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16 May 2020 12:10:26
Hi Ed's and Reds,
I love football and loved the though of Liverpool winning the PL for the first time. But I am firmly of the opinion that this season should be cancelled and whether that means there is an * next to our title or our title is not awarded is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. And the thought of all the exceptions being made to accommodate football coming back when the rest of society is still struggling leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. I just wondered how many people are in this camp, or how many want football to resume this season? And if it does return and fans congregate outside stadiums then there should be severe repercussions.

{Ed002's Note - Whilst efforts are being made to return to completing the season it remains difficult to see how it can be done - particularly now with clubs pushing to avoid the use of neutral stadiums. The lack of any plan to define how the season would end if it cannot be completed remains a concern although that is due to be discussed by the clubs on Monday. As for fans outside of stadiums, only one club has defined a means to stop it but they are well placed to do so due to the logistics of the stadium. In other cases it will not be so easy, although Liverpool have said they have spoken with the fan groups who apparently say they will stay away - but of course Liverpool have a habit of lying about such matters. The mayors of three cities were consulted and all has said they are not ready to have football return so soon. Medically the advice is against it, and the police are against it but are willing to listen to proposals. There will be issues over public transport as well.}

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16 May 2020 14:03:45
The economy needs football back the public need football back even to put a smile back on our faces in these times let's getit on when safe to do so and we claim our 1st of many titles plus a hate sitting in the house on a sat afternoon.

16 May 2020 14:22:53
I can’t speak for everyone but for me I honestly can’t see what the point of fans turning up for games is. To be stood outside a stadium not being able to see or hear anything. It’s not like they will hear a goal go in 🤷🏻‍♂️. I would be more than happy to stay at home and enjoy watching the games with a nice cold beer. For me I would love to see this season completed and competed when deemed safe to do so. I’m a key worker and travel some distance to work. Over the last 7 days you would think that lockdown is over seeing the amount of people on the roads, in city’s and using public transport. I hope all Ed’s and posters are doing well and remain safe.

16 May 2020 15:31:55
Your opinion is valid Red89.
I’m of the opposite view, I’d like to see football restart if possible.
The debate is unclear at the moment.
Those against seem to be split between safety and relegation / financial concerns.
The safety protocols have to be robust and deliverable especially if the neutral grounds option is taken away.
Much of the argument seems to be being driven by those with most to lose, the clubs threatened with the drop.
They should not be allowed to control the process.
As for fans gathering, it’s not easy to control.
We’ve already seen the CPS criticise the Police for wrongful action, and the law is becoming even more greyer as time progresses and the lockdown is eased.
The situation come late June or in July may allow more movement by then too.

16 May 2020 16:00:24
A lot of us have not considered the value of medical advice versus the leadership of policy makers. By all accounts we are stricken by a virus for which a vaccine is unlikely for another 12-18 months. Governments around the world will sooner or later have to decide how to reopen the countries in a phased manner before the damage to economies becomes terminal.

When the reopening occurs many of us will be left wondering as to what was the point of the lockdowns in the first place. Certainly UK and US will come out looking horribly due to our half-arsed lockdowns which neither curbed the virus nor saved our economies.

In the backdrop of all this we will be left wondering whether the media hysteria played a part in exaggerating the people's perception of the danger of this virus. The same people who binge eat, drink, chain smoke and generally disregard medical are hyper-focused on the advice right now, but will be made to look slightly stupid when they are forced back to work by BoJo in a couple months time.

I'm not suggesting that the virus isn't serious. I'm just inviting people to think critically about true ramifications of overreaction fueled by the media frenzy. Instead of tanking the economy why not put in place robust methods to fight the virus, through contact tracing, educating families to identify and isolate vulnerable groups, and even preparing somewhat strong methods for dispersion of fans from outside stadiums.

{Ed033's Note - Good points. Let's start moving forward.

18 May 2020 08:08:01
What gobrubbishs are going to gather outside the stadium to see or hear nothing. No pubs open. Nowhere to watch the game, Surely "fans" want to see their teams play. I don't get why thousands we ould gather for nothing.



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