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26 Jan 2020 23:47:20
Strong rumours. albeit at present solely being on social media that Van Dijk is looking to accept an offer from Juve for next season. Do you think this is possible? Also if LFC do go go on to win the league (still not believing until it is done! ) . Do you think anyone else of the current squad might think "I've done all I can here now. Never going to better it. Time for a new challenge"?

{Ed002's Note - I am not aware of any Juventus interest - Barcelona would be keen but cant afford him.} Liverpool will win the league - the squad will generally want to stay together - so refining is fine.}

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27 Jan 2020 00:18:30
Juve lol. Who on earth do they think they are?
European minnows - stick to dominating Sassuolo 12-0 every week.

27 Jan 2020 02:18:18
Unbelievable. I don't believe a word of it. Liverpool are at the start of an amazing road. There are always going to be rumours surrounding our best players. Salah's departure has been imminent for 3 years. We are going to win the league, we are going to be in the European Cup for many years in the future and vvd has just moved into his prime. I reckon his big move was to Liverpool. Juve is a bit of a sideways step and also, the Premier league is perfectly suited for van djike. Isn't seria a all low defensive lines and boring football?

Winning the Premier league once is amazing. But being serial winners and dominating an era is something else. Something I believe is possible for this squad.

Please god don't let it be so.

27 Jan 2020 04:40:59
VVD is going nowhere apart from the winners podium.
Juve linked eh, looks like the De Ligt transfer has not worked out for the player or the old lady.

27 Jan 2020 05:51:05
Robbiesline, yesterday you said Juventus was a bigger club than Liverpool, now you are saying moving to them would be a sideways step. Make up your mind!

27 Jan 2020 06:00:14
Robbiesline - Juve is never a sideways step from a top Premier League club, it is a downward step and always will be. They dominate a poor league and have a mediocre European history given the size of the club itself.

27 Jan 2020 07:12:40
A strong rumour? Mayhaps it is just a smokescreen? Wait until it starts gathering pace, then we will know.

{Ed047's Note - that rumour is never gathering pace, what an absolute load of garbage, why would he make a huge step down to play in Italy!🤦‍♂️

27 Jan 2020 07:21:08
I suppose the irony was a bit lost on you. Early morning tho. None taken.

I am interested in how the sheer amount of Strong is measured in social media posts. Also, if a lot of accounts is citing the same made-up rumour, it sure is gathering pace, but how many non-credible sources must say the same thing before it has an arousing pace?

{Ed047's Note - not at all KR, my reply was simply aimed at the ridiculous rumour in general, not your actual reply as it was the first time I’d read it, maybe I should have worded it a little differently.

27 Jan 2020 07:48:50
Juve ARE a massive club. Not saying they are better, they're not but in simple terms of size, they're huge. But in terms of footballing level we are higher. But you have to remember, before the season before last we were a europa league club and had been for quite a while, and while we love them I'm trying to be objective. Europa league is dortmund, seville, utd and roma and we were part of that group for ages whereas juve are and pretty much always have been a champions league club.

But listen, I love Liverpool fc. I'm not getting into an argument where I'm putting my team down all day long. There comes times however, when it's hard to be objective.

27 Jan 2020 07:59:59
Juve. That Cristiano Ronaldo's team. Minnows? Hhhmmm.

27 Jan 2020 08:55:47
your on your own with this one Robbie. No one but you thinks Juve is a bigger club than LFC.

27 Jan 2020 07:44:14
Good defense there, sure you are a gunner? ;)

{Ed047's Note - 🤣🤣 sadly yes

27 Jan 2020 10:18:21
I did think the rumour was complete BS when I first read it. Seemed liked a complete backward step. However maybe I was just unlucky and saw loads of the same recycled rumour on and on last night. Good to know that no one has heard of it. I think we are more than capable of a period of dominance over the next few years with a lot of our challengers in a period of change. Be a shame to lose key members of the squad. However in football, nothing is certain.

{Ed025's Note - if you lost VVD it would be a catastrophe CS, imagine being left with those 2 clowns you had out yesterday as your centre backs?, they both make michael keane look like beckenbauer!, treble his wages and errect a statue to him i say..

27 Jan 2020 10:47:31
Ed 25 Whilst I totally understand what you are saying about losing him based on the performance of the two that played yesterday. I think this is being slightly harsh on Matip. He has proved at the start of this season and the back end of last year that he can be an extremely sold option within the back 4. Gomez has kicked on also to a point of solidity and I feel both of them are more than capable of doing a job. Lovren for me will not be here next season anyway, and therefore I would be guessing a new centre half will be bought to enhance the squad and give competition. Keeping Virg would be a priority for me and I am guessing it could be time for a new contract for him and to put him on wages that match his status in the game. I don't feel we are going anywhere at present in both league and the European cup and we are set up well if we keep our priority stars.

{Ed025's Note - the problem as i see it CS is that no one besides virgil is a leader or organiser, pair any of the other 3 with VVD and it looks solid, pair any of them without him and its all a bit of a mess mate..

27 Jan 2020 16:48:53
The same Juventus that was implicated in the Italian bribery scandal in 2006? Stripped of their 2005 Champion title, then stripped of all of their points in 2006 to be effectively relegated to their second division? Nah, that's not a big club. That's something else.

They were a big club once. When Zoff, Gentile, Scirea, Tardelli, Boniek, Platini and Paolo Rossi were playing. But that was a long time.

{Ed001's Note - you mean when they were implicated in a match fixing scandal and demoted? Paolo Rossi was banned for life until Italy needed a striker in a World Cup!}

27 Jan 2020 15:22:28
Ed 25. I totally take your point. However I would counter that with Gomez. 3 times this season he has played centre back alongside someone else other than VVD and two results ended in clean sheets (MK Dons and Everton) and one in the other game we conceded 1 (Monterray) . Now it is not a big pool of games to judge perfectly, but I would also throw in that in two of those matches he played with a young kid in Phillips a centre back in Henderson and in the other game was with our worst option in Lovren. Whilst not a ranter and raver like VVD, he may lead a different way and organise just as effectively. Yesterday was a shambles at the back mind, and I do not blame you for picking up on it. Gave me cold sweats! Watching those two perform like that took me back to a pre VVD time!

{Ed025's Note - to be fair CS everton and MKdons are hardly a contest for any team attacking wise, but i agree that gomez is probably better than laurel and hardy who played testerday mate.. :)

27 Jan 2020 18:56:07
VVD to Juve. I mean, where do people come up with this rubbish? That is a huge step down and frankly, is not worth the attention as a rumor.



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