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02 Jun 2020 22:35:42
Who would you guys say has been the most under rated liverpool player over the last 20 years. Someone that has made a contribution, but hasn't got the lime light they deserve.
Personally, one of my favourite unsung hero is Hamann. Thought he has a good, but got overlooked. The player I thought changed Istanbul for us.

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02 Jun 2020 23:06:37
Lucas. Not flashy, didn't have a massive passing range, but was tidy and effective with his short game, a good tackler (even after the knee injury cost him a bit of mobility), our best football imo during our nearly season under Rodgers was played with him at DM, he racked up 346 apps and was our player of the year in 2011.

And I'd say there was maybe six months in his entire LFC career where half of the fanbase wasn't questioning his place in the team.

03 Jun 2020 06:43:18
I believe its fairly true to say that it's difficult to win stuff without a DM in your team, Hamman not being a starter in Istanbul set alarm bells ringing for me.

03 Jun 2020 08:16:50
I actually think to some extent Xabi wasn’t fully appreciated until he moved on. That’s when everyone realised what a true class act he was.

03 Jun 2020 09:17:52
Steve Finnan.

03 Jun 2020 09:22:58
Something Red - I think a lot of people will agree with you, but I just don’t see how Lucas was underrated. Most were aware that he had technical ability, but he was slow, not particularly big or strong, gave away dangerous free-kicks every match, didn’t move the ball quickly enough, and was a key cog in a team that won very close to nothing for nearly 10 years. That said, his actual ability has allowed him to become a very good player in Serie A, which most would say now.
As for underrated, I’d say Benayoun. How on earth we allowed him to leave and got Joe Cole as a replacement, I will never know.

03 Jun 2020 10:25:23
I was thinking Benayoun myself Lowel when I read the original post. I read the other day he’s the only Liverpool player to score a hat trick in the PL, CL and FA cup, and I think only 2 other players have done that. Not that that in itself is a massive deal, but it isn’t something i particularly remembered, and then when I thought about him I remember what a talented, tidy and skilful player he was. Perhaps that’s why I think I at least underrated him.
I was a big fan of Marcus Babbel too, aside from rob jones (with Trent having the potential to take their place) I thought he was our best right back in a long time.

03 Jun 2020 10:30:32

03 Jun 2020 10:34:20
Steve finnan!

03 Jun 2020 10:39:17
Steve Finnan. Brilliant right back, always at least a 7/10 performer but always seemed to be under the radar.

03 Jun 2020 11:21:57
Anelka anyone. He wanted to stay looked good while he was with us, although only 19 games i think. And at a time we were desperatly short of quality.

Probably a lot of other players would be in front of him, but i wish we had kept him.

03 Jun 2020 11:26:46
Loved Lucas but he wasn’t good he loved lfc but I used to cringe when he came on he was always giving away pointless frees.

03 Jun 2020 11:56:53
Hendo until last season!

03 Jun 2020 12:24:57
Dirk Kuyt - I think some people were underwhelmed with his arrival given his goal scoring record at Feyenoord but he had an incredible work ethic, was technically good and never went missing in the big games.

03 Jun 2020 12:37:33
I am going with Gini Wijnaldum, even some LFC fans 2 years ago would not have cared if he had left and I bet opposition fans under rate him well.

03 Jun 2020 13:21:50
Am going Steve finnan as well. What a great player he was!

03 Jun 2020 12:53:55
It still appalls me that we didn’t do a deal for Anelka and then went and bought that waste of DNA Diouff. Anelka was an exceptionally good footballer who worked hard to recover his career after the issues at Arsenal and Madrid.

03 Jun 2020 13:30:47
Gini Wijnaldum is definitely under rated. When he joined I didn’t rate him much and didn’t think that he would be a good signing, but he’s been brilliant, he’s a quietly efficient centre midfielder who does all the hard yards and dirty work and yet is great on the ball. Always plays with a smile on his face and you can tell he’d run through walls for the club.

He’s one of the best in the premier league and Europe at what he does.

03 Jun 2020 14:05:50
Some great shouts here! Love Lucas, Kuyt, Finnan. I'm not sure if he was nesasarily underrated but first name that came to my mind was Maxi Rodriguez.

03 Jun 2020 17:46:16
I can’t believe people are saying Lucas was underrated. Him replacing Masch at the base of our midfield sparked a very baron spell for Liverpool.
I met Lucas and he really is the nicest guy you could ever wish to meet but as a footballer he was bang average.
Too slow, dallied on the ball in dangerous positions, got caught wrong side time and time again which resulted in endless free kicks on the edge of our box.
He had good games mostly when we played good sides because back then we would sit deep with very little space between the back 4 and midfield so he didn’t get exposed. Most of the time though IMO (and I know loads disagree) he was just not good enough.
I always loved Aurelio and think outside of Liverpool he was hugely underrated. His injuries didn’t help though I suppose.

03 Jun 2020 21:01:58
I am going to say Emile Heskey
The guy was one of my favourites.

03 Jun 2020 21:03:33
i agree with all the posts but i think the most underrated player we have had in the last 20 years is Sami Hyppia. An absolutely brilliant centre back who would have looked comfortable and would have performed in any team past or present.

04 Jun 2020 16:47:27
Joe Allen. wonderful human being 😊.



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