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29 Jun 2020 10:37:01
Good afternoon Ed001. I've been waiting 4 months to ask you, and the other posters on here, this question that I have had in mind. But I decided to wait until the title was won. I could have waited until the end of the season, for both EPL and Champions League, but I don't think it will change anything.

From the 2017-2018 season onwards (the 3 years), which team between ManC and LFC is the better one? If you take the achievements of each team, as a whole, over the 3 year period? And who is the better manager between Guardiola and Klopp?

For me it's LFC. I tried very hard to suppress my natural bias, but when I look at one Champions League final, one Champions League win, one second place EPL finish within one point, one EPL title won, and one World Club Champions title won against ManC's two EPL title wins, one FA Cup win and 3 League Cup wins. The fact that ManC was not able to make it to any Champions League finals, and have slipped to 20+ points behind in the EPL this season (indicating falling behind LFC) swung it for me.

And I think Klopp is the better manager between the two. Guardiola is more technical and tactical, Klopp seems to be more organized and certainly more focused on the mental and emotional state of his players. When they say LFC is a team of "mentality giants" it's entirely a Klopp creation. And just as importantly I think Klopp has done far more with the lesser resources he has.

Yo could argue that this would have to be relooked if ManC wins the Champions League, but I don't think that will happen. When they give LFC the guard of honour on Thursday I think their players will feel a big emotional letdown and it will carry on through. The same way Barcelona took a lot of time to recover (did they ever? ) from the CL semi-final of last year.

What do you think?

{Ed001's Note - I can only say Liverpool and Klopp because he has taken the club forward constantly. Improvement has been slower but continuing year on year. Pep did his usual, initial huge improvement followed by a slow, gradual decline each season, despite the constant massive investment. That is the big difference, Klopp has invested well, not just in recruitment, but also in terms of coaching (and the staff he works with) and tactical improvement.}

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29 Jun 2020 10:53:50
Thanks Ed001. Fully agree with you.

{Ed001's Note - welcome mate.}

29 Jun 2020 11:07:04
Guardiola more tactical than Klopp? Absolutely no way. Klopp has consistently outcoached Guardiola in head to head matches throughout their careers, whilst in charge of an inferior set of players save for this season and possibly last.
This debate no longer has the steam it once had, Klopp has matched and succeeded Guardiola’s achievements with about 1/ 4 of the spending. Pep has been undone simply by more teams plucking up the courage to at least try to attack City as well as Fernandinho being unable to con dullard referees the way he used to.

29 Jun 2020 11:09:16
I actually think City have their best shot at the CL this year and I think it's now or never in a way with City and pep being their manager.

IMO they have failed in the CL because they can't manage a two legged tie and over two legs their defence will let them down to a point where they eventually lose on away goals or being hit on the break because they are chasing the game.

With the games going down to one leg I feel it will suit their natural game better and the neutral venues will also help.

29 Jun 2020 11:58:51
You could be right LowelFC. I was just going by various statement by players (coached by Pep) that he went into extraordinary details and complexities with tactics. But it's clear that Klopp is the superior man-manager.

WYred, you're right in that this is Pep's best shot at it. But I think he is going to fail. It's still the most important title on the continent, and the other teams are not going to sit back and let ManC run the game, as happens in the EPL. He has a formidable squad but will he be able to motivate the players to the level a Klopp would? Aguero is injured and his season is probably finished. And their defense can be very suspect at times.

29 Jun 2020 12:14:26
Pep and Klopp are similar in many ways yet different in the way their teams play. Pep only plays one way of football and since his teams over the years have had massive success he wouldn’t change at all for anyone. While Klopp started with pressing and ended up ping in long balls over the top. Klopp is adaptable.
There is a phase of Guardiola before he took the Barcelona team. He had to work his arse out with the Barcelona B team before getting a shot at the senior team. He also had to deal with some of the biggest egos in world football.

Enjoy the rivalry while they are here. Good for the game!

