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28 Jun 2020 18:02:51
It’s shame that we cannot fit in a striker let it be anyone. Coz Ings is on fire and I bloody love the lad. He is a £50 mill player today. Hoping we have some kind of Sell on fees or we are mugged again by Southampton.

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28 Jun 2020 18:23:47
Ings never played for City.

28 Jun 2020 18:59:57
Cracking little player fair play, so very happy for him that he got his career back on track. He's a massive what if in my opinion, such a shame about all the injuries.

28 Jun 2020 19:01:41
Is that Harry once again drooling over a player who plays for another club on the Liverpool page? You’d be forgiven for thinking he supported different club entirely. Oh wait.

28 Jun 2020 19:34:52
He played for us. Showed spirit and attitude every time he was given a chance. If you can’t stand his success at Southampton then I was right in shifting to Manchester city. Get a life.

{Ed047's Note - am I reading this right, you supported Liverpool but changed to City and now you’re back supporting Liverpool?

28 Jun 2020 19:45:36
I suffered a medical condition called Split personality Or multiple personality in Psychiatry. so it was my other face that supported city 🤗🤗🤗. It could come back anytime 😌😌😌. It’s unique.

28 Jun 2020 19:57:15
I can only for the life of me believe that harrys not banned because he brings in more posts. And hence its less boring.
Thats the only reason i can understand he's still posting.

28 Jun 2020 20:07:14
No real fan switches teams like that, it’s embarrassing. At least he’s been exposed for who he really is.

28 Jun 2020 20:07:21
Otherwise known as Cerebral Unilateral Ninphoma Tinitus.

28 Jun 2020 20:09:12
And what exactly are the norms for a ban? Have you seen me abusing anyone? Swearing? Bashing the Ed’s, trolling the posters? I have been posting for more than a decade. Half of the Usernames that pops up today weren’t born back then. When I started writing to this site we did not even had a username. So that’s the experience I bring to this site.
Do you know by any chance how many Ed’s we have on this site?
Have you ever seen Ed018? Do you know which page he manages!
I bloody know and that’s why!

28 Jun 2020 20:18:53
How many times have u been banned harry?

28 Jun 2020 20:24:23
Harry's a legend on this site. Leave him be. He brings decent discssion.

28 Jun 2020 20:27:53
Still miles better than those who abuse the Ed’s, better than those who abuse fellow posters, better than those who mock and abuse clubs and players, better than being a hypocrite. Better than those who failed to maintain social distancing yesterday, better than those who lighted up the building yesterday. If those are the real fans then I take pride of not being one.
We are all writing for free. So nobody owes a thing to each other. Skip my thread and post something of your own, if you have one!

28 Jun 2020 20:35:53
Harry you mock clubs and players constantly, you are such a hypocrite. Stick to Harry Scousser on Twitter, your garbage will be appreciated there.

{Ed047's Note - oops, maybe I shouldn’t have asked 🤦‍♂️

28 Jun 2020 20:41:11
Never in all my life as a speedster (and formerly fastest man alive (sadly that title has been stolen by some other dashing lad) ) have I seen such unruly behaviour. Danny ings is a real talent and should be praised from hilltops, mountains, lakes, reservoirs, rivers, volcanoes and all the other what have you natural beauties (that dolly Parton on the other hand is a different kind of natural beauty (although I don't know how natural she really is) of course what i mean by this is she packs a real pair) and he is rightly being praised for a wonderful season (albeit he will never have a patch on Shane long or even Steven caulker) . 17 goals (or is it 18 now all these numbers flying around in my head it feels like I'm the one with the split personality (albeit having already been diagnosed and almost sent to the chair for that one as it was a real danger to myself and others) ) but as I was saying 18 goals is a phenomenal achievement for such a lovely lad like danny but I will not have his name sullied (or praised as is the case in this original post by harry) by a man hellbent on supporting a blue side. Also this name harry is your full name Harrison or some such and you've got plenty of other doppelgangers in parallel earths?! Good heavens.

28 Jun 2020 20:42:53
Aside from Harry switching. Ings needed game time and he wasn’t going to get that at LFC. Chuffed he’s doing well tho.

28 Jun 2020 20:52:40
Living proof that some people live in an alternate reality created by themselves. And insisting on doing things according to their own rules, while others choose to respect the agreed to norms. Basically overgrown children.

