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22 Jun 2020 09:50:14
That game was almost like the Napoli away game from two years ago, bore us all to death and then score in the last ten minutes. Who was their manager then.

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22 Jun 2020 10:10:45
Good point well made. In that context I’ll take a point. Only five left to get.

22 Jun 2020 10:23:01
Me and my mates noted the exact same thing. It seems in one way or another the defensive two banks of four does cause us problems going forward, something Klopp will note before long i am sure.

{Ed001's Note - every team struggles against that, which is why Mourinho has been able to win so much in his career.}

22 Jun 2020 13:30:35
AW I think if we had robbo we would of won yesterday, without him and trent all our attacks tend to be down one side which is much easier to defend against. Attack down both and it opens up the two banks of four. That's why I think cover for LB is crucial in the summer, it has a massive impact on our game imo when he or trent are missing.

22 Jun 2020 14:11:19
How many times at anfield have we faced that problem and away it's not like we ain't seen that before.

22 Jun 2020 15:09:32
You have a point and a very sensible one WY Red. But unfortunately Mr. Kloppo the Klipperty has other ideas. He seems hell bent in not adding a superior full back who could play either side.

22 Jun 2020 15:32:54
Where are we going to find this magical full back who is good enough for us on both sides but is willing to join us without being first choice? He doesn't exist.

22 Jun 2020 16:09:40
It staggers next that we can have shown consistent form over 2 years in the prem, be on track to dominate the league and finally win the title, off the back of winning the champions league, off the back of reaching the final of that competition the year before - and people continue moan about our squad.

If you can’t be happy in this very moment with our squad, I suggest you stop following football.

22 Jun 2020 16:20:47
“Superior fullback”? We have the best in Europe. We barely concede goals and they’ve assisted around 30 goals in the league? We’d be better looking for a versatile defender who can cover centre back and fullback?

22 Jun 2020 16:38:07
6 Times

What do you mean by versatile defender? Does he look like the versatile LCM / AM / CM / CAM that a few on this sites are looking for 😂😂😂.
Keeping it simple, We need someone with pace and excellent delivery to suit the way we play.

22 Jun 2020 17:35:54
Llorente at Sociedad is capable of playing at CB, FB or defensive midfield, as is Nathan Ake at Bournemouth. And both of them are competent defensively. If you want to support a club who buy multiple expensive fullbacks, you could always go back and support Man City, Harry. They buy loads of them.

22 Jun 2020 18:11:18
6 Times

City has only three mate! Mendy, Walker and Cancelo. Meanwhile city has only three central defenders compared to 4 at LFC. Stones, Laporte and Otemandi.

Liverpool FC has a bigger squad than Manchester city. It’s a FACT.

{Ed001's Note - that's a complete lie. Why do you make up nonsense every single thread? Garcia, Adarabioyo, Zinchenko is 3 more defenders in their first team squad. Then there is both Rodri and Fernandinho, both have played centre half.

Oh and it is only a FACT if you don't include loanees.}

22 Jun 2020 18:40:16
How about including some youngsters at LFC for full backs and center backs positions? Rodri and Fernandinho are midfielders. Playing at the back doesn’t mean they are one. That’s like Milner playing at left back.
How many youngsters are there at LFC who could play at the back? Van der berg?

22 Jun 2020 18:44:58
Spot on, Ed. Harry is back again with his mindless rants again, slamming LFC for not doing what he wants or what “insert rival club here” is doing.

Before it was Chelsea. Now it’s City. Does he even know that those three LB’s at City cost well over 100m and are all completely dreadful? So we should go spend stupid money we don’t have just to say we had as many LB’s at City, right?

And why should we do what City is doing when we have rendered them irrelevant this season? And why should anyone listen to someone who thought Naby played LWB vs Everton?

{Ed002's Note - Manchester City have two LBs, one of which only cost £2M or £3M.}

22 Jun 2020 18:50:35
I think if Harry means regular starting players on them positions I'd have to agree with him.

22 Jun 2020 19:36:33
Thank you Ed02! You are my only hope 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

Just to add 6 Times
Zinchenko is a midfielder and not a full back. There you go!

