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07 Jun 2020 02:31:10
Seriously, has something happened to Joel Matip that I didn’t hear about out here on the Aran Islands? He was brilliant for long spells in the last two seasons while Lovren hardly played. Why the urgency for a new center-half?

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07 Jun 2020 07:28:13
It is because some people never appreciate what they have only what they don’t mate
We do not need a new centre back if lovren leaves
We need to promote one of the two youngsters and have Fabinho as worst case back back up.

07 Jun 2020 07:52:26
Because Klopp sees the need to improve in that area of the field and Diego Carlos Is a massive step up from Matip, he is of serious interest. Expect Lovren to move on thst would leave Matip as back up along with Gomez who can also cover the full back positions.

07 Jun 2020 08:26:46
Matip has been incredibly injury prone, and CB is one position where you want minimal chopping and changing.

07 Jun 2020 09:20:48
Because Diego Carlos is about 40 times better than Matip and Lovren.

07 Jun 2020 09:45:23
If lovren moves on he needs to be replaced as we've seen that every top club should have 4 CBs capable of first team standard. Yes we have youngsters with promise but they are still teenagers who can be patiently integrated without unnecessary pressure to be relied on yet. A top CB keeps matip and Gomez on their toes and then in a couple of years if the younger lads are ready then the likes of matip or whoever can be replaced and strenghtened but for now if we lost a top squad defender like lovren and chose not to try and better his position we'd only weaken ourselves. Our strong defence has been crucial towards our success over the last 2 years and it's important not to let that quality drop from our game. Look at city not filling kompanys spot, laporte injury then they forced to play fernandinho alongside injury inconsistent partners like stones and otamendi. If VVD got injured and fabinho was needed to spend months alongside matip or Gomez we'd be in trouble considering it's likely that both will not always be available or injury free all season. Let the 18yr olds develop naturally as it's rare to ever see CBs that age ready to be relied on week after week if they are the only option available.

07 Jun 2020 09:57:48
Did you not see the comments from Klopp regarding transfers? It’s hard to justify to players that you’ve just asked to take a salary cut that you’re just about to lash out £50/ 60m on a new player, then there’s the loss of revenue from the fact that season tickets will be affected, loss of Matchday revenue and other impacts of commercial activity?

I really can’t see us doing any business this summer barring maybe the sales of Lovren, Shaqiri and Karius.

I reckon Diego Carlos will end up at Real Madrid rather than us.

Thankfully if things are as bad as Klopp is intimating then it does mean we won’t be wasting money on Dembele, so there are some small mercies.

07 Jun 2020 10:58:20
In this League you need to buy or go backwards. As Ed02 says, we have a very good team, I still think the squad can be tinkered with to give us more and better options (Shaq and Lovren for example) .
I also think that if a standout player comes along that Klopp wants then the club should go all out to purchase him. As Ed001 says Liverpool didn't have the money for VVD but we still got him! Cut back in future windows if necessary.
All I know is that Klopp has got to 2 CL finals and on the cusp of winning the PL. How much extra revenue had that generated? A bit like Benitez all those years ago. Maybe by not spending that bit extra could cost the club all sorts of revenue going forward, especially when Chelsea, Utd and City will spending money for fun.

07 Jun 2020 11:55:26
I doubt United will be spending for fun, contrary to what Rio Ferdinand is spouting on Twitter. Their last financial reports didn’t read well and the only way they’d be spending big is if they sell Pogba. They’re going to buy, but it won’t be the likes of Havertz or Sancho.

Chelsea are only spending what they made from sales.

As for City, they should be careful as UEFA will be watching with interest.

Television money has taken a massive hit so a lot of club have had to reevaluate their situations.

07 Jun 2020 12:10:11
IR, Klopp has spoken about how transfers may not happen this summer. I propose you check out what he has said. Your VVD analogy is not taking into account that it was a non the virus impacted season where LFC prolly took some financial risk to fund the VVD transfer as you yourself according to Ed01, we did not have the money for VVD (who we overpaid for thanks to Klopp tapping him up) .

That is not the case here. the virus has completely screwed things up big time esp. for big clubs who have bills to pay, financial commitments to transfer-related structured payments, bank loan payments and so on.

Klopp has addressed this in the article I am referring to. Not arsed about what other clubs like Chelsea (who are a bit flush with cash as they spent nothing last summer and got a tonne of cash in transfers and big wage departures like Hazard, Pedro and Willian), Utd and City are doing cos our financial situation is diff. from theirs. We should not be spending money we don't have now NOR cannot account for in the future. Just my take.

07 Jun 2020 12:14:55
I’d say it’s probably harder to justify asking people who are on 12-30k a year to go on furlough and then spending 50 million on a player.

07 Jun 2020 11:53:23
Coz towards the end of season we were utterly vulnerable at the back and was conceding goals. One notable injury to VVD and we are chasing 6th place. That could be the reason!

07 Jun 2020 11:54:51
Cus matip and lovern like the hot chocolate in the sick bay!
One is always injured or with a virus / cold it’s not good enough!

07 Jun 2020 12:29:53
I very much like matip. And he would be a brilliant 3rd choice behind van dijk and gomez. But unfortunately for the past 2,3 year. Matip, Lovren and Gomez between them haven't managed to stay fit for a prolonged period. So if Lovren were to leave. I feel my reasoning above, would be why we would want to bring in another centre back.

07 Jun 2020 12:50:26
Chelsea bought Kovacic last summer for 40+ mill don’t forget. If I remember rightly because It was a loan to buy prior to their ban it didn’t stop the deal going through. Plus Pulisic arrived in the summer for 60 mill. Fair play to Chelsea they probably had the best transfer ban window ever.

{Ed002's Note - Pulisic was in the previous year's accounts and profit on transfers was more than £100M, there were further sales in January and more than £75M worth o sales this summer have been agreed. There is a potential to add an additional £100M worth of sales this summer as well.}

07 Jun 2020 13:39:35
Chelsea's last accounts said they made £100m loss in the 18/ 19 accounts.

they have added only kovacic and Ziyech since last summer and have managed to get a significant sum for morata.

ultimately the difference between us and chelsea is that they have a billionaire who is willing to take risks to fund acquisitions.

{Ed001's Note - that's not true. The difference is that they have a significant number of players they were able to sell to fund acquisitions. Roman has made it a self-sustaining business, he is not willing to pump money in any more.}

07 Jun 2020 13:09:23
Ed002 Cheers for the reply. I wasn’t saying they bought Pulisic in the summer mate. Just saying they had hell of a window considering they were on a ban. If anything it actually shows how good Chelsea have been financially. Edwards gets a lot of praise for his transfer dealings but quite clearly Chelsea have their s##t in one sock as well. Selling Hazard was a big loss for them mind and he will take some replacing.

07 Jun 2020 14:12:39
No team in England can come near a CB group of Van Dijk, Gomez, Matip and Lovren. I'd put Gomez in the top 3 in the league behind Virgil and Laporte and Matip was in the same kind of form when he was in the side. So this Diego Carlos, who I havnt seen but who people on here lacks pace and is wasteful with his passing must be some player to be so much better than them two. Premier league is also a much more demanding league for defenders than La Liga is. needless transfer for me.

07 Jun 2020 17:54:47
You need 4 Senior cbs at least. We had fabinio in cb once or twice last season and we have 4 cbs. Having three will be dangerous. Who wants fabhino at cb? We are losing Henderson as a more attacking cm and we are losing fab at dcm.

If lovren leaves we need another cb. Vdb and however might be promising talents but I'm not sure I'd trust them in a demanding season.



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