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23 Jan 2020 09:55:55
Every game is a challenge in this league but is it wrong of me thinking Wolves away will be the most challenging to come this season? I reckon we'll beat them but not by a large margin, it'll be a close game, they aren't a team to mess about, they know how to upset the top teams. Fingers crossed for tonight.

I'm confident against ANY other team in this league but Wolves concern me.

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23 Jan 2020 10:06:24
Tough tough game - besides Man City I’d say maybe the biggest hurdle to us keeping our unbeaten run going.

The Wolves game at Anfield was very close.

23 Jan 2020 10:10:56
If the game at Anfield is anything to go by, you may be right Salah.
It’ll be interesting to see how Wolves set up though.
They were so negative for 75 minutes in the first game and then looked dangerous when they opened up.
This is the risk they need to consider-if they look to take us on, it’ll be a great game but I think they’ll get beaten.
If they sit tight, they concede possession and invite pressure.
I’m hoping for the former, I’m sick of televised attack v defence games with a football match breaking out in the last ten minutes!

23 Jan 2020 10:48:13
I totally agree that wolves are a dangerous team. And very very good. But A, they aren't in the top 4 and we've beaten all the teams in the top 4. And B, they've looked knackered lately. Can't believe this is what? Match 39/ 40 for the season for them.

Our record vs wolves isn't amazing and I think that is subconsciously on the back of reds minds, but we should win.

But to echo salah's sentiment, I'd be pleased enough with a draw tonight. Just remember, we ain't conceded for 7 games (or is it 8) they're more worried of us than we are of them. Also our boys don't seem as phased about away games as they used to. Totally professional.

23 Jan 2020 11:42:47
First time this season I'm not confident of a win, they're a decent side and have the pace to exploit the spaces our full backs leave, lucky for us we ain't bad either and a draw isn't a bad result, we have a 13 point gap and 2 bonus games to rack up a bigger lead, if we do win then great, if not we march on regardless.

23 jan 2020 12:18:08
we will win.

23 Jan 2020 12:38:22
To be honest i think every game in this league is a tough game. At the moment loads of teams are taking points off each other and we have that unbeaten record that surely must prove incentive to other teams to raise their game and take that undefeated streak. Our biggest asset under Klopp seems to be that we do not under estimate any team. At the moment we are everybody's cup final be it home or away.

23 Jan 2020 12:43:27
For me Nuno is the reinvented version of Mourinho, loads of people make out they play wonderful attacking football but they seem to park the bus an just use Adama's pace everytime I watch them.

23 Jan 2020 12:56:23
Very good side. If we’re anything but perfect they could beat us.

23 Jan 2020 13:03:58
I’m hoping the players see this as a big game that could potentially be a big slip up, need to bring out a game until we are in control.

Could very easily be a banana skin for us.

23 Jan 2020 13:06:12
If I were betting, it'd be on a Liverpool win. And the bookies will reflect that.

23 Jan 2020 13:09:19
Spot on post Robbie.

23 Jan 2020 13:18:30
Wolves away is indeed a tough game. Leicester away on Boxing Day was also a tough game and we did OK there. Absolutely no reason why The Mighty Reds can’t do the same at Wolves tonight.

23 Jan 2020 14:02:32
Any team that faces Liverpool must be pooping their pants. Look at Leicester, Man utd etc, etc. i think most teams are beat before they even set foot on the pitch.

But, i also think Wolves will give us a good game but i expect us to win.

23 Jan 2020 15:40:47
Crikey. If Salah is worried about tonight, then so am I! 😂.



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