{Ed001's Note - you might want to tell Pep and Zinchenko that then. Zinchenko is the cheap full back Ed002 was no doubt referring to, so you might want to wake up. As for not including the young ones, they are not relevant, no one was leaving them out, just you were trying to make up stuff again by ignoring anything that doesn't fit your latest agenda.

If we are going to include reserves from Liverpool, then why not dip into City's reserves as well? Or does it only count when it suits you? You were the one saying that we can't count or use Milner as a defender. You wanted to use him in defence as a stick to hit Klopp while holding up Pep as an example to follow, yet you are now saying he does exactly the same thing by using midfielders in defence. So which is it Harry?}

22 Jun 2020 19:39:51
Angelino gone again Ed02?

{Ed002's Note - He is on loan and wants out.}

22 Jun 2020 19:52:10
I think you are missing my point Ed01. Why would I hit Mr Kloppo the klipperty. Liverpool do need a fullback and it has nothing to do with City or any other club. The way they play full backs are the most important element.
If you are happy with Gomes and Milner there then good luck.
Now as for the squad, LFC have a big squad. Make no mistake about it. You could discount a few numbers but the squad is as big as city if not bigger.

{Ed001's Note - I am not missing any point, you are simply harping on about something that has been said many times before. Everyone knows we need a left back, but that is no reason to slag off Milner for covering there. Gomez has played there just once because of a shortage of options due to 2 injuries. Why would anyone even refer to that? You do because you have your agenda and you will go to any lengths to make your point over and over and over to the point that is long past tedium.

What has the size of squad to do with anything? Every team in the Prem has a big squad, that is just irrelevant.}

22 Jun 2020 21:16:53
Sorry Harry but you are wrong. You have been beating Klopp up since he got here and until you allegedly left this forum to go support City on their page, all you did was slam Klopp by using the very baseless arguments you are using now as in, using what other clubs/ managers like Chelsea with Mou and Conte or Pep with City to beat up on him and LFC and how we would win nothing with him. You are known for doing this so just own it.

Klopp is going to win the PL right after winning the CL, and he would have done that HIS way. Not yours or mine and I an thrilled about that.

I still maintain, why would anyone care what someone who does not even know where Naby Keita played last night or who thought he played LWB last night, has to say about anything LFC related for that matter? Just asking for a friend.

22 Jun 2020 21:37:52
Red Meister.
Why do you reply to my post if you think I know nothing about the game lol. Like every time you missed the point. I have no agenda for Klopp. He is no my uncle or aunt lol. Owes absolutely nothing with each other. He is the manager of the club I support. That’s it.

23 Jun 2020 00:13:13
Wait, why is Harry even in this forum. I rarely post but is this not the same guy who switched allegiance from LFC to City. then we won the CL and will soon life the PL? City is legit and Pep is top class but seriously? Does he not have any shame?

23 Jun 2020 02:02:09
People shouting about having a replacement for Robertson also think he is the best in such a role in the world. I assume. well how will you get a 40-50m player to sit in the bench? isn't that what happened at city? With sane? besides we don't have the money to spend anyway. I believe in klopp. as long he is there I think we can believe in the recruitment. besides isn't it time getting silly? I mean just draw a game and start shouting at Klopp? pep wins a game 4-0 5-0 and we draw a game and suddenly it's the end of the world? I think after this season Klopp would be the most successful guy amongst the two in England wouldn't he? just believe in Klopp we nly need 5 more points for the league. and how are you ed01? How's the life been treating you mate?

{Ed001's Note - I am ok mate, just hoping things return to something like normality soon. How are things with you?}

23 Jun 2020 20:53:25
Rubbish, Harry. You don't support LFC and I can prove it. Just 18 months ago you said that you were not an LFC fan and that you were a "Football Fan" (whatever the heck that means when you were on here beating up on Klopp cos he would not do what you wanted.

Also, you went to support City for a while there. What LFC fan abandons his club to go support the Evil Empire in City? A non LFC fan, that's who. As Pete Colo posted, why are you still here whereas you were a City fan a year ago?

So what changed, man? Needed to be a City fan for a while to know where your allegiances lie? And now conveniently, you are back supporting LFC right after we bodied your old team City into submission and about win the PL, LFC has now become the club "I support". Yeah, you supported us so much you went to support City cos you thought Klopp would win nothing with us. How times have changed.



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