28 Jun 2020 20:53:27
Well said Harry, and you're right in your original post. Ings is looking a quality player, good luck to him.

28 Jun 2020 21:25:40
We all know Harry switched to city, as he has even admitted himself. But I don't see the point in bringing it up every time he posts, why not just engage in the multiverse of possible discussions to be had rather then going straight in at Harry. Sometimes they lead to interesting points and things to be said and kf you really can't stand the bloke then we can always just scroll right last his post.

Yes he does like talking talking about other teams players and this is the liverpool site but surely some must be interested in the wider game and enjoy talking about other players and alternate realities where hypothetical scenarios can exist around this player and that. It makes a nice change of pace from perhaps the typical posts or scrolling through reams of separate posts stating the same message, so I don't see the harm in any of it

As for ings specifically he might not play for liverpool anymore but surely on a liverpool site, in this specific circumstance there is room to have a chat about a former liverpool player, is that not liverpool related. So i feel like people jumping on Harry's back about the relevancy of this post so quickly are picking on him a bit there, he is entitled to freedom of speech so long as it does no harm, abuse or offence like any other and we should try to silence people just because they are different or maybe a bit. out there because we find dome vaguely annoying.

P. s good to see you back zoom have missed your speed demon ways and eccentric posts. Although I suppose you may not be rich enough to be considered eccentric, which would mean you are just mad my fella

All the best to everyone.

{Ed047's Note - well I didn’t know he had and truly wish I’d never mentioned it. You live and learn 🤦‍♂️

28 Jun 2020 21:40:44
Sorry, obviously I meant we shouldn't try to silence people just because they are a bit different, out there or we find them vaguely annoying. I am just an idiot typist. Sorry about that.

28 Jun 2020 21:43:39
That’s exactly I switched to City Doctor! I have seen some of the absolute worse days of Liverpool football club and stood here, Right on this very page without any fancy buttons you see it today. I was driven away by the tolls for HAVING AN OPINION ON PLAYERS AND CLUBS.

Irish Rover
Exactly mate. You are as old as me on this site 😅😅😅 we are mates! Danny Ings is a brilliant striker and unfortunately he plays for Southampton. SO WHAT?

28 Jun 2020 21:59:45
Hi Stephen fella, I can't tell you how good it is to be back and what a time to be here after such a lovely title win and all those tremendous tasteful celebrations in the town centre which I was a key orchestrater in organizing. But I'm afraid that's where the niceties and pleasantries and what have you will be cut short due to your respectful yet shambolic post.

I disagree you cannot and should not (and of course in most cases shan't and won't/ wouldn't could also be applied (though I'm no english expert as coherently structured as my posts may usually be) ) just flip flop, chip chop, hippity hop, klippity klopp between teams albeit blue and red ones and title rivals at that of course although Everton are one blue side who are living 80 years in the past and bet they wish they could be back in the weimar republic right now as of course we all know that's where the club originated.

Anyway soft lah I completely disagree with your post I'm sorry to say. Actually you know what fella, scrap that I don't do apologies no matter how much I feel they may be deserved (and in this case I really do feel like you are owed one but I will stick to my guns although they are usually not my preferred weapon as I have such deadly hands due to my speed and velocity 9 experimentation) and say it is morally bankrupt to stick up for this fella. (sorry for that rant before you didn't deserve that)

You also say we find his dome vaguely annoying, well I for one have not seen his dome piece but i would imagine it would be just as grim as his views which as you rightly say should be silenced

All in all however a fantastic post from you Stephen and a lovely little nod to me in your afterthoughts. Hope you and the ancient one (yes I mean the mrs, must be getting up there in age hopefully don't have to put her down like the dog she is, haha you know what I can be like matey) are keeping well and the rest of you reds.

One last thing about your post, I may not be monetarily rich and wealthy but I am certainly healthy after my last tangle with the addiction so pleased to say its been a few years since I did it (god how I miss it lol)

28 Jun 2020 21:47:13
Ed047, as doctor strange will confirm you can live with the fact that in another universe you didn't ask.

I don't see why people are so bothered if he switched, I find it hilarious but it's not something I could do.