29 Jun 2020 16:17:20
No Liverpool fan is going to say City. But trying not to sound biased.

They beat us last seasonand eon hatv[

City do play lovely football. Probably more aesthetically pleasing. You always think they are going to get at least 3 and are not surprised when they get 5., have as close to a football genius as you can get in Kdb and David silva (outside of Messi)

But, they can be got at. They are top heavy. If you sit back and try to hit them on the counter you are playing a dangerous game. Imo, the way to beat them is to show less respect. Take the game to city and you have a chance. Slim chance but nonetheless a chance.

Liverpool are more about winning you cangames and getting 3 points. We bought only one player in recent Windows and its because we don't need anyone else. Our team is perfectly balanced.
I'd still like laporte
We may get more 1 0s, 2 0s buts those nils. Our defence is where we have overtaken City. Laporte is class and I'd love him to come in for lovren (won't happen I know as a gont think he's the better than gomez and matip is an amazing group of cbs.

Both our styles play with 70% of the ball but was can sure up any probams on seconds, city can't.

Pretty sure pep knew that. We all knew it!

Klopp have bought forward stars, midfield legends and made our most brilliant team perfectly ballance. There's might be nicer to watch if all you want fromm a game of dominance.

Liverpool matched them the season before. Missed out by a title by kompanys thunderbolt. What moment for the lad.

Liverpool are more balanced, City are gung ho.

I think we will improve for the next 5 years.

29 jun 2020 16:24:31
and if you can't goo see the youtube reaction of klopp winning the league. it's different. it's jk, king kenny and graham sourness. it's about 8 mins, in the hotel klopp say "*i am totally overwhelmed. it is such a big moment. i have no words. i am completely overwhelmed.

then cam the emotional

i have no words, i *klopp crys i never thought it would feel like this. thank you gentlemen**sourness and dalglish all the best.

29 Jun 2020 19:57:12
IMO, LoweLFC is spot on. Pep has the reputation of being this cerebral manager/ tactician and that Klopp is just some master charismatic motivator and nothing more. That has never been true, IMO. Even in Germany, Klopp smashed Pep 4 out of the 8 times the faced each other (Pep won 4), all with Pep having the beeter team and having poached Gotze and Lewandowski from Klopp's BVB.

And not now to the PL. Klopp has pummeled Pep more times than any other manager in the PL and in the CL, Klopp is 2 for 2 so again, where is Pep a better tactician than Klopp. Also, Klopp often evolves his system and ethos to match what other teams could do to us and that is where Pep is weak. He plays the same way yes BUT he requires the best players at all times to play it so even tho he plays the same way, the quality always improves.

So what happens when the money isn't there? And there it is. Pep himself said he needs the very best players for his tactics to work. Klopp does not need such players YET is able to match and pummel Pep. Need I say more?

30 Jun 2020 05:51:30
It's not as clearly one sided that people are making out. Yes I take klopp every time over pep but to say pep has been pummeled by klopp. In the 2 seasons they were rivals in Germany pep won the league both times while he also won 2 titles with city before klopp finally got the better of him this season. Yes we spanked them in Europe but overall both managers have had their shares of exploits. As I said I pick klopp simply because his challenges were far tougher to gain success from but let's not completely write off guardiola as a chump when he's won so many honours in his time as a rival to klopp.

30 Jun 2020 16:10:33
Har_red92, I am talking head to head here. And who did Pep win those two titles with in Germany? Lewandowski and Gotze, two players Pep poached from Klopp's BVB. Also, the head to head record btw Klopp and Pep in Germany was 8 games with 4 wins a piece. Now, I am not writing off anyone cos regardless of how I think Pep is inferior to Klopp tactically and managerially, Pep is a brilliant manager, no doubt.

What I am saying is that Klopp was NOT supposed to be where he has gotten to in his career judging by where he started and where he would go, based on that. Pep was born with a managerial "silver spoon" in his mouth. Not his fault BUT it is what it is. Same for Klopp. Yet here they are.

Klopp and Pep are not even supposed to be in the same league based on Pep's coaching background and access to funds (wherever he has been) YET here they are being compared with to some extent, Klopp outdoing him. And yes, Klopp has pummeled Pep more times than any other manager in the England since they both arrived and started the 16/ 17 season.

Also Klopp has played more CL finals than Pep (3 with 2 diff. teams) and won 1 CL less than Klopp and one PL title less than Klopp, all from a position of perceived inferiority. Check the stats and they don't lie. Peace!



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