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26 Apr 2020 20:10:34
Hi Ed002,
This isn’t Liverpool related necessary and not really sure where to post this, but you seem to be incredibly well connected and just wondered what your thoughts are on the whole Covid-19 situation.
How long do you think it will be before we return to normal, without social distancing etc.? Do you see sport being played behind closed door anywhere, especially the UK? Or do you think we can write off sport for the next 18 months/ until vaccine developed? Do you see any bigs changed happening, once were over this?

{Ed002's Note - I have no more way of telling how long it will last I am afraid. However, Governments need to be fearful of returning to a more norm like situation too early and risk a second phase. The United States is a shambles with the leadership (who will get voted in again) and need a better policy than having a state by state policy (which equates to having a peeing section in a swimming pool). In the UK pressure can easily arise and stupidity prevail - maybe Johnson has heeded his warning. I suspect you will see football behind closed doors next season and whatever remains of this season. At some point there will be a vaccine but nobody can accurately predict when (but it will be a Thursday). As for changes the longer it goes on the harder it will be on the clubs. The fans will no doubt continue to be frustrated, but it is a real big deal. Saty safe.}

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26 Apr 2020 21:25:27
Thanks Ed002 for the response. From my little knowledge, I agree and think the US is in trouble. Can see their superpower status being in doubt by the time Ivanka runs to take over a president from her dad in 2024. I have my concerns about UK as there seems to be some misplaced ideology behind some of the governments decisions, but maybe Johnson’s spell in hospital will change his thinking. Just hope that they all hold strong and accept 18 months of no attendance at sports events and all the other hindrances. Stay safe too and hope you’re not getting cabin fever being stuck in the same place for this long!

{Ed002's Note - Enjoy.}

26 Apr 2020 21:25:53
Football behind closed doors a possibility then Ed, despite the problems it brings that you have explained to us. I guess if it’s done in a safe way then why not.

Interesting your thoughts on the way the US Is being run. I share your opinions on that. Shambles.

{Ed002's Note - I would think it will be necessary for at least part of next season.}

26 Apr 2020 21:43:15
I hope you are very wrong about the leadership being voted in again, Ed002. But, sadly, I can see the possibility occuring.

{Ed002's Note - I hope so as well but putting hope folks nearly 80 with health conditions and a damp patch wont help.}

26 Apr 2020 21:51:30
Ed02 on another note, don't you find it ironic that the two of the countries with the worst handling or response to this Pandemic, are led by two BS artists and complete charlatans? I mean, both of them ran on division and dissatisfaction and trick, culture wars (esp. Trump), immigration (both of them), not on competence or sound policy or any of that.

It is not a coincidence that their rank/ abject incompetence and lack of leadership is now laid bare for the world to see. IMO, it's easy to run on such divisive stuff and tough rhetoric cos you are playing to the worst and lowest common denominators. That can work for a while BUT when you have a problem like a Pandemic, War or an Economic Meltdown where sound policy, judgement and real leadership in crisis management is required at the highest levels of government, such tricks like trying to deflect, deny, bluff and BS your way out of things ain't going to cut it anymore cos your supporters start to sober up and face reality head-on.

Hence, IMO this is why Trump has a much bigger chance of losing than winning in Nov. How do I know? He is becoming more and more desperate hence, is sounding more and more like a "stable Genius" he says he is. Oh n btw, don't be surprised if he tries to postpone the elections in Nov. cos if he loses, he is facing prosecution from multiple fronts. Thoughts?

{Ed002's Note - Then most of South America, Africa and bits of the Middle East would be way worse.}

26 Apr 2020 22:15:04
If that was the case RM then could you explain why Belgium has a pretty horrific death per million ratio?

{Ed002's Note - Germany are much better prepared than the rest of Europe because the facilities existed in advance for old folk. Belgium are reporting all deaths and cases - the UK is reporting something like half.}

26 Apr 2020 22:32:57
Yeah, I appreciate that the UK's figures aren't all inclusive although I would have thought you could add 50% onto the figures given each day.
Merely pointing out that when you look at a country like Belgium which has a population 6 times smaller than the UK their figures are desperate also, probably worse, so it can't be just down to who is at the helm.
We can only hope that we learn if this is the "first wave" and be better prepared for the future.

{Ed002's Note - They are at a crossroads with multiple borders. And add 100% to the UK figures.}

27 Apr 2020 07:11:27
All I can say is do not plan an overseas holiday if you live on an Island or your next landlocked country has strict border controls in the next 18 months, I think European football next season will not happen and it will disrupt oversea transfers in the next transfer window (maybe January and the next) as a player moving oversea would involve the player being quarantined - you would just hope that after 2 weeks in quarantine they do pass the medical.

27 Apr 2020 09:53:37
Corbyn and Abbott 🤡.

27 Apr 2020 10:46:52
What have Corbyn and Abbott got anything to do with the current government's miserable failings?

27 Apr 2020 13:35:17
Belgium and Sweden are not only recording all deaths, they have also recorded all deaths where they believe COVID-19 may have been the cause. Up until a week ago the UK were still excluding deaths in Nursing homes. As well as being highly selective about how they recorded deaths in hospitals. For example, a significantly higher yearly figure of deaths due to pneumonia has been recorded at Kings College hospital, in London, this year.

27 Apr 2020 15:49:49
I am praying to all gods that Trump doesn't get reelected. If his performance during this pandemic isn't enough proof I have no hope for my fellow Americans.
Also have you all had your daily dose of Bleach and or Lysol?

And I am especially lucky to be in FL, I can go get copious amounts of sun as Dear Leader said, it kills the virus thru the skin.

FFS I can't wait to be able to talk about football again

All of you stay safe

Matt in FL.

27 Apr 2020 20:43:28
IR, Belgium are recording all the deaths including those in nursing homes, at people's homes and at hospitals including deaths that they think is connected to COVID19. That way, no one is left behind and they have enuff numbers to work with when doing their analysis. I would know cos I live in Brussels.

Whereas in the UK, they are nowhere near doing any of this and the testing levels have been poor, to say the least. And Boris Johnson like it or not, has been a disaster as a leader on this issue, just like his equally delusional and incompetent New Yorker buddy in the States. So incompetent, he even contracted the freaking virus. As for the Occupant of the White House in Washington, the less said the better.



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