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16 May 2020 10:23:14
I think when they eventually get asked, players have a right to decide if they wish to return or not. however if they decide against returning then they should be furloughed.

Each individual player has to consider there own circumstances and decide if it is right for them to return. Obviously there are a few safety concerns regarding social distancing etc but we are all likely going to have to make similar decisions if/ when we are asked back to work. For instance, if I decide that it is unsafe for me to return to work then I fully expect I'd have no job to go back to.

Footballers are in an incredibly fortunate position and some of them throwing a strop doesn't sit to well. And I would also say if any liverpool player decided to not come back I would completely back their position.

We have care and health workers who are not working in safe environments to protect others and you are complaining because your being asked to work but will be tested on multiple occasions? Obviously all the footballers will have different scenarios at home I. e. pregnant wife or vulnerable family members. But I just want then to appreciate what others have to go through to potentially keep a roof over their head..

{Ed002's Note - The players have been asked and there was a meeting on Thursday to discuss their views and the provisions to be made for cleaning everything etc.. The biggest issue will come with the disclaimers they will be asked to sign. Some players have serious reservations.}

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16 May 2020 11:20:27
If players want to stay home that’s fine, there will be squad players and academy players that will be chomping at the Bit to get a game! It’s not a surprise that Troy Deeney (captain of the club sat in 17th place clinging on by goal difference) doesn’t want to play.

16 May 2020 11:44:48
Some of us have worked every day meeting people throughout our shifts, Docs and Nurses, care home workers, posties like me etc etc.

Some posties are home, some at work and some moved to nights. My point is that we had choices. Players have a choice and if they feel at risk fair enough. But it is annoying that most of the players saying stop the season are in the bottom 4/ 5 clubs. No coincedence there. As Lfc8 said, others can play in their place.

Sorry Troy but you should not avoid relagation by default. Man up.

16 May 2020 11:47:34
Totally agree WYred, as someone whos mother has to go back to work on Monday in a special needs school, with pupils in, with a liternay of health concerns, and a reduced ability to safeguard or socially distance with nowhere near the safety measures taken that are being offered to professional footballers, who have been told to not wear masks apart from changing nappies, its really pretty hard to get behind footballers and their reservations.

{Ed001's Note - surely the point is schools shouldn't be going back either?}

16 May 2020 11:51:40
Thanks Ed’s for sticking my posts together, fat finger syndrome.

I can imagine some players have reservations Ed and I completely get it, but will they have a vote similar to the clubs. I. e. 70% majority of players are happy with the proposals?

As I cannot see how you please everyone involved with football here.

Personally, I think the powers that be want the game back hook or By crook and certain players will have to decide if they come back or tell their clubs that they wish to wait, which they are well within their right to.

And I agree LF8 but if there is a huge majority in the same bracket then the argument will arise about the integrity of the sport. Is it fair for teams to finish a season with u23’s if the majority of the first team squad don’t want to play due to the virus?

{Ed002's Note - No, there is no vote related to the players. Who are these "powers that be" you are referring to? LF8s comment about Troy Deeney is ill-informed of the situation.}

16 May 2020 12:18:48
I can't sit here and say wether or when schools should return or not, I'm not informed enough to make that statement either way (my personal opinion is they shouldn't)
Regardless of wether they should or should't the point is they are, with considerably less talk about it or polling of people opinions. I can guarantee the majority of staff do not want to go back but who is asking them?

16 May 2020 12:38:23
I actually think footballers should go back before schools.

I understand everyone has a choice to go back or not.

However it is obvious that the risk is a lot higher for the rest of the nation returning to work compared to top level footballers.

Millions of pounds will be spent on footballers work space and life to ensure they are as safe as possible inc regular deep cleans, testing every few days, isolated in hotels with team mates to reduce even further the risk of contracting, clubs will have staff that will enforce the rules to ensure they've done all they can.

Compared that to schools and other workspaces that will just put tape on the floor 2ms apart and encourage people to work different hours inc weekends or later into the evenings to reduce overcrowding etc.

16 May 2020 13:54:36
Troy Deeney also said that Liverpool should win the League, so he has a good head on his shoulders 😀. In all honesty tho, football in the UK shouldn't even be a consideration. It's just not worth the risk. Call it now, Liverpool League winners, CL and EL as they stand now, no relegation and 2 teams promoted. Give everyone time to assess and breathing space. Maybe a couple of months might improve things and everyone can have a little more confidence.

{Ed002's Note - The clubs will discuss options on Monday - but it is unlikely they will agree on one. One club has already said that they will reject any deal where there is promotion without relegation - and a couple of other sides could agree.}

16 May 2020 14:44:27
Could someone explain promotion without relegation to me? I know WonderDogSparky mentioned it, I don't see why it wouldn't be both or neither, or for me relegation without promotion makes more sense? Is it just that this seems punishing? If clubs lower down the leagues go bankrupt then those leagues will have less clubs, The PL already has a pretty congested fixture schedule, with the newly added winter break add to that the uncertainity around the start of next season and trying to squeeze in extra fixtures doesn't seem convenient to me.

{Ed002's Note - This is an exceptional season and provisions need to be made to provide an end game if the season cannot be played out. One option is to promote sides without relegation.}

16 May 2020 14:51:09
What's their issue with promotion and no relegation? Is it due to tv money being split further? Or simply down to a congested schedule?

{Ed002's Note - They don't care about the schedule at all. It is simply about the money.}

16 May 2020 15:07:14
I understand that is an option Ed, but i assume that relegation without promotion likely isnt, I certainly haven't heard it mentioned. Is it because its presumed to be more favourable if/ when put to a vote? Whereas relegation and no promotion would almost certainly be rejected by atleast clubs that face relegation? Or are there other reasons that mean it couldn't be considered?
I don't personally understand the benefits of promotion without relegation as opposed to having neither or both.

{Ed002's Note - It has never been proposed to have relegation and no promotion.}



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