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30 Mar 2020 18:07:40
Ed001 I see Italy has only 4000 new cases today that is still high but it is the lowest in 13 days hopefully they have turned a corner. For the first time in a few weeks I feel that is a bit of good news. Hopefully after are second week of isolation we might see a lowering of new cases and hopefully we will not hit the heights of Italy and Spain. And then we can really think about football again once we can see that people are safe. I do feel like we are going to come out of these hurt but hopefully a better world in the future.

{Ed001's Note - but no one knows yet whether you gain immunity or can be reinfected yet. So if you jump out of isolation straight away, before that is known, there could well just be a second wave. I wouldn't go planning anything if I was you mate.}

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30 Mar 2020 18:56:05
am not planning anything ed it is just the first day I have seen a little light at the end of the tunnel maybe a little optimistic but I think you have got to take every little bit of hope ed. even after no new cases I know you still need lock down for a week or two because you only need one person to start a second wave.

{Ed001's Note - that's ok then mate, just didn't want to see you getting all excited only to suddenly have your hopes dashed.}

30 Mar 2020 19:38:58
OP, Hong Kong did the very same thing Ed is talking about and jumped out of isolation and a whole bunch of people got infected again. The infected cases may be slowing down in Italy BUT that does not mean much at this time. Testing and self isolation is still required indefinitely at this time in Italy or elsewhere.

{Ed001's Note - it spreads so fast that there is no point taking chances.}

30 Mar 2020 22:35:58
Dropped two days in a row in the uk as well, encouraging but still early days.

Fingers crossed hopefully I get my job back before we think about football.

Have one hell of a party when the time is right 😁.

31 Mar 2020 01:16:00
really should only pay attention to a pattern developing over a couple days. a week ago the media pointed to few deaths in Italy in one day. something like 650 compared to 680 the day before. that was being held up as a turning point. and then literally the next week it's routinely been 800, 900+ deaths a day since. This is a long haul team.

31 Mar 2020 01:33:27
Meister, that rise in cases in Hong Kong was largely due to persons returning to the country who had been elsewhere and bringing the virus with them rather than people getting sick again I believe.

31 Mar 2020 08:02:17
if people just stick to the rules we will get over this a lot faster but I expect lockdown to be at least 6 weeks. But we can keep the death toll down as low as possible with the simple thing of following the guide lines.

31 Mar 2020 09:44:51
The best piece of research to read regarding the coronavirus is by Imperial College London. Google imperial college Covid-19. There are a few but one paper I think from end of last week. It explains the projected mapping of number of cases when using isolation methods. From an earlier archived paper by the college they also suggested a repetitive pattern of a few weeks ‘lockdown’ followed by a relaxed period of a week or so then lockdown is re-introduced and the cycle continues. The idea of this is to develop the herd immunity but in a controlled manner that will not overwhelm the nhs. A friend of mine who works as a manager in the nhs, suspects this may well be the pattern we are working towards and feels these measures will continue until end of May June. Hope this helps.


31 Mar 2020 12:31:45
I'm no expert in virology but it's my understanding that once the body locates the correct antibodies to fight the coronavirus you become immune to further infection from that particular virus. Its akin to getting the flu jab. However, if the virus mutateds in any way, which viruses do to survive, then its game on again.

{Ed002's Note - My understanding is they don't know having identified a couple of folks who have been infected a second time.}

31 Mar 2020 12:45:25
You might be correct ed002. We don't know zip about this virus and it may be like the chickenpox virus where, after initial infection, you can display further symptoms eg. Shingles.
Best advice is to stay indoors until the people in the know tell us otherwise.

31 Mar 2020 19:24:30
The light at the end of the tunnel is the creation of a vaccine that can be produced quickly and efficiently for immediate global dispersion. That's when we can go back to living our lives close to how they were.



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