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07 Feb 2020 07:17:21
Am I missing something here. Liverpool have a two week break but not all the other teams do. Or do they get there’s at a different time to us.?

{Ed001's Note - that was one of the reasons Klopp was so annoyed, as only half the teams would have had the FA Cup replay in their winter break, the other half it would not have affected as they have their break afterwards.}

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07 Feb 2020 11:07:06
Everything they seem to do turns out to be a half-a**ed attempt at partially fixing something but eventually making it worse. See VAR.

{Ed001's Note - in the case of the transfer window, they first created the problem, then they tried to fix it by doing more of what caused the problem in the first place.}

07 Feb 2020 13:41:45
ed001 I think if they want a winter break the carabao cup should go and use there dates for league games. Then we could close the league down together after the Christmas period. and my be with that we could all so start are season a week later to be more in line with the rest of the big European leagues so are players get a bit more time over the summer to recover.

{Ed001's Note - and then there will be games called off in February due to bad weather and they will have to cram games together later on. It is a silly idea to have a break in a country with such unpredictable weather. It is not needed. If there are enough gaps to put in a break, why not just spread out the games a bit more over the course of the season instead?

After all, the reason we are told we need one is so we can compete in Europe, yet our teams don't seem to struggle in that area. The other reason given is to help England play better. Ignoring the fact I couldn't give a toss about England, if they want England to play better then that would be better helped by the FA reducing the cost of coaching courses and getting more qualified coaches in the English game. Preferably finding a decent head coach for the national team too.

This obsession over a winter break is just weird. It only makes sense if you break for Christmas so the players can spend quality time with their family during a holiday period. Otherwise it is just pointless.}

07 Feb 2020 15:25:40
That’s my thought exactly eds. the break should be over Christmas for everyone end of!
I suppose its the hole “money dictates” again and we have to show multiple games everyday over Christmas. And let’s face it we all know our FA are an absolute joke.

07 Feb 2020 16:10:00
When was the last time a PL game was called off because of the weather? I tend to take the managers opinion over a winter break over what fans think should happen. If Klopp says the players will benefit from it, then that's good enough for me.

07 Feb 2020 17:11:05
Ed001, although I am as frustrated as everyone else at the way the Premier League and the FA have handled (mishandled? ) the introduction of the very first planned mid-season break in English football, I do agree in principle with having a mid-season break. I have no personal insight into the physical impact on elite players of the speed and intensity of the modern game, particularly the players at clubs like Liverpool who are involved at the top end of the PL, in the latter stages of the Champions League and in international matches but I do accept the view of those football experts who are quite clear that a mid-season break can only help players cope with the physical and mental demands on them and help them maintain the quality of their individual and collective team play. I do, of course, recognise that this is not a unanimous view.

{Ed001's Note - I get what they are saying, but I think it is better to have a longer break at the end of the season. The mid-season break is a pointless exercise and no modern player really gets anything more than a few days off anyway as they would lose their fitness if they did.

The issue is not physical, it is mental, and that can be simply addressed by giving the players time off during the season. However you can't do that when games are coming so quickly, which is why having a break actually makes it more difficult for players to cope imo. What they need is to be able to go take a few days off mid-week during the season to just relax.

I have never seen a team that has come back after the mid-season break looking at their best. They always come back all rusty again and have to regain form.}

07 Feb 2020 18:27:13
Ed001, thanks for the reply. I must admit that your point about players coming back rusty from a mid-season break resonated with me. This Liverpool team has rarely looked on top form after a break of a week or two, whether it was an international break or an informal mid-season break brought about by being knocked out of the FA Cup and their scheduled PL opponents being still in it. I guess it is something about losing momentum and rhythm- let’s hope Klopp and his coaching team have worked out a solution to this.

{Ed001's Note - it is the same for all teams. No one is ever at their best after a couple of weeks off, in any walk of life. It takes time to get your brain back into the routine.}

08 Feb 2020 03:53:49
Yeah we've always looked our best the last 2 years when playing every few days and always drop off a level after a break. The fact is that the modern game and it's professional players are now reaching such a high level in terms of physical health through nutrition, gym, regular tests that they can sustain playing regularly from a physical point of view but I do believe mentally that the best thing for the players would be to have a longer summer or even a Christmas break to rest their mind more so than their body. A break in mid February when clubs and players are focused on the business end of the season I think can only be disruptive.

It's funny that our players who had very little break from football over the years with regular minutes all season then busy summer's are actually our better performers.



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