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09 Feb 2020 11:11:11
I know there is always talk about players we missed out on but can any Ed if they are not busy explain to me the real reason we never signed anelka after his loan
As for me the boy was world class
Or very close to it for a very long time.

{Ed001's Note - because he questioned Houllier and had his own thoughts.}

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09 Feb 2020 12:26:03
I forgot about anelka. Yeah he was class wasn't he. Dangerous player. Never got on with his team mates did he?

{Ed001's Note - of course he did. Nic was a really nice guy and very well liked.}

09 Feb 2020 12:54:43
If that is the reason Ed and I’m not doubting you at all that is pathetic
I read a lot about houllier and the more I hear the less I like.

{Ed001's Note - he just liked to be in complete control of everything. Even when he was in hospital he wouldn't relinquish the reins. Tommo was given instructions to follow.}

09 Feb 2020 13:05:57
Did Houllier fall out with every player at the club apart from Gerrard and Carra?

{Ed001's Note - he was just very controlling. Everything had to be exactly his way. He was an old school manager, a dictator. I am sure he fell out with everyone at times because of that, but I am equally sure that most people he is on friendly terms with now. Ged isn't a bad guy or anything, he was just an autocrat. He was in charge and everything was done his way because he believed that was the best way for it to be done. So when someone like Anelka sits there and makes a suggestion for a different way to do something, he doesn't want to listen because Ged believed his way was the right way.}

09 Feb 2020 13:37:29
Talking to fellow reds fans Ed he is never spoken about Like Evans or Rafa almost like he isn’t liked as much but his achievements as manager imo deserved respect.

{Ed001's Note - the style of play was horrible though, like Souness it was not a good time to be watching the game. It was like watching Palace under Hodgson, or a Pulis team. The results might be worth watching but the actual football was awful to watch.}

09 Feb 2020 14:02:18
Anelka was definitely one that got away. There must be loads over the past 30 years that have stopped us winning more titles. Kompany was talked about for years as was Aguero.

09 Feb 2020 15:43:23
Johncrow, the issue I have with him is apart from the treble season, which should've been the starting point for a regime that could mount an assault on the league or CL, instead of it's zenith, we actually weren't any better during his tenure than before.

Apart from one season our league form was worse than under Evans, but the extension of the Champions League turned 3rd place into something acceptable whereas previously it had been cause to edge the manager out the door.

Basically, after 5 years of him in charge, we weren't any better off and had seen an entire team gutted and replace with a Sam Allardyce style hoofball side. Not worth it.

09 Feb 2020 15:49:19
@ mark - I think Evans said he tried to get Desailly in the 90s before he went to Chelsea. Might have made a difference to our leaky defence. He also said he tried to get Reidle earlier than we ultimately did.

Souness tried to sign Tim Flowers in 1993. Not world class, but he was decent enough if I remember and considerably more predictable than James. May have made a difference during the mid 90s.

11 Feb 2020 07:23:38
C. Ronaldo was one we were allegedly close to though Parry, the bellend, refused to ratify it. There were a lot of deals he torpedoed, Silva, Villa, and Dani Alves are a few that spring to mind. I'm sure there are more.



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