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31 Jan 2020 16:27:13
Not sure if everyone has seen it but watched the "make us dream" Gerrard doc last night. How good was he?! I look back and miss how football was then. Not sure if it's just because I was a kid then but it just feels different. I actually felt quite emotional watching as he never got to win the league.

Hopefully if we lift it this year the slip will be forgotten about. A real emotional player and a true legend.

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31 Jan 2020 18:42:23
My favourite player. Had everything. Could play anywhere. Absolute Liverpool legend.

{Ed025's Note - very good player robbie, carried a poor team for many years but would probably be sub in an all time liverpool team, pity he was such a miserable sod really and a bit of a thug because he certainly elevated the team mate..

31 Jan 2020 19:28:34
Sean Dundee for me, although utterly useless.
Made 25 look like the Romford Pele. 😉😉.

31 Jan 2020 19:52:03
I guess Gerrard was the biggest player for Liverpool when u was in my 20s. He certainly did carry a poor team ed025, and played in some really good ones. Other players may be a bit more flash with their dribbling but they don't generally bang in 40 yard volleys in fa Cup finals in the last 30 seconds. That was unbelievable and no fluke. Did it against olympiakos, did it against a few.

I think Gerrard would've made it at any time. Tough one, we've had some great midfielders. And wasn't miserable when he scored, especially against utd.

{Ed025's Note - he did smile occasionally robbie like when he scored or when he picked up his wages, but in general he would not smile if he seen a chair walk mate..

31 Jan 2020 20:17:32
To clarify. He wouldn't have slipped if Sahko's pass would have been a good pass. Not to say I didn't rate Sahko. I actually thought he was a good player, but that pass was way short, and Gerrard had to try and reach for it.

Anyway. It's all in the past now. It would have been nice for Stevie to have a league title though. He definitely deserved one.

31 Jan 2020 20:33:59
I always admired him for that tho ed025. It came across (to a fan) like steely determination. I guess you sacrafice part of your childhood to become the type of player stevie was at such a young age. I remember him mixing it with viera and Keane when he was 22, and coming out on top a lot. So proud, like God scoring 5 goals.

{Ed025's Note - i will have the passion and aggression robbie, i like that too, but for someone who won european cups and earned squillions playing the game he loved for his local it too much to ask that he cracked the odd smile every now and then mate?..

31 Jan 2020 22:29:39
Steven Gerrard was an absolute legend and for my age group the closest I've seen to a legend as missed the Kenny, Rushie and caught tail end of Barnes career. I then had the pleasure of meeting my idol when I worked at a place in Liverpool city centre. Believe me it's really really best that you don't meet your idols.

31 Jan 2020 02:26:23
In 2006 he could of walked into any team, in any position. A complete footballer with every possible skill set.

01 Feb 2020 05:15:31
epic i assume you are joking about sakhos pass? there was nothing wrong with it. instead of just controlling the ball he's tried to spin on his foot as he received it and then lost his footing when he tried to recover. 100% on him. if he stopped the ball like an 8 year old would have been taught he wouldn't have needed to try and recover from the mis control.

01 Feb 2020 09:34:09
Really Swish?
It might be a few years ago now, but I am fairly sure I remember seeing Gerrard panic as soon as the ball was played back to him - with no pace on it, Chelsea player closing him down and nobody giving an option.
Can’t blame him for that, surely?

01 Feb 2020 09:22:54
If he seen a chair walk! WTF is that blue nose?
When your shower produce a player of his undoubted skills then have a go at Steve G or is Davis your Steve G? Lol oops I smiled dam it.

{Ed025's Note - its ok with me that your backing your own guy albey thats only natural, he was a damn good player but a horrible person mate and that always ruins any legacy for me the same as roy keane..

01 Feb 2020 10:56:56
Ed25, I have to be with you here. I didn't like the man one bit, fantastic player no doubt but as a person he is the most miserable tosser around. He had a hell of a lot to be happy about but he always had a face like a bulldog chewing a wasp.

01 Feb 2020 10:43:47
Ed. Do you have any insight as to whether management has helped Gerrard grow as a person? Has he become “nicer” off the pitch?

{Ed025's Note - i dont reallk know to be honest g1 but i would like to think so, he seems more chilled than when he was a player and maybe he has grown up, the money and life style he has he should be doing handstands every day...i know i would mate..

01 Feb 2020 11:24:43
Blanking me Ed?

{Ed033's Note - Just to let you know, this site is for talking about Liverpool FC or football in general, this site is not for trying to get one over on one or more of the Eds.

01 Feb 2020 11:30:22
Salah, I try not to judge a person by what I see or hear of them in the media or on sites such as this. I am sure you would not like me to judge you as a person purely on the content of your posts on this site. I have never met Steven Gerrard or anyone who knows him well enough to give an informed opinion on his character or personality. I (like, I suspect, the majority of Eds and posters on this site) am in the position to give an opinion on his ability as a footballer only. In my opinion Steven Gerrard is second only to Sir Kenny Dalglish in the list of great Liverpool players. Other than that, I am not qualified to hold an opinion.

{Ed025's Note - i actually know people who have worked for him and one ex friend WW, dont know the guy personally but trust their judgement and the 3 of them are reds mate..

01 Feb 2020 21:28:29
I thought he was sticking up for his cousin when he had that fight? It doesn't matter who you are, protecting your family is built into your make up.

02 Feb 2020 09:11:15
Bram, rewatch on you tube. If there’s was no pace on it why did it go past him? Would love ed1 to rewatch and put this to bed. He tried to stop it with a spin control and mistimed it. He panicked cos he mistimed the spin- hence he lost his footing. It’s the kind of flash Harry take Pogba does every week and get criticised for it. No need for the extra touch . ( even though it does open the body up for the next pass)

If anyone can rewatch that and put Sahko to blame must need their eyes tested.



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