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12 May 2020 13:01:19
WonderDogSparky's new post reads awfully familiar. How many clubs are we thinking would abstain the black ball vote?

{Ed002's Note - Abstaining is fine - I have no doubt two or three might abstain.}

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12 May 2020 13:52:12
As you say, abstaining is fine. For me that says that you aren't happy voting in favour of Liverpool because of their past record but aren't vindictive enough to black ball them, as you say "certainly worthy of being champions"

{Ed002's Note - It would not be about clubs being "vindictive" it would simply be a reflection of what other clubs might feel about Liverpool's sustained dreadful behaviour.

12 May 2020 13:55:46
Hi Ed, just wondered if there were amy clubs that would likely vote against it? And if so would this be largely to do with liverpool's misdemeanors towards other clubs over the last few years?
Hopefully the club will learn to treat the other clubs with respect going forwards.

{Ed002's Note - There are a couple who might. Perhaps before asking Liverpool would get a better reaction if they promised to clean up their act and behave responsibly in the future.}

12 May 2020 14:04:56
You previously mentioned that another club could put forward the notion and then it would only need a majority, say 11 to 9. Could you see, if Liverpool become desperate, them asking a club to do this for them? I'd be interested if any club would be willing without Liverpool's input, is this the case?

{Ed002's Note - I never said anything like that.}

12 May 2020 14:15:32
Apologies, I have misread a few previous posts. Would there ever be a case where the decision on the league title could be decided on a majority vote rather than a black ball vote? Simply wishful thinking from myself Ed002.

{Ed002's Note - If it were another club than Liverpool it is possible but Liverpool have constantly acted illegally (tapping up players, getting Van Dijk to go on strike, the tapping up of a child for which they were given a transfer ban, the hacking of computers at Manchetser City, etc.) and constantly disrespected other sides (e.g. their rather embarrassing situation caused by the letter sent to CAS about Manchester City).}

12 May 2020 14:17:36
Ed002, are you aware of any other scenarios (if the season isn’t complete) for Liverpool being awarded the title, other than the black ball vote? Thanks!

{Ed002's Note - It is up to the Premier League - which is the clubs. Perhaps if the Chief Executive proposed a vote that would require a simple 70% majority to pass - but the expectation is that Liverpool would need to ask.}

12 May 2020 14:24:03
On this issue we agree to disagree. You say it is a "reflection" on Liverpool's history.
For me to deny the club what they have rightfully earned is a pretty low thing to do.
I dare say that if it was another club 25 points clear and Liverpool black balled them for whatever reason then I have no doubt that there would be another point of view.
Morally it is wrong, I think that can't be denied.

{Ed002's Note - It is not about Liverpool's "history", the club continue with their dreadful behaviour.}

12 May 2020 14:45:25
I think in terms of the premier league's overall reputation and adhering to 'sporting integrity', Liverpool would have to be awarded the title even if by voting.
Even if that did include some intervention along the way.

Given the 25 point gap, it wouldn't look good that the title wasn't awarded, and a club/ clubs rejected it.

In the grand scheme of things, I would likely be easier for a club to abstain than veto the notion.

12 May 2020 14:48:46
Understood, merely picking up on your "past record" phrase.
Still, it's not good from the club.

12 May 2020 16:46:11
Agree with all of the above but one also has to take into account the rivalries, which makes the concept out of the question in my opinion. There’s no way on this earth Manchester United, or Everton for that matter would vote for, Ferguson would put the block on it straight away, he’s still behind the scenes at the club.

12 May 2020 18:54:58
Sorry Ed if I’ve got this wrong but if this vote did happen and we have 5teams abstain and 15 yes votes then would we get the title on that? Meaning only a no vote acts as the black ball? Is that correct? You said a few teams might abstain but as long as there are no “no” votes we get the title right?

I’ve probably got that completely wrong.

{Ed002's Note - There has been no vote nor discussion on the matter but if it comes to it 15 yes and 5 abstain would be fine in a black ball vote.}

12 May 2020 19:30:30
Cheers Ed so it’s only a vote against us that would see it fail.

{Ed002's Note - Yes.}

12 May 2020 20:04:21
I don't want us to ask for a vote, to have the title handed to us to be fair. No matter if it would pass or not. We either win it, have it awarded do to ppg or a line drawn across, or we dont. I don't want our first title in 30 years to be a pity trophy, that we got because the other clubs allowed us to. No doubt about we more that deserve it this year, but come what may, and if not in our favour, we'll rip them a new one again next season and celebrate it even harder.

12 May 2020 20:15:52
Yes, I think abstaining would be more likely than voting No.

A club/ clubs would have to take into account the repercussions, which would be a absolute high-profile media frenzy. People would want to know 'who' and 'why'.
And although it would be confidential there would be a lot of digging, a lot of distancing, a lot of finger pointing, and a lot of bad press.

It would just depend if a club saw that as worth it.

Ideally, you would like to think the vote would be regarding the players and what they have done on the pitch.
They are not involved in the business side and off-field antics.
I'd like to think that would be the case and not 'let's see millions of Liverpool fans have a complete meltdown'.

{Ed002's Note - There would be no media frenzy and no asking who. Clubs are not going to be threatened like.}

12 May 2020 20:18:05
Never going to happen.

12 May 2020 23:25:45
I hope we just roll with whatever happens. Feel like asking for the title is a bit petty especially given the current situation.

13 May 2020 10:21:39
Ed, you mentioned a lot of the bad things Liverpool have done. For me, the furloughing debacle has made it very difficult to care about what happens now with Liverpool's title campaign - even though they reversed their decision, it still leaves a bad taste. What do you think can be done to improve their reputation? Is it the case that a few rotten apples need removing, or is the problem deeper than that?

{Ed002's Note - Liverpool need to stop all behaviour which breaks any rules regarding national law (e.g. hacking) and football regulations which forbid illegal approaches to players). They can never again destroy the career of a child, nor show disrespect to players and other clubs. They should treat the community better having lied to the planning authorities about consultation over the changes to Anfield and should not have mortgaged properties they obtained under Compulsory Purchase Orders helping complete the social cleansing of the Anfield area. They should be better than this.}

13 May 2020 17:43:33
“. should not have mortgaged properties they obtained under Compulsory Purchase Orders helping complete the social cleansing of the Anfield area”.

Damn. I never knew that. That’s pretty shocking behaviour.

{Ed002's Note - There you go. Force the "ordinaries" out of their homes then use them as collateral to raise money against.}

13 May 2020 18:41:51
I mean in these circumstances the Compulsory Purchase Orders where pretty unsavoury anyway but I'm appalled they've then used them as collateral.

If I where the local authority I would have gone absolutely mental on knowing that (although I appreciate they could probably do little about it post event) .

Its morally repugnant) .



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