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27 May 2020 08:44:26
I know I am a few days late with this but it’s always a topic I like talking about. Which game did you “enjoy” more, Istanbul 05 or the Anfield leg against Barcelona?

I hated the Milan game. First half was miserable. Loved 6 minutes in the second half but the rest of that half (and extra time) was so tense I could hardly breath. I never thought we’d score a 4th so it was all about praying Milan would score. I did actually enjoy the penalties to be fair.

Barcelona game last year was 90 minutes of pure enjoyment. I was optimistic from the start and then after the first goal I allowed myself to enjoy the game

So for me it has to be the Barcelona game that I enjoyed the most. Needless to say I enjoyed the after party way more in 2005!

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27 May 2020 09:54:15
Always 2005 for me.
I was 21, happy memories.

27 May 2020 13:51:44
hmm. that's a toughy.

Barcelona sneaks it dor me. Our team is so much better and to beat Barcelona, then the final after.

27 May 2020 14:55:56
Zero competition for me we didn't win anything for beating Barcelona and even before going 3 down we where expected to lose to a much stronger AC Milan team so the heroics there where nothing short of a miracle and is the greatest match ever in the history of the game without any other coming close.

I don't even now believe Barcas current team is better than ours we just massively under performed in the first leg.

27 May 2020 23:00:48
IMO, the Barcelona game for sure. The thing with the Istanbul game is that as great as the outcome was, we were dreadful for the most part including extra time. I mean, Milan could have finished us off by scoring 2/ 3 goals in extra time alone. Hence, I think many of us prefer that one cos we all know how it pans out now BUT at the time and even Carragher said so, we were on the cusp of getting routed on the night.

The Barcelona game takes it for me cos we had NO margin for error. To have ANY chance of sailing to the final in Madrid, we had to score at least 3 goals to tie level the tie and score 4 and NOT concede a single one to win the tie on the night. Also, we had 2 of the best front 3 out with Robbo leaving injured at half time. We also had Barcelona and Messi on the other side to keep out.

And with all those odds stacked up against us, we not only score 4 goals, we don't concede a single one and completely outplayed Barcelona from start to finish. And the celebrations at the final whistle? Legendary!

28 May 2020 00:18:07
Probably the Barcelona game to be honest, I sat down to watch it expecting an amazing game but also expecting to go out, so it was all about enjoying the game. Got to enjoy one of the most amazing games I’ve ever seen and also went through.

28 May 2020 05:13:48
The Barcelona game for me. We were bigger underdogs in the Barcelona game than we were against Milan. We played without two of our key players (Firmino and Salah), and had a colossal first leg loss score to overcome. Playing at Anfield balanced out some of the odds. But I can't help thinking that we were a bit lucky in Istanbul (penalty wins always involve a lot of luck) . At Anfield against Barcelona, there was greater drive and determination, and we stuck to a strategy and plan (score as early as possible and keep going at them) . It was 90 minutes of punching and counterpunching, but after Wijnaldum's second goal everyone, Barcelona players included, could clearly see who was going to win. The fact that Barcelona still feels the aftermath of that one game to this day, tells you a lot about LFC's achievement of that night.

28 May 2020 11:56:09
ArAy, bigger underdogs against Barcelona than Milan How yes the score was 3-0 but we had 90 minutes to correct it not 45 and even without the two you mentioned the 11 we had out was considerable better than the one that played against Milan.

We got nothing for beating Barcelona but on to the next game we won a European cup against all the odds against a star studded Milan team in Istanbul.



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