendo get more lavish praise? Graeme Souness, great footballer awful analyst, I'm sick of hearing that they both "workman like " in midfield and there only job is to cover the full backs as they bomb forward. Both have had great seasons and whilst may not get the assists of KDB and TAA or the tackles of a N'didi people might forget to see the pass before the assist or the position they take before they have to make a last ditch tackle! Would love to hear ed001 review of this, am I being daft hear and thinking they only the cart horse in our team?

Many thanks

{Ed001's Note - and there is more to it as well. Look at the way Gini uses skill and strength to keep the ball in tight corners, creating space to move the ball forward. When people say our midfield lacks creativity then they clearly have not watched him play. He creates by doing that.}

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22 Jan 2020 19:10:52
Everybody in the pub was buzzing over how well Gini played.

22 Jan 2020 19:38:45
Gini Wijnaldum - El Matador!

22 Jan 2020 19:51:07
it's taken years for loads of liverpool fans to give Gini and Hendo any praise so . . .

22 Jan 2020 20:10:05
OP, I was livid with that as well. Calling our midfield "workman-like" just shows their own ignorance and nothing more. They say we lack creativity. They must have slept thru the sequence that led to Ox's sublime pass to Gini for the disallowed goal.

It seems like pundits just parrot the same rubbish amongst each other cos well, it's easier to do that than to actually watch games closely and see what is really happening. Good thing some of them are not managers cos if they were, they would be dreadful Just ask Gary Neville.

As for Gini, the guy is amazing. I watch him play and I keep thinking "Is there anything this guy can't do"? He is the complete midfielder who can play anywhere in midfield or the no. 10 (like he does for Holland) and so on. He is creative, dynamic, workman-like, the whole lot.

Same with Hendo. There is no position in midfield he can't play and can create as well. Pretty sure these same pundits missed his brilliant pass at that led to Bobbie's goal vs Flamengo. Again, lazy pundits, the lot of them.

22 Jan 2020 20:19:48
Hendo has gone up a level this season. Since he got his hands on that CL trophy he’s become even better.

22 Jan 2020 20:26:32
Gini's ability to shield the ball and turn away from the defender is one of his best talents. Ed is right, it creates space and is vital, and works really well when we're on the break too.

22 Jan 2020 20:42:58
I used to drool over Moussa Dembele’s ability to hold the ball whilst surrounded by players using strength and skill. Gini has taken what Dembele used to do to a whole new level. Different class.

23 Jan 2020 08:26:04
Yeah, annoys me too. Gini has been amazing. So has hendo and so has milner. So has fab when fit. So has the ox and so has lallana and so has keita when fit.

But for me Henderson is the best. definitely gone up a level.

23 Jan 2020 08:30:02
Exactly guys. It annoys me too. They are both brilliant. As is milner Tbf. I actually see quite a lot similarities in hendo and souness. Both hard, good tackles, good passers, good leaders. Scores important goals. Gini is absolutely fantastic. He's brace against Barcelona has given him legendary status that we won't see or understand for many years imo.
Yes they work hard and put in the yards but they both know how to get the ball forward. You don't see them lose the ball often. In fact I can't remember the last time Henderson gave it away.

I know it's controversial and people don't like to talk negatively about our captain. But I really think he has to be classed as a world class centre mid. There aren't many better that I can think of. Kdb is a brilliant passer and has amazing vision. But he isn't as good as jordan defensively. Okay maybe he's the better player but would you swap? I wouldn't need to think about it. Absolutely not.

If you don't think hendo is world class, then give me 5 better cms.



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