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16 May 2020 21:44:28
I mean no disrespect but I don't know why footballers saying they wish not to play due to the current circumstances are shunned upon and comparing them to front line workers is wrong. Because most Frontline workers like doctors, nurses, police officers etc, took an oath to serve the public so basically they don't really have a choice.

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17 May 2020 00:59:35
Yawn, I'm a serving Emergency Worker and yes, you're right, I did swear an oath to serve the public. However I did not swear an oath to put my health at risk in a time of crisis by confronting people who refuse to self isolate or blatantly have no regard for others by being out in public and maximising the risk to everyone. I have a wife and kids and want to protect them as well as myself. Footballers also have families and should be given the choice.

17 May 2020 01:02:40
Yes Key workers will carry on regardless but the rest of the country is starting to go back to work not just key workers. Do the players have right to voice their concerns? Yes. But let's face it they will probably work in safest environment going with all the money that the PL will throw at it.
They should be safe I agree and football should wait until its safe but surely if the rest of the country is encouraged to go back why shouldn't they. They can put things in place to train safely and hopefully in the weeks to come it will be safe enough to kick off again. I for one can not wait.
From a Key Worker who took that oath.

17 May 2020 09:38:06
Key workers yes, and everyone respects them for that, but teachers, tradesmen, supermarket workers, restuarant and takeaway delivery, delivery drivers, postmen, cleaners, gardeners, children in schools never took an oath and I think most people aren't comparing footballers to keyworkers but these other professions, and other sportsmen and women who are returning. Its obviously not black and white wether footballers should return, but I think most people are asking why its safe for these other professions to return while footballers are given the option. If when I was hearing footballers speak about their reservations they were saying that they didn't think schools and other people should return and include themselves in it it would be easier to get behind them, but for a lot of people who have to return its going to be difficult listening to footballers objections when they have those same objections but no choice or control of it themselves. They are after all in a low risk age bracket, all physically fit and work outdoors, within a controlled populous, while being offered safeguarding measures above what the average person is.

{Ed001's Note - and that is just not true. They are not being offered safeguarding measures above the average person. Have you never watched a football match? They are being asked to make close physical contact with 21+ other human beings without masks etc for 90 minutes, while exerting themselves to the limit and so leaving their body weak and open to infection. No sportsperson at the top level is in a low risk group because of the stress of training. That is why you get so many infections and viruses that sweep through teams. Their bodies, like all athletes, are highly tuned to a point where they are always at risk of picking up colds etc. If they don't know they have this particular virus and then continue to exercise, there is a high risk of if causing other effects such as strokes.

The only thing footballers are being offered is more testing to see if they have it. Which is not a lot of use in avoiding getting it in the first place.}

17 May 2020 10:40:13
Yeah i've watched several football matches Ed, I watched one yesterday weirdly enough, have you ever cleaned someones tracheostomy? While being told by the DFE not to wear a mask? Testing is more safeguarding in istelf than most people are being offered, so it seems like they are being offered more safeguarding than others, not to mention being offered to opportunity to go to places like St georges park, put up in a closed hotel and isolating them into a controlled tested populous, if you don't think that is more safeguarding than the average person is offered, dealing with the public, including those who refuse to abide by self isolation, I'm not sure what other professions you think are being offered these sorts of things?

{Ed001's Note - you are not getting it. Pointless talking to you, so I won't bother, you are too busy hating to listen to reason. If you were, you would not stupidly include tracheostomy in a conversation about normal work in a time of crisis. How many teachers, supermarket workers etc are being asked to do that? You would rather twist the conversation to try and score points than have a discussion.}

17 May 2020 11:02:25
I'm not hating anything, I'm happy for a discussion, you are the one shutting down the discussion saying its pointless and are no longer willing to have a discussion. I've stated additional safeguarding measures offered that aren't being offered to the average person, if you want to debunk or prove me wrong I'm happy to listen and learn.
Maybe for you its stupid but for me and my family members whom I share a house with that is normal work, what do you think goes on in a special needs school? It is teachers, and TA's whose job to clean a tracheostomy, so for the special needs schools which never properly closed, and are opening up tomorrow this is normal work.

