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01 Mar 2020 10:37:53
Question for ed001

You spoke about a lack lack of leadership on the pitch yesterday (which I absolutely agree with) and I wondered what your opinion was on mane taking the armband in the absence of hendo and Milner?

Mane is a player who has demonstrated he's willing to leaf by example (with the exception of yesterday) generally respected but he's also not shy when it comes to getting in the faces of opposition and his own team mates when he feels they're not performing.

It's true you shouldn't really have a winger as captain but he rarely stays on the wing and can be found everywhere really.

Without hendo and Milner the only other player I see with the same qualities of theirs is mane.

{Ed001's Note - personally I was thinking Robbo, he is the only one who usually can be found hammering into challenges and making sure the opposition don't have any easy ride. Yesterday I think he was the only one who could be said to have had a decent game, put in some decent crosses and linked up fairly well.}

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01 Mar 2020 11:05:31
Poor game yesterday but I think Virgil is the long term captain if Hendo isn’t around
But Robbo is a great shout.

01 Mar 2020 11:20:27
Agree with ED, the performance last night was shambles.
I would single our Robbo, Firmino and Alison. Rest all we’re having worst game. No service to front 3. Midfield and CBs were awful. VVD was equally at fault for both goals. No Henderson meant no drive at all. No plan B for Liverpool yet.

We can afford a little slip up.
But it feels more bad coz it was our 1st team. The least they could get was a Draw.

01 Mar 2020 11:27:23
Honestly we can afford a full blown tumble. We won't be bottling the league. The hammering was a well deserved slap in the face for the players and maybe even for us fans. Now we won't be turning up and expecting to win like we have done too many times this season. We need to give back to burying teams in the opening 20 minutes like we used to instead of trying to manage the game from kick off like we start with a 2 nil lead. 3 nil was embarrassing but it was totally deserved. Massive credit to Watford who followed the blueprint other teams have set against us. Silver lining is this may force klopp hand into a proper plan b. And naby injured again. I think it's time he went.

01 Mar 2020 11:27:43
I'm worried about not getting chance more then anything alethico will be a hard game if we don't start creating again.

01 Mar 2020 11:53:15
For me Robbo was largely at fault for the first 2 goals, he needed to be more alert of Sarr's position for the first and Deeny pass to Sarr went through his feet. I do agree he can make a great captain but his performance yesterday was no better than most of the others.

01 Mar 2020 12:38:46
First goal was trent and Virgils fault. Lovren was marking Deeney and the ball bounced over his head and Virgil was caught sleeping. Second goal was Robbos faults.
Virgil is never going to be the captain who will get you over the line when the going gets tough, the only other person i see you can do what Hendo does is Robbo. If Hendo was on the pitch we would have never lost 3nil.

01 Mar 2020 12:51:51
JJ, VVD is going to have to toughen up and grow a spine cos all that "too laid back" schtick about him, is not going to cut it. Hendo and Milner are pretty chill dudes as well BUT on the field of play, they are monsters who don't suffer any fools regarding the opposition. Just ask Neymar how he felt when Milner barreled into him last season at Anfield vs PSG?

If VVD can't get stuck in, get guys fired up, get stuck in with the oppo. and the ref if LFC is getting a raw deal then NO, he should be no where near being LFC capt. The LFC captain-ship is not for the meek.

01 Mar 2020 13:49:01
Henderson was not born into the LFC captaincy. I clearly remember his play during his first season with us, and he was just a normal player; no screaming or the aggression he shows now. So, obviously, someone can grow into the captaincy. But what I do know is that being an effective Captain depends a lot on being respected by the other players.

So by that benchmark, Van Dijk could possibly grown into being a Captain if he so chooses, wants it and learns what is needed. Robertson is almost tailor made for the job. I still remember how he bent Messi's neck out of shape at the beginning of the game. Pure fearlessness. When his team mates see stuff like this it fires them up even further.

01 Mar 2020 14:03:01
Cracking post 1969 well worth a read.

01 Mar 2020 14:49:51
🙏 Johncrow.

01 Mar 2020 16:19:17
Captain has to be from central defence or midfield
only way to have an effective communicator in charge
henderson will be captain for a few years yet
lets worry about it when it's a problem.

01 Mar 2020 21:20:02
ArAy1969, you are making my point for me. I never said VVD could not be capt. or an effective capt. I said he will have to change his attitude if he wants to be capt. just like Hendlo did cos I remember Hendo in his first season, you barely heard him on the pitch. He grew into the role and VVD has to do the very same otherwise, he will be capt. in name only, just like he was vs Watford. Peace.

02 Mar 2020 09:00:04
Fair play to Watford on Saturday. But I believe that all that bullying Troy Deeney was doing throughout and all over the pitch wouldn't have happened if Henderson was on the pitch. Obviously Deeny is a fighter, a street boxer of a footballer, but the fact that nobody could square up to him and fire up the team like he was firing up his smacks up lack of leadership; pure naivety. Henderson would have been all over Deeney in those critical moments or would have gotten into his face or sparked some arguments that would have galvanized the boys. Plus, he would have reminded Lovren what his primary job was on the pitch.
After a performance like that, nobody else deserves to the Liverpool's player of the year. The team has never felt so "leaderless" like it did on Saturday! Almost unrecognizable!



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