As for ings I was gutted it didn't work out for him here and hope he gets the golden boot along with our lads. Seems a great lad who had horrendous luck.

{Ed047's Note - I’m not bothered either WYred, it’s kind of each to their own and just wasn’t aware of it.

Now I’ll get back to my alternative universe! 😩🤣

28 Jun 2020 22:36:58
Brilliant as always Zoom. Keep them coming, however I'm sure you will appreciate me picking out a few points in your post for further examination. Firstly if you look above I did clarify I didn't mean to type saying we should silence anyone, so though I better clarify that.

As for your information about Everton I'm sure you said that with the best intentions and what you beileved to be solid information but I don't believe they we founded during the weimar republic and in fact the weimar republic is older then 80 years old having been established in 1919 and coming to and end with the rise of Hitler in 1933, being dissolved and replaced with the person dictatorship. So I think you are a bit off there.

As far as the ancient one, they are actually an old wise Asian man, not a mrs at all, but that was changed due to stereotyping issues. My wife is in fact a lot more interesting then a dog, although I did find your comment very amusing and I do haveca dog who is actually a ghost dog now called bats which is a Bassett hound

All thec best zoom.

28 Jun 2020 22:48:10
Oh look, Harry is drooling about a player who doesn't play for us. Yawn! Well in other news, water is wdet.

28 Jun 2020 23:17:54
In one of them ed047 Arsenal won the league, although there odds were 14,000,605 😂.

29 Jun 2020 00:18:40
You either are or are not a Liverpool fan through thick and thin.

29 Jun 2020 02:55:25
Funny thing is, I don't believe he ever really switched, deep down I think we all know that. I think he's just a wind up merchant. Makes me laugh though so he get's my vote to continue posting, there's no denying he brings something different to the table, ok, very different. We're all different. The fella always baffles me and makes me wonder where his head is at but that's probably what he wants lol.

29 Jun 2020 09:27:40
Harry is great for the site and I'm glad he is back, he's a regular contributor who always provokes a lively debate. Reading this thread with the input of Zoom V2 aswell, has brightened up a miserable Monday morning.
As for Danny Ings, the reason he is now playing well is playing time, which has finally got him match fit after serious injuries. He never would have got the vital minutes he needed at Liverpool as there was no way he was being picked ahead of Firminho. Ings moved to the right club who could guarantee him playing time. If Ings moved back to Liverpool tomorrow he would be back on the bench.

29 Jun 2020 09:35:41
Not wanting to waste too much of people's time on this, I think Doctor Strange and my friend Salah need to see other sides to this. I'll make it easy and simple:

1) This is a Liverpool supporters' page for discussion of rumours, transfers and pretty much everything else related to Liverpool judging by the various sub-pages. When posters ask a question or post something not related to Liverpool, we have all become accustomed to the "This is the Liverpool page", "What's this got to do with Liverpool? " and such responses received. We all got used to it and respect it, 95% of the time. This man, with the username of a men's underwear brand, doesn't. He's always talking about some other team, some other player some other manager. This time, he was talking about an ex-Liverpool player, and that's fine, but that doesn't negate what he does most of the time.

2) He says he is a Liverpool supporter. Really? Show me the congratulatory message to any LFC player, the LFC team, the manager or the owners of the club, after winning the title, after 30 long years. Well, 95% of posters didn't post such a message. That's probably correct, and again, that's fine, but it's because 95% of posters and readers don't come here to the site every single day. This man does and carpet bombs the page continuously, on a perpetual daily basis. What is he exactly supporting about the club since he has nothing nice to say about it? Walter was negative most of the time, and yet he changed his name and posted a congratulatory message. Waro used to hate FSG, yet he praised the players and Klopp. You know there is some support there somewhere. Not with this guy.

3) What grates me the most is this sense of "entitlement" that he thinks he has simply because he's been around for 10 years or more. So what? I've been around just as long if not longer. To my knowledge, these pages are not set up this way. No special privileges for anybody. It's a football club for all ages and demographics and these pages are set up the same way. When you read " We are all writing for free. So nobody owes a thing to each other. Skip my thread and post something of your own, if you have one! " from him, you can see he feels he can write and say anything he wants, and is not bound by anything, like the rest of us are or try to be at least. And this is a constant ongoing thing; it's not a coincidence that he is easily the most banned person on the LFC pages. It's not a coincidence that one of the Eds has openly said he makes up stuff to suit his absurd and wild ideas and routinely ruins threads.

