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25 Jan 2020 07:07:32
Not only am I enjoying the ride with LFC at the moment, I'm absolutely relishing the fact that all the excuses are starting to emerge why we might win the league.

City not as good, we spray too much water on the pitch at half time, the scouse pies aren't warm enough, the weather is on our side, the balls are too round.

Fact of the matter is, should we win - It's number 19, nothing else matters and nobody will remember how much water we sprayed on the pitch at half time

Not sure what I'm liking most, the ride or listening to opposing fans from Neverton and them lot along the 62 😭.

{Ed025's Note - its actually win No1 drogie...forget all that ancient history mate.. :)

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25 Jan 2020 07:41:07
Drogie don’t start Ed025 off again mate, he been quite the last few days. Shall we just saY 19 Top Flight League titles including (18 Div1 and 1 PL) if we win it that is of course.

Ed we are England’s most successful decorated club though right 😂.

{Ed025's Note - that depends how you look at it i suppose virgil.. :)

25 Jan 2020 07:49:29
Quick this morning 25 mate ;-)

Naaah. It’s 19 pal - Football didn’t begin in 92 mate when Murdoch got his grubby hands on the game - Unless you’re taking United ;-) ) ) ) )

{Ed025's Note - if i was a liverpool fan i would be saying the same drogie, but im not so its still 0 up to now mate.. :)

25 Jan 2020 09:04:46
Well Ed025. Here's one way of looking at it.

Man united fans, "you have never won the premier league. "

Liverpool fans, "we have won 18 league titles a name change doesn’t change that fact. "

United fans, "when you win 1 you will be on par with Leicester! Just a small club in reality. "

Liverpool fans, "United haven’t even won the premier league"

United fans 😳😳😳😳🤯 "yes we have we have won 13 of them"

Liverpool fans "no you haven’t, no team has won 13 premier league titles"

United fans, "what drugs you on? We have won the premier league 13 times"

Liverpool fans, "no you haven’t laa. You haven’t even won 1 premier league title. you haven’t even been in a title race race for a premier league title. "

United fan. furious 😡 "yes we have prove we haven’t. "

Liverpool fan "ok. the premier league has only been called that since 2016 you haven’t won the league since before that so you haven’t won the premier league and you aren’t even on par with Leicester 🤔🤔
16/ Present: PREMIER LEAGUE"

United fan "but but that doesn’t count it’s still the same league 😰😨😨"

Liverpool fan, "I know right, it’s always been the same. that’s what we’ve tried to tell you"

{Ed025's Note - your just moving the goal posts now epic..which is something i would never do mate.. :)

25 Jan 2020 09:37:02
Wait, so did football exist before 1992 or not? I keep hearing conflicting stories on the issue.

{Ed025's Note - yes it did quo vadis, but it all started with cavemen kicking a shrunken head between two spears in the bronze age...and we are not counting that either mate :)

25 Jan 2020 09:38:44
Ed 025, you're up early today mate are you going to watch the Everton match :)

{Ed025's Note - no gmil, we have decided to concentrate on the league mate.. :)

25 Jan 2020 09:55:07
So many excuses, I like the one about the Prem league being so weak this year, funny how this weak league provided all 4 teams in the European finals too. Premier league teams dominated Europe and will probably do so again. Apart from Eden Hazard leaving Chelsea, most of the squads are unchanged from last year.
Liverpool have improved and Man City have cracked, its that simple. The big 2 are way ahead of the rest. Even Everton would have had a crack at the top 4 if they got their act together Ed025.
Some fans should look at their own teams failings rather than make lame excuses for Liverpools' success, as Leicester are likely to make the Top 4 against the odds and against the so called bigger teams.

{Ed025's Note - if everton did make a dash for the top 4 greenflash...that would make it the weakest league ever mate..

25 Jan 2020 10:06:52
25, when we get #1 will it feel like we're 19 away from everton? Aka a universe away? 😛😛😛.

25 Jan 2020 10:10:26
I can see the logic in that Ed, them relegation battles can be tough.

{Ed025's Note - i dont think we are that tragic just yet gmil mate..

25 Jan 2020 11:16:19
Had me in stitches there, Gmil. Loved it!

25 Jan 2020 12:19:29
At start of season other fans were telling me how unbearable we would be if we won it, now it's looking a reality it's them fans that r losing the plot lol. VAR, how lucky we have been with injuries while city have been unlucky, how the rest of the league is rubbish and we have touched lucky again, how most of r players r not that good and wouldn't make it in the premier league afew years ago. I even had some1 say to me that the 2005 liverpool team would destroy this 2020 team. It cannot be that we r the best team in the world with the best manager has to be another reason to it. We have had the special one, the normal one and now we r getting the unbearable one. Lol.

25 Jan 2020 12:39:31
Ed025, you are the last person I would have thought would fall for the Sky hype that football was invented in 1992. That would mean your lot have a solitary FA Cup win to their name. Or are you just on the wind-up?

{Ed025's Note - i will let you decide that for yourself WW.. :)

25 Jan 2020 11:41:16
Ok then 25 mate, that makes us the most successful team when it comes to winning the league.

Liverpool - 18
United - 7
United -13 PL


{Ed025's Note - donkeys years ago you were very good drogie...but thats ancient history mate, the reds are very good now as well but how long it will stay that way is anyones guess..

25 Jan 2020 12:16:45
So if football started in 1992, does that explain why Everton’s trophy cabinet is half the size of a hotel mini bar?

{Ed025's Note - we are keeping it clear for the champions league trophy in 2 years time IDOG.. :)

25 Jan 2020 16:09:15
Roro1892, I take being called Unbearable as a badge of honor.

25 Jan 2020 23:29:02
Liverpool have never won the carabou Cup then. Its picking at straws and re-enforces reds fans belief that everyone dislikes us. This will go down as number 19 when/ if we win it. Everyone knows the truth.

Great point about UTD never winning the Premier league. If that's moving the goal posts, then saying Liverpool have never one the Premier league is too. What does the "premier league" mean? It means the first division. The first league.



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