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02 Apr 2020 08:22:46
hi everyone long time reader first time posting hence the name. for me i prefer the draw the line scenario, but if that's not possible that's ok too. i know its disappointing, but so be it i have been following liverpool for 45 years so can understand fans feeling gutted, but at the end of the day win it or not it has been totally ruined by this situation and winning it now would feel a bit hollow anyway - stay safe people

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02 Apr 2020 09:17:44
I agree to a certain extent. If they give it us now it will always be known as the covid Liverpool season. If we are as good as we think then we will win it again proper next season. It will always be tainted even though we fully deserve it.

I love our club like the next bloke but bigger things than football right now as Jurgen has said!

02 Apr 2020 09:17:48
Hollow I don't understand mate we are 25 points clear was not going to be caught by Man City
It is unfair if we don’t win it but understandable considering the more important issues in life
But to say hollow 100 percent disagree.

02 Apr 2020 12:50:54
We won it fair and square. The so called greatest side the premier league has seen got spanked so did all the other teams. Peole can say we didn't win it in 2019/ 2020 but they r just bitter mate.

02 Apr 2020 12:57:37
Theres no1 giving us the league we won it on the pitch.

02 Apr 2020 14:00:39
It is extremely difficult for me to understand this narrative of 'feeling hollow', 'not quite right' etc, etc. if we were to be declared Champions without any more matches played in the remainder of the season. I could have empathized with the feeling if we were 5-10 points ahead but not when we are 25 points ahead with less than a quarter of the season left. However, I also interpret, if the season was declared null and void, it will be technically very difficult to pronounce us champions. As we have heard from the Eds many times, there is no precedence of such an event or provision in the Premier league regulations on a fixed threshold for a valid season should it have to be cancelled for any reason, unless all stakeholders agree, which is nigh on impossible.

02 Apr 2020 14:20:59
We are 25 points clear its well earned. If the season were to be completed we could lose each game 10-0 and still win the title.

02 Apr 2020 15:26:03
Absolute nonsense would this be a ‘hollow’ victory. We have decimated all in our path this season, beating every team in the league in doing so.
We are 25 points clear and deserve to be crowned, recognised and remembered as league champions this season.
‘Hollow’, or should I say ‘shallow’, would be not awarding this well-earned title to Liverpool.

02 Apr 2020 16:31:00
The fact remains that unfortunately we hadn’t mathematically won it, so whilst there is an argument that it would be sportsman like to hand it to us we wouldn’t have seen it over the line. there will be a generation that have been building up to this moment so hopefully there is a solution that can see us win it.

If we can’t get back underway by June then we may just have to accept our wait goes on, to be honest, lives come first but when this is all over, and it will be, rival fans are going to be unbearable if we don’t have the opportunity to see it over the line.

02 Apr 2020 17:25:53
We are not going to be given it anyway as has been explained by Ed’s.

02 Apr 2020 18:17:13
Sorry, OP BUT you are free to feel like the PL win will be "hollow" should the season be completed BUT not for me. What's "hollow" about it, exactly? 25 points ahead of 2nd place is what you call "hollow"?

We smashed the PL and broke all types of domestic (and European) records doing it and we did ALL of that on the field of play, where everything in football is earned. COVD19 does NOT change any of that and will never change that.

All the virus did is hopefully, prolong the inevitable and should we win the PL with the season completed, it won't remove a damn thing from what this great band of bros. would have achieved. You cannot erase history just cos due to unprecedented occurrences. Good thing we are not being awarded the league cos I don't wan it that way. Either we win the PL on the pitch for real or Basta.

02 Apr 2020 18:59:25
All for nothing Red Meister as it will be cancelled void mate. I’ve tried to be positive throughout this horrible Virus but it’s grinding me down now. Health before football. Our wait go’s on I’m afraid.

02 Apr 2020 19:15:33
It will be a travesty of justice if Liverpool aren't League Champions this season, whatever way they get it and it will be far from hollow.

02 Apr 2020 21:51:46
Daretodream, that may be so BUT there is no appetite for the season to be voided due to all the legal and financial mess it would cause so people just saying the season will be voided are just parroting stuff they think will happen w/ o considering all the ramifications that would cause. It would be a complete trainwreck, based on what I have read and that has nothing to do with only Liverpool. Other clubs (esp. the lower league clubs) are severely affected. There is a reason why all the PL clubs are working on finishing the season.

Oh and the so called "health before football" is a misnomer cos it is very possible to make sure everyone is safe and at the same time, want our season to be completed WHEN it is safe to do so. It is not an either/ or situation, IMO.



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