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15 Jun 2020 19:35:38
Hope everyone is well, can't believe I missed my dear Harry's posts. Genuinely feel sorry for him coz of the abuse he gets. In my opinion he brings so much to the sight.
Just think in a few weeks time we might just be champions darn I'll as promised to Salah have to change my name.
But please allow Harry to join the celebration he is a really nice dude and he has my respect.

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15 Jun 2020 19:55:48
Yeah poor Harry. Chased of the page again. I get that he can be a bit irritating but I don't understand the ridicule he receives. Sad really.
Anyway, hope you are well Walter, looking forward to your "negative" posts 😀.

15 Jun 2020 20:23:36
Harry 100% switched allegiances to Man City. Now we’re trouncing the league title and have won the champions league he’s magically reappeared. It’s ridiculous he’s done it in the first place, but to come on posting like it never happened and refusing to engage with anyone who challenged him on it.

He constantly wines about our lack of a playmaker, eulogises about chelsea’s mid and never has anything positive to say about lfc.

He was on here the other day talking about need for a playmaker as we always struggle to break down deep defending teams - like we haven’t won 28 out of 29 games this season?

How anyone can say he’s missed from these pages is beyond me.

15 Jun 2020 20:41:27
He's a narcissist who spouts a bunch of nonsense and then flounces off the site when people tell him it's nonsense. And I bet he does it partly to see will posters say "Come back, Harry please! ".

Not sure what he adds. If we want someone around to put forward completely inaccurate comments about our team to make for 'interesting' conversation, we can just take turns telling lies.

15 Jun 2020 20:56:46
As my good friend tells me all the time. Look in the mirror before you look out the window.
I'll let you fine upstanding posters work it out.

15 Jun 2020 21:00:17
His posts are still there to be read on the man city page. You 100% cannot ever switch teams support and then come back.

15 Jun 2020 21:38:16
Sorry guys but can someone help me please. I have scrolled through the last 5 pages but can’t find what pseudonym the turncoat is using now. I know I could search or RTFP but being a bit lazy.

15 Jun 2020 22:05:25
Just looked at the discussion page and realised the “jockey” has ridden back into town. I do love his contributions but once a red, always a red and you don’t support anyone else. So for all of those welcoming him back, I welcome your understanding but I am too dyed in the wool to forgive. Trophy hunter at best and I am sure he is a nice guy but I only ever go to the city site to see how lucky we are to have true supporters - sorry Harry.

15 Jun 2020 22:25:59
He now goes under the radio jockey or his alter ego is negativewalter.

15 Jun 2020 22:14:20
Anyone feeling sorry for him should not, i know this site is meant to be a safe friendly space but anyone who saw the sort of stuff he was posting this time last year was embarrassing, he fully switched allegiances to Man City and came on here giving it the big un to all of us, it was very weird and childish and we shouldn’t have to waste our time having this page clogged up with his nonsense.

16 Jun 2020 11:52:12
Regardless of Harry switching sides again, it is great to see Negativeredwalter posting again - look forward to the name change pal!

16 Jun 2020 13:27:58
Not sure Harry cares that much. And him going to support City did it for me. I'm all for banter and all that BUT it just seemed at times that he would say and post things that were baseless just to get people triggered. Hang on, always thought he was a Chelsea fan cos he wouldn't stop blabbing on and on about how great they are.

17 Jun 2020 15:55:45
Would you lot treat someone like that in person?



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