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11 Jun 2020 22:57:00
Comparing our current team to the premiership best, who would you chose.
Alison or Schmeichel
Trent or Neville
Van dyke or terry
Gomez or stam
Robinson or cole
Henderson or scholes
Gini or lampard
Ox or Gerrard
Salah or giggs
Mane or Ronaldo
Bobby or Henry
Kloop or Ferguson
I know they all played different formations. Just seeing how our current crop compare to what I think are the best we have seen in the league.
Personally, id put 4 of our current crop in there.
Alison, trent, van dyke and salah.
Can't decide on the manager. Love kloop and don't really like Ferguson but he did have some record in the league.

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11 Jun 2020 23:24:33
My pick would be
Schmeichel, trent, van Duke, Stam, robbo
Hendo, Lampard, Gerard
Salah, ronaldo and Henry
Some players to pick from I picked hendo over scholes for what he adds to the overall team performance but very hard to choose. Good post by the way.

11 Jun 2020 23:34:57
Big Pete, RedNev, VvD, Jaap, Robertson, Scholes, Lamps, Gerrard, Giggs, Ronaldo, Henry, Sir Alex.

11 Jun 2020 23:41:13
Deisred, I know I am biased as united fan but Henderson over Scholes? Klopp over Fergie? Sure Klopp is a top manager but has some way to go to emulate Fergie and Henderson has done well but over one of the greatest of all time?

12 Jun 2020 06:37:49
Klopp over Fergie every day of the week and twice on match day.

Our boys are the best and I wouldn’t swap any of them.

We have been privileged to see the best club side in EPL history. most likely the best club side in football.

12 Jun 2020 07:17:45
Big Pete, Trent, VVD, Stam, Cole, Scholes, Gini, Gerrard, Salah, Ronaldo, Henry.

Although should it not really be Mane or Giggs as they both mainly play on the left? Would still pick Mane tho.
Klopp for manager.

12 Jun 2020 07:37:36
Welsh red the reason I picked hendo over scholes is because hendo drives the team forward and is a natural leader, while scholes was a fantastic player he couldn't tackle and you couldn't even hear him over a clothes line and as for Alex I'd take klopp all day long and twice on match day.

12 Jun 2020 10:13:24
I agree about Henderson. Scholes was a brilliant player but I think a touch over rated by utd fans.
Hendo drives the team forward and NEVER goes missing. One downside to Scholes game was he could get kicked out of a game or go missing.

The OP was a good post, and yes there weren't that many of our boys I could pick.


But the thing is, you're comparing a fairly young side, who have been together for 2/ 3/ 4 years with players whose whole career we have followed. I have a feeling that in 5 to 10 years players like gomez, wijnaldum and mane may get in the list too.

I also think it's very difficult to compare ox with Gerrard. Two totally different players. Stevie will always be the better player, one of the best ever. And it's also hard to compare Bobby with Henry. But for our style I'd take gini and Bobby over lamps and henry.

And klopp all day. He's made nearly as many European Cup finals in 3 years as fergie did in 20. And has also won the league as quick, if not quicker than Alex did. (probably) and Liverpool have not sat in the relegation zone under klopp, as utd did under fergie. Again you're comparing a guy after his 20 odd year career with a guy still in his first 3/ 4 years. And who would you rather play for? Klopp or fergie? Easy to answer.

12 Jun 2020 10:39:21
Jesus the bias is crazy on this thread!

Bobby over Henry? He is arguably the best Striker to grace the premier league, insanely good.

Our current team whilst in a good moment cannot be considered the greatest prem team of all time or the best ever just yet. We’re on the brink of winning our first premier league title. Short term wise, incredible team, but to be GOAT you have to be winning multiple league titles as a group imo.

12 Jun 2020 11:03:14
Yes shaq, he's one of the best strikers to grace the prem. But Henry was pretty good too. They're completely different players. It'd be more appropriate to compare mane and Henry. And I'd take mane. In a few weeks/ months mane and Bobby will have won as many premier league titles as Henry and more ucl cups and more cwc cups.

12 Jun 2020 16:20:57
If you’re taking trophy hall then of course Darren Fletcher is a far superior CM to Steven Gerrard, or Wes Brown a better CB than VVD.

Henry is one of the greatest players of all PL time, Bobby whilst a superb player will never be considered for that list as a player.

Your passion and love for LFC is great Robbie, but you clearly can’t be objective.

13 Jun 2020 12:15:04
Im looking at some of those picks with as much of a neutral view as possible. I'd have Trent, VVD in as definate from our current team. Stam, Gerrard, Ronaldo and Henry as definate others. The GK, LB, 2 CM and winger are up for debate as Allison, Robbo, salah/ mane have been immense over last 2 or 3 years but it's hard to compare that to players who spent 10 years or more performing. Personally I'd prefer allison as his ability with his feet adds much to his game. I'd pick cole over robbo as he spent years as arguably the best in his position. If lampard is playing in midfield with Gerrard then I'd want Henderson over scholes as that would realistically be a better midfield as we saw England couldn't make them fit together. I'd actually have Keane in there ahead of hendo or scholes though. I'd pick salah as his attacking threat is more potent than giggs. People stating gini over lampard, firmino over Henry and even robbo over cole seem to ignore the careers of those players. Henry was lethal for years and his goal record stands to that fact. Lampards goal return and consistency over 10 or 12 was incredible and unlikely to be matched while Ashley Cole was performing like robbo is now but he sustained those levels for longer than just the 2 or 3 years robbo has so far. The debate might be different in 5 or 6 years for sure but firmino, gini, OX are 3 players for sure will not be able to overtake Henry, lampard or Gerrard in those positions. Gomez, Robbo, and allison may very well over time perform to the levels to compete with the others. As for manager it needs to be said no doubt that sir Alex is no1. Jurgen klopp may technically have stronger managerial ability overall but sir Alex was able to spend 2 decades of sustaining and rebuilding teams that he never let fall away from competing at the top, . To spend that long and go through so many changes needed with players and squads you can't put anyone near him yet in that debate. Klopp has been unbelievable and my personal favourite but he's built one great Dortmund team and achieved 2 years of strenght with them. So far he's built this great Liverpool team with currently 2 years regarded as at the top, . He can't yet be in contention.



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