I can go on about the mocking and baiting other posters (not just the players, manager and team) and a lot of other things, but I need to get back to work.

29 Jun 2020 12:22:10
ArAy1969 I've come to bargain
Firstly, I would like to thank you for making it easy and simple as otherwise I would of never of been able to keep up with your incredible intellect, that was unbelievable kind of you to dumb it down to our level.

1) I agree Harry does often talk about other teams players and perhaps it leans towards the side of irrelevant with regards to Liverpool, but we also see plenty of other posts asking about the possible transfer of this player and that from other teams, so there is a precedence for players from other clubs being discussed. Especially in a hypothetical sense of would you want this, do you think he would be a good fit for liverpool ect. A good example is the thread about ndombele, it was interesting and about a spurs player, but talking about it from a liverpool perspective. As you say this time he was talking about an ex Liverpool player which is what I pointed out. That despite it actually being liverpool related people were still targeting him as though what he said was completely irrelevant as a way of silencing him. I think it was a fair post on this occasion given the "rules" you laid out. No it doesn't negate the other times but equally those other times don't negate this post in my view. I don't think it's a scale, so to speak

2) I have seen Harry talk about how he thinks Virgil is the best defender in the world I believe, so there is atleast 1 time. I can't speak to the 95% stats you keep talking about as I don't have access to such information, but I'm sure you have fact checked and verified that. Either way I don't think coming on the site and adding to the already endless stream of posts that say "well done lads", "yes we did it" "30 years of hurt over" should be the barometer for whether you are a "proper support or not.

3)I must say it is a little bit irksome when he says things about being on the site for so long, it does come across like he thinks this qualifies his opinion as being better then others at times. A bit like perhaps stating you think you are smarter then someone else before writing a reply to a post might come across as this also. But ultimately I feel as you say the page is set up for all ages and demographics, this includes Harry, and although he can be annoying I csnt remember him saying anything offensive that would be inappropriate for certain people, just that he can say some annoying and as you say, deliberately baiting posts. Perhaps the closest he has come us being a bit sarcastic which is no crime. The posts that get through are probably approved by an editor also, who the custodians of this site and decide what they feel is worth posting or not. Which is also why he gets banned as when he does start getting a bit more irritate or spamming too much often you will will see ed say something like "okay I think it's time you take a break" and then he gets banned. But when this happens I trust the eds judgment on this and on what they let on the site as they have shown to be very patient, kind, reasonable people who also I believe know some poster more then others and whether they feel the site might be a good outlet from them from a humanitarian standpoint, so long as they are not abusing people. With regards to ruining threads and all posts unless someone says something completely offensive and wrong which gets through, which needs to be addressed, then it is the multitude of replies which clusters the site not 1 post but the multiple others ones responding as though there day has somehow been ruined by someone posting about how much they love lokomotiv Moscow's third choice left winger, and how dare they have had to read it. If yoy want to engage in a discussion about that fair enough, even disagree, May be you think the player 's terrible and wouldn't fit at liverpool, but it's the 5 replies saying about how, it's irrelevant, whining to the eds about why this has been posted and talking about personal details of a poster ie being a turncoat which clogs up the site, not 1 measly post.

So I do agree with some of what you have said regards to Harry and some of the posts, but I think we ha e to trust the eds, use our own initiative to pick and choose what to reply to and be tolerable and calm when we see posts we might not like, agree with or think are irrelevant
All the best

29 Jun 2020 12:37:25
Doctor Strange. Your points are well taken and I'm overjoyed that my dumbing it down to the simple worked, LOL. I'm all for tolerance, letting people be, and having the right to express themselves. Everything in life is about perception (like the percentages I used; we all know there's no date for it) . I was just expressing my perception of the matter, just as you and so many others have expressed theirs, on both sides of it.

29 Jun 2020 12:37:46
Leave Harrys alright by me. This whole ‘if you’re not with us, you’re against us’ mentality is so last century. What does it matter who he supports or if he floats allegiances? He contributes and does so without being harmful or abusive. If posting bullsh’t was a crime on here, we’d all be perpetually censored. Keep the posts coming, Jockey.



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