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26 Jan 2020 22:15:18
Ed002 surely Klopp will have to fulfil his duties as Liverpool manager for the replay?
We all understood why he could not manage vs Aston Villa but I see no reason at all why he should not be in the dug out for the replay.
I do hope its more of a case of him blowing off steam in the aftermath of what he no doubt saw as a disappointing result seeing as he did not want a replay before the game started.

{Ed002's Note - we have been to a popular music concert tonight so I do not know what has happened.}

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26 Jan 2020 23:11:24
King Kenny, why do you think Klopp won't be at the dug out for the replay? Did I miss something?

26 Jan 2020 23:45:26
Roy, Klopp stated that Neil Critchley will be in the dugout.

{Ed002's Note - One can only hope it is no more than a knee jerk reaction to the result - else it reeks of a lack of respect.}

26 Jan 2020 23:57:10
He said he or any of the senior team won't be involved. It's something to do with the winter break that he agreed to. Tbh, the youngsters should be able to beat Shrewsbury.

{Ed002's Note - Other clubs show respect and regardless of whether or not the youngsters should be able to beat Shrewsbury, one expects som courtesy to be shown.}

27 Jan 2020 03:37:58
Klopp has probably promised his family some quality time together after agreeing with the PL that Liverpool would honour the winter break. Im sure the first team players have been told they can relax with their partners and children for a few days too.
People bang on about it being a squad game and the youngsters not getting enough opportunities. We will play our best eleven until we win the league or finish our ECL and we are out of the Caribou so this is a great one-off opportunity for some kiddies and fringe players to shine.

27 Jan 2020 07:13:49
It’s quite simple. He talks about FA writing to all clubs stating that the first week of Feb would be a much needed winter break. They asked all clubs to respect the winter break, not to arrange any games during this time. In classic FA style, they then set the date for FA cup replays in that week. It’s pretty embarrassing.

I do think Klopp was probably just knee jerking from the game but also wouldn’t be surprised if he followed through on it. The FA wished it after all, respect the winter break and don’t play any games.

27 Jan 2020 09:29:01
No lack of respect.
Liverpool have been asked to acknowledge a winter break this year (with each club having between 13 and 16 days between games 2nd-16th Feb), and have been specifically told no competitive football allowed in this period so that is what we have prepared for.

The FA now want to arrange a game for us on the 4th/ 5th Feb.

It’s really, really simple. We can’t play that fixture, we’ll be on winter break.
Much like the Carabao game that was scheduled for a time we were on another continent. Really easy - we can’t do it.

No moaning, no stress. Just not possible.

27 Jan 2020 09:39:21
I fully agree with Ed002.I'm a HUGE fan of Klopp and all that but he is throwing a major hissy fit and being disrespectful.

He obviously wanted to go through to the next round of the FA Cup and picked what was on paper a strong side, certainly one strong enough to get the job done. They ballsed it up, simple as.

If he now wants to exit the FA Cup because of the replay (which I'm not blaming him for), so be it. Whining about the FA (and Lord knows there is enough to whine about them normally) in this case is unbecoming. Just say we didn't want to play the replay and can't afford to for the sake of the 1st team's health etc. etc. and be done with.

27 Jan 2020 09:40:51
On a separate note, I'm not sure why he can't play fringe senior team players who need some game time. Lallana, Shaq etc.

Why throw the baby out with the bathwater?

27 Jan 2020 09:45:41
Doha Red, please enlighten me with details of Klopp’s whining. I haven’t seen, heard or read any whining, just a calm explanation of Liverpool’s intention to respect the PL’s mid-season break.

27 Jan 2020 02:24:36
Do you mean that klopp should be there ed02? That was my thinking when I first heard it, that Shrewsbury have earned a big night at anfield and we are being a bit disrespectful by giving them the U21s

But I read that the top teams were written to saying please don't arrange friendlies for the winter break. It's a break for a reason. It's a bit like throwing the fa Cup.

I think we have a big enough squad to field a half decent team:
. Adrian

Milner or keita


27 Jan 2020 04:06:10
Ed002 this is exactly my point its a P. R nightmare for the club and shows a complete lack of respect whilst also coming across as very childish.
Liverpool have a wonderful chance of a league and cup double should they want it.
The club knew the rules of the FA cup before the tournament started if they did not want the hassle of replays they should have lost to Everton.
Finally what concert did you go see? anyone we know?

{Ed002's Note - It is not a big deal - they have to suck it up.}

27 Jan 2020 10:11:17
Only a figure of speech, WW. it's what he said, not how he said it.

All i meant is if he wants to make a point, why not forfeit the game altogether? Otherwise simply say "this is nuts and I don't like it but we'll get on with it".

27 Jan 2020 10:37:16
Neil Critchley knows a lot more about the u23 squad than klopp does, so if the senior team aren't allowed to play as the letter about the winter break stated. Then surely NC managing the u23 is a better idea that klopp, he knows the team better. I don't see why this replay couldn't be played later on, there lots of gaps for mid week games.

27 Jan 2020 10:39:52
Doha Red, fair enough mate. In my opinion, Klopp is doing more than making a point; he is making a stand. He has championed a Premier League winter break since he arrived in the UK and now that the PL have arranged one for the first time - and virtually instructed the clubs to adhere to it and not organise competitive games - he finds that the FA have arranged FA Cup replays in the middle of Liverpool’s winter break. Surely he would be a hypocrite if he simply shrugged his shoulders and said “OK boys, let’s get on with it”?

27 Jan 2020 12:58:17
Robbiesline, what part of the FA said NOT to play competitive games during the winter break don't you understand. You then suggest a team with Matip, Lovren, Lallana, Origi and Shaq. ALL of those are first team squad players. Klopp promised them a winter break, and I for one applauded him for keeping to his word.

27 Jan 2020 13:40:31
I think it will be something along the lines of:

Williams, Hoever, Van Den Berg, Larouci
Jones, Chiravela, Clarkson,
Elliot, Hardy, Minamino

Yes, I know I've included Minamino, but he's already had a winter break.



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