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24 Mar 2020 22:43:43
Rio Ferdinand.

Why does Rio continue to push the 'void season' option.

Don't get me wrong - I like Rio Ferdinand. I respect the man. But the media keep brandishing his blatantly biased opinion. And one that would be the opposite if his own team were miles away at the top.

I only hope if the season outcome is to be decided without a kick, the decisions are astutely and respectfully made without input from people with self-interest or from begrudging positions.

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25 Mar 2020 00:03:27
I'm not so sure. He's expressing a fairly widely held, sensible opinion at this point. What I think we need to remember is that it's still March, and although the predictions are pretty bleak, a lot can change in a couple of months.
I'd hate for us to not be crowned champions this season, but it's secondary at this point in time. Imagine if we were handed the trophy without actually completing the season, we'd here song after song for years about it.
Let's see what happens in the long run. If the season is voided, then the boys have to "go again" next season.

25 Mar 2020 09:36:36
I really don't get why people say voiding the season is the fairest option. It rewards the teams that have had poor seasons West Ham, Spurs etc. and punishes the teams that have done well for 29 or more games: Liverpool, Leicester, Leeds, West Brom, Coventry.

Why is voiding the season fairer than taking a snapshot of the season as it is now and allowing anyone with a game in hand to catch up when it is safe to do so. That will only be a handful of games and take one weekend before the next season starts.

Its not completely fair as teams would have 11 games left but they had 29 games to decide their fate. Fairer than voiding the season in my opinion.

Whats the arguement for voiding the season being fairest option? To me this is the unfairest option.

{Ed002's Note - No option will be entirely fair - but when opportunity allows the English leagues need to move on.}

25 Mar 2020 09:46:39
I understand if it gotten to the point of having to move on. But i feel that voiding this season would be the most unfair option.

As has been pointed out, it favours underachieving team, and not the achievers.

Can you imagine the psychological effect that could have on players? Not just Liverpool, but many others.

{Ed002's Note - Psychological effects on players are not being considered. I have explained the plan that is on the table but the focus still remains to complete the season by the end of June. That is the target.}

25 Mar 2020 09:56:28
Burkey Boy.

I’d rather have the songs that we’d one it. I’ve seen United Banners with Covid 19 on them already. And there’s already songs going round on how we lost it to Covid 19

Believe me, it’ll be a lot worse on the terraces if we don’t win.

That said and I say it again, lives are more important than football.

I was just putting it out there in context to your replay mate.

25 Mar 2020 10:13:35
I think sporting integrity needs to come first.

Football may be a business, but we need to remember first and foremost it is a competition.

I would much prefer, when talking of fairness, that we concentrate on sporting outcomes rather than money.

The success and failure of football clubs and individual players on the field of play is what has enabled the sport to become so monetised.

I know a lot of people who are (financially) involved in the “game” will disagree. Ed002?

{Ed002's Note - You are overthinking this. These are turbulent times and there needs to be a final decision at some point in order to protect next season. Because of the unique circumstances the discussions surround being as fair as possible but it is recognised that at some point a line needs to be drawn across this season if it cannot be completed. "Sporting integrity" is not a matter of discussion. I really have no idea what you final sentence is referring to.}

25 Mar 2020 10:44:58
Would it really bother you burkeyboy? I'd be embarrassed for any1 singing songs when wer 25pts ahead with o games to go.

25 Mar 2020 11:10:39
So West Brom and Leeds get promoted, even tho they haven't "won" it. The three teams at the bottom of the PL stay up for another season, they will be happy, so I'm sure they think its "fair". The teams in the CL spots now enter next seasons CL competition, yet there is still plenty to play for as teams are so close. Yet the team that are miles clear at the top of the PL and clearly within touching distance don't get awarded the League?

Come on! No one can sell that as being remotely fair.

{Ed002's Note - You are simply making it all about Liverpool. If Liverpool wish to request they are awarded the league then they can ask the Premier League. It is not difficult. It would have to go to a black ball vote of course.}

25 Mar 2020 11:54:18
Am I right in thinking the black ball vote would need all clubs to agree? Or would that involve a percentage in favour?

(If so, hopefully Rio Ferdinand isn't on the panel. )

{Ed002's Note - It needs no other club to vote against it. As I have explained 3 or possibly four clubs could vote against or abstain (which would be fine). But I doubt it will come to Liverool asking.}

25 Mar 2020 12:37:43
So it would come down to self-interest/ begrudging. Mind blowing.

{Ed002's Note - No, of course not.}

25 Mar 2020 12:39:02
Without trying to get into any argument, I can't see how I'm making it all about Liverpool when i mention West Brom and Leeds who will benefit, the 3 teams in the relegation spots who will benefit, the 3 teams in the CL spots who will benefit from the League not being finished. Yet Liverpool lose out? For me it seems to be about every other team BUT Liverpool.