{Ed001's Note - and nobody at all has said they should be going back to work. That is the point, none of them should yet. But all you want to do is abuse footballers for saying they don't want to go back. Your problem is hate because they have a potential choice and your family doesn't. If you can't see that, then there is no point in this discussion. I am not shutting anything down, just not interested in engaging with you if you are going to be just hating and refusing to accept anyone else has any kind of point because of your own situation. It is irrelevant what you or your family have to go through. Just like it is irrelevant that my income depends on footballers going back to work and so I would love football to restart immediately. I have no idea how I am going to pay rent or even eat in the next few months, but I don't want others to put themselves at risk they don't have to for my sake. Just the same as you shouldn't want someone else to take a risk just because you or your family have to.}

17 May 2020 11:19:49
I don't think footballers should go back. I've never said I do. I just said they are being offered more safeguarding than the average person, wether that be increased testing or other things, I didn't state that as a negetive to footballers, more a mirror to the inadequacy of the safeguarding offered to others. It is understandable why people feel the way they do because as you said they don't have the option, I was just mentioning to OP that i don't think most people are comparing footballers to key workers who we all accept have to work at this time, but are comparing them to other professions that also shouldn't be returning yet. The only thing I want for footballers to do that I currenty don't think they are enough is for them and include schools and other non essential professions, when they say things shouldn't return, that's my only criticism, I genuinely don't intend for any of this to come across as hate and if it does maybe my phrasing hasn't been addequate and you have my apologies for that.

{Ed001's Note - no worries. It is difficult in type to express anything emotive as we only have words without facial expressions and hand gestures, which make a huge difference. I am sorry I misread your messages in such a way.

We all know at some point people have to go back to work and the world has to continue but to me those, such as megarich Premier League players, that can afford not to, should wait so as to avoid strain on the health services. Especially right now when links to strokes have just been discovered amongst the young infected with this virus.}

17 May 2020 11:36:11
Not a problem Ed, thank you for taking the time to hear me out. Its completely understandable, and with an issue such as this obviously it elicits a more emotive and passionate reaction from people.

{Ed001's Note - very much so. It is a very difficult time for everyone.}

17 May 2020 11:26:08
Probably already been mentioned but I can’t find the answer in the search engine. But how long “roughly” can football go on without there being matches from a financial point of view. I know it will be totally different for each division and the premier league can survive longer without gate recipes but looking at wage bills in the premier league they won’t be able to survive if there’s no tv money or sponsors and I can’t see Sky and BT paying tv money if there’s no games being played. I’ve already been sent a questionnaire by Sky this week with the majority of questions being around the football and what my intentions would be If they didn’t broadcast it in the future.

{Ed002's Note - It would vary between clubs and how the clubs finance the paying of debts, players etc.. The nominal date if this season cannot be ended is for next season to begin by September 12. Lower down the leagues the clubs work on a hand-to-mouth basis so it is a major issue - at the higher level some clubs plan a use for the money they are provided with at the end of the season to pay for past transfer fees they have accumulated debt against - so it is also an issue for them. One Premier League side has already accumulated sales for which payments of more than £70M are due in the summer - and expect clubs to now come and ask for more time or more creative solutions.

Discussions are ongoing with the broadcasters with another meeting a couple of days ago - there will likely be an update to the Premier League meeting tomorrow.}

17 May 2020 11:56:40
Ed002 thank you very much for the in-depth response and I hope you are keeping well. Would you say the power is with the broadcasters now when it comes to The new negotiations and meeting suggestions. I was very surprised that sky asked me some of the questions they did and my response was without the football broadcasted on there I would probably leave and go to the broadcaster that was showing it.

17 May 2020 14:28:24
As a matter of interest Ed001, at what point does it become safe to resume football?

{Ed001's Note - I don't know.}

17 May 2020 15:14:02
That’s the problem though isn’t it?
Is there a definitive answer, other than a vaccine.
I suppose we can only be guided by the prevailing circumstances in the country and even then there are regional variations, the R value (which in itself is a retrospective measure skewed by hospital and care homes figures) and the rules relating to the lockdown.
And those circumstances are dynamic and can change by the week.



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