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09 Mar 2020 13:51:37
You replace Firmino with a goalscorer and that goalscorer will play higher up the pitch, which is why he will score more goals. Then he will block the spaces that Mane and Salah run into as defenders are not being drawn by Firmino. So the new goalscorer will add more goals but at the expense of Mane and Salah's goals.

You will struggle to find anyone who can play Firmino's role better than he does or as well but scoring more. this is the best comment I have seen when discussing replace firmino with an out and out striker.

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09 Mar 2020 15:21:08
And you're very and absolutely right Berg469.

09 Mar 2020 18:16:49
I can't take credit aray it was copy and paste off ed1.

09 Mar 2020 18:29:46
If you put Aubameyang, Ronaldo, Messi, Mbappe, Lewandowski etc in place of Firmino I am convinced the front 3 would score more goals. Just let any of the above mentioned players interchange with Mane and Salah. Very likely we would conceed more as well though. But scoring goals would almost certainly increase IMO.

{Ed001's Note - you really don't like Bobby do you, talking about average positions, like that is of any relevance. It is not about average positions, they are utterly useless and no one should take the slightest bit of notice of them or heat maps. It is about movement, Bobby starts high, drops, pulls defenders out of position or takes their eye, just as Mane and/or Salah make their runs, giving them space and/or time to make it. Average positions are skewed by things like time defending, when Mane and Salah will often end up in full back areas and also corners, when Salah is often one of the deeper men and will have to chase back.

If we had Aubameyang, we would lose the ball a lot more and he plays best cutting in from wide areas, particularly the left not from the centre. He would just get in Mane's way. Messi plays from the right, not the centre. Mbappe plays from the right usually, so that's two that would just stifle Salah. Ronaldo would not get in a Klopp team as he does not press and it is unlikely we would score more because we would not have it as often with him watching. There is no evidence that Lewandowski would increase our goal tally either, considering how deeply involved Firmino is in our build up play, which is not his strongest suit.

The amount of goals he scores could be better, but there is no way any replacement is going to get space and time to do any more and very few out and out strikers are creative players.}

09 Mar 2020 19:05:03
Berg469, this is old new and old analysis from Ed BUT clearly, some people need to be reminded of the obvious.

09 Mar 2020 14:17:08
That comment has been doing the rounds for 2 years. Next year we may get the chance to find out. Firmino has been in the box plenty this season, if you look at his attempted shots he is right near the top of that list in the pl. I would guess in the list of good chances missed he would be at the very top of the list in the pl.

Mane and Salah will always score goals, I have no doubts about that. I hope if someone comes in to replace Origi then the 4 attackers can play together, and there will be the option for more rotation. Keeping the players fresh and on their toes. Three up front and Firmino in behind could well be the answer to over coming this low block teams are trying agains't us.

09 Mar 2020 19:52:08
Mane and Salah are both clever enough to play with any of the above mentioned players. The system could easily be adapted and players all inter changing. Am just watching some goals from this season and Firmino is often in the box when other players score. Its got nothing to do with liking him or disliking Firmino its just that on a very regular basis this site becomes a full Firmino Love In. It is often not deserved and other players deserve more credit that they get on here. Mane does as much work as Firmino but is far more effective going forward.

It is crazy to say that a front 3 of Mane, Salah, Messi/ Mbappe
wouldn't score more goals than now. Whether we would be better as a team is a totally different argument. This season our front 3 will get around 52 league goals. With Messi/ Mbappe would be well over 60 goals IMO.

09 Mar 2020 20:05:53
Sure, if you replace firmino with any of the top 0.01% talent in world football, then chances are they can make it work.

09 Mar 2020 21:38:25
Brilliant analysis once again, Ed01. Mark08, all those players you mentioned won't be able to do the things Bobbie is asked to do hence, stifle our whole system cos Klopp ain't changing his style to suit those players. Ever.

Also on Aubameyang, you do realize that Aubameyang was created by Klopp as he signed him at Dortmund, yeah? So if he was sure auba could do the job you think Bobbie is doing then, Klopp would have tried to sign him. Whu=y did Klopp not try for Aubameyang? Could it be that he didn't sign him cos Klopp knew Aubameyang can't do the job in a Klopp system?

It just seems like you want to slate Bobbie for no reason cos he is not scoring enuff goals for you (Bobbie averages 15 a season w/ double digit assists) hence, you are just throwing names out there to make help your argument whereas in fact, it weakens it. Klopp is not going to change his style to please me or you (or for any player you care to mention) so I suggest you get over your antagonistic attitude towards Bobbie and get with the programme.

10 Mar 2020 08:33:04
You completely miss the point, the question is could replacing Bobby with a different player lead to more goals? Of course it could. Mane and Salah are great players and would adapt to who they are playing with. These OTT threads about Bobby are not justified even he doesn't think he is playing well. You have massive red tinted specs on if you don't think a front 3 with Messi or Mbappe in it would out score our current 3 with Bobby in it.

Why is antagonistic to have a completely different opinion to you?

10 Mar 2020 10:25:14
It's a pointless debate mark. We aren't signing messi or Mbappe or neymar or whoever else you want to throw in their to waste everyone elses time while you make your point.

10 Mar 2020 19:37:59
Spot on, Faith.

11 Mar 2020 09:29:58
So Messi, mbappe, lewandowski, aubameyang, Ronaldo as examples of how we could possibly score more? Literally listed the world's most consistently prolific scorers over last 10 years along with mbappe included in his 3 years. That's a terrible pointless debate to feel is relevant. It's like saying if we replaced Henderson gini and fabinho with pogba, van de beek and paulinho we'd have more goals scored from midfield or if Trent and robbo were replaced by Alonso and Doherty we'd have full backs who score more.

How come lacazette has been scoring less since Auba arrived? Why is dybala no longer prolific since Ronaldo came while benzema has since seen an increase without Ronaldo. Why has coutinho played worse with Messi and lewandowski then he did with firmino? You could throw higuain, icardi, and immobile in a front 3 and then just claim they should notch 100 goals together on paper.

Fact is salah and mane were at best having 12-15 goal seasons until they played beside firmino who has helped them instantly double their numbers and you can't just expect better than that is a given. The season firmino hit 27 goals while salah got 44 and mane between 25 and 30 I think ended up with no trophies and a 4th place only claimed on final day. They each scored 10 in Europe yet it didn't win us anything, they scored much less last season yet we won it, salah hit 32 in the league 2 seasons ago and he and mane shared the golden boot last season yet this season their inferior rate is guiding to a league win.

Firmino this season scored last minute winner away at palace, winning goal away to spurs, winning goal away to Chelsea, winning goal away to Southampton, 2 goals away to Leicester in crucial game, away to Burnley and away to wolves. Along with his 2 winners in CWC he's so far got 10 goals and 12 assists in 37 games this season but people moan about no anfield goals when the fact that nearly all his goals have been winners away from home and against sides all in the top 12. That's so much more impacteful than if he were to be sitting on 20 goals with less defining moments. Salah got more praise when scoring 4 against Watford or his 2 or 3 other hat tricks in easy games which gave him 32 goals despite less game changing moments.

If you can tell me that aubameyang Ronaldo mbappe lewandowski have directly contributed to more important wins this year despite hitting double or triple numbers I wouldn't believe it. Each of those players teams have thus far either struggled to dominate their league or facing likely early exit from Europe. It's all well and good scoring 4 or 5 in a hammering or hitting a run of back to back doubles or hatricks to bump up your tally. Each of those probably add at least 5 penalties also.

I wouldn't change bobby who is a proven player to step up with crucial goals in exchange for a player simply due to superior numbers scored.



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