Anyway, have a good day. Day number 2 of a long haul 😐.

{Ed002's Note - As you say, it is all about Liverpool.}

25 Mar 2020 13:07:41
I wouldn't necessarily say its bring made all about Liverpool. I think its a valid point that the proposal would openly benefit other teams based on their current positions but not the team 25 points ahead at the top (1/ 2 games from winning it) .

If it were Man Utd, Man City or Everton up their I think we'd see that as unfair.

Thanks for your responses Eds.

{Ed002's Note - You should encourage the club to to do demand a vote then.}

25 Mar 2020 13:26:28
"Hello, Jurgen Klopp please . Yes, I'll hold . "

{Ed002's Note - Nothing to do with Klopp - he is the coach.}

25 Mar 2020 12:47:24
Surely the only club who should have a say in the matter is Man City. They are the only club who can mathematically catch us. What does it have to do with the other 18? If City say no, then fair enough. Move on.

25 Mar 2020 13:34:40
Hiya Ed002, Do you know why Liverpool agreed to such a proposal/ option?
Irish is right, its unfair on the team that is setting at the top of PL with such a points gap that realistically no one can catch. Probably the only team that deserve given a reward . Both Leeds and Westbrom can be overtaken . I find it very strange.

{Ed025's Note - mathematically so can liverpool roy, you cant guess mate..

25 Mar 2020 14:09:24
Liverpool are unrealistically likely to be caught, but no winner badge.
Other teams very realistically can be caught mathematically, and get rewarded based on their current position.

Its just that the proposal itself, on the whole, is clearly lopsided.

{Ed002's Note - You are just making it about Liverpool - and I have told you the solution that Liverpool could try. But they won't.}

25 Mar 2020 14:10:25
{Ed025's Note - mathematically so can liverpool roy, you can't guess mate.
I said "realistically" not certainly . though for it not to happen needs perfect record from City (Yes I know they capable) , but also needs Liverpool to loose all games bar one . I mean I know Liverpool may have a dip in form but I doubt them loosing 8 out of 9 games do you?

{Ed002's Note - It is a proposal Roy, everyone would like to finish the season. If that is not possible, there needs to be a solution - and if it comes to it this is a proposal that the Premier League might want to take a majority vote on. If Liverpool then want to ask to be given the title, the Premier League would have to go down the road of having a black ball vote - but I doubt Liverpool would do that.}

25 Mar 2020 14:48:52
Thanks Ed002, I understand its a proposal, I was pointing out the essence of this proposal is not fair . If its tough cow dung for one, it should be the same tough manure for everyone.
Every PL manager complains the season is too long, so adding 4 extra games is just insane. If I know who to call, I would suggest if we are at a point to void the season, we should reset it instead, same 20 PL teams, maybe financially compensate Leeds, Westbrom and probably the 4 teams below them. I would even put a transfer ban for the summer so the reset point as close as possible to last year.

{Ed002's Note - I am afraid you are living in a fantasy world transfer ban for the PL?}

25 Mar 2020 19:59:03
ed002 who would go into cl next season then? there seems to be the point of everybody agreeing if its the top 4 now am sure utd wolves sheff utd won't want to agree to that if its the teams from last season same again.

{Ed002's Note - The top four and the others would go in to the EL. It would be a simple majority vote which they would have to accept.}

25 Mar 2020 21:53:58
with that though you are excepting league positions so Liverpool win the league Norwich villa and Bournemouth go down because you are not voiding the league. and with utd only being 3 points behind Chelsea and Sheff utd only 5 with a game in hand the top 4 is far from over then there is villa in the bottom 3 with a game in hand. for the integrity of the game the season needs to finish for all leagues the true winners if not would be teams at the bottom of all leagues for being so bad but staying up.

{Ed002's Note - It is all nonsense as you think it is all about Liverpool. The proposal is in front of leagues across Europe as a backstop. No one is looking at awarding the titles and nobody is looking to be punished - it is a backstop proposal - and all I am seeing is whining from Liverpool supporters. If the club feel like the supporters all they need to do is go along to the PL and ask to be given the title as I have explained. Then it would get really embarrassing.}

25 Mar 2020 22:16:52
The season will be played to a finish even if it’s at the detriment to next season.



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