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01 Jul 2020 14:51:16
Mo Salah: "I enjoy the atmosphere here. I love this place and I hope to stay for a long time. The atmosphere here is different to any other place. "

I thought he was unhappy and pushing for a move Ed002.? 😆.

{Ed002's Note - As you know everything has been tried to get him a move - but nobody is interested given his wages. This has been explained over and over - it is a surprise you are struggling to understand it.}

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01 Jul 2020 15:33:43
Hi Ed002,

Thanks for the reply. My comment was made in jest as when I read it I straight away thought of your comments of Salah looking to leave.

He may well have been looking to leave in the past, but from everything he does on the pitch combined with how he acts off it and the things he says, he genuinely looks as if he absolutely loves it here and appreciates the love and adoration he receives.

So my question is this, do you believe if wage demands were being met elsewhere he and his team would still be agitating for a move even now with our title win and other trophies amassed under our belt recently?

If so I don’t really understand why as we must surely be one of the most attractive teams in world football to play for right now?

Lastly, Chelsea seem to be spending very wisely and building a very capable team, do you think they will be challenging for the title next year, or will it in your opinion take longer for the new faces to gel as a team and install Frank’s philosophy?

{Ed002's Note - It is a hypothetical situation. The club he really wanted was Real Madrid and the opportunity to be their new poster boy - they have not had one since Ronaldo left. All efforts to get him that profile were made with a professional photographer oftern at hand when on vacation etc.. There has also been the GQ Man of the Year nonsense, the Time 100 Gala in New York and another matter which we won't go in to. Now he has to accept that won't happen, so he needs to be settling and getting on with it. Real Madrid will continue to look to Mbappe as their new poster boy.

I am not so sure that Chelsea will be able to win the league next year but there is a plan in place to refresh the side completely and then to have it settle and just make smaller changes each summer. There are a couple of other things going on at the club as well which will help going forward.}

01 Jul 2020 16:37:54
One thing I've learned about the premier league recently; and its that each season is always very different from the last. Everyone expects it to be exactly the same and it never is. With the exception of the last two seasons the top 3 has always been different. Spurs could mount a challenge and so could utd. Chelsea could and so could arsenal (wipe that last team lol) I think it will be city and Liverpool again but I won't be surprised if its not.

I've watched a lot of videos of the team on the night we won the league and have seen salah on his own or with someone I don't recognise, a lot. Maybe coz the lads were having a drink and maybe not. A little unusual.

01 Jul 2020 16:54:20
I wouldn't be surprised if Chelsea proved to be a bigger threat to LFC than ManC, based on what I saw during the last game. Pulisic was impressive. About time, too. That attacking unit of Pulisic, Hudson-Odoi, Tammy Abraham, Timo Werner, Willian (if he stays) and Mount, shouldn't be underestimated. And if they're successful in bringing in Havertz then that adds to their quality too.

01 Jul 2020 17:48:51
Chelsea won, were at home but City still had them pegged back for most of the game. I think Chelsea and the rest have quite a way to go to reach lfc and city.

01 Jul 2020 18:04:41
I have said it a few days back Chelsea will be a major threat next season. They are finishing above Leicester this season as well. They have bought really well and I expect them to sign a few more.

01 Jul 2020 19:13:14
I don't see Chelsea as a major threat cos regardless of the players they have signed upfront like Ziyech and Werner who will definitely make them better offensively, if they don't fix that wobbly midfield, their fullback situation and their clown of a goalkeeping setup, they will be nowhere near us.

IMO, they have too many holes to fill and I don't thing one summer will be enuff to plug them all and get the 95-98 points needed to win the PL cos THAT is now the standard and I don't know where a team with so many holes will get that points haul from currently.

01 Jul 2020 19:31:10
I have to say, and let’s be clear that I do not want Salah to leave and obviously I don’t know what his wage demands have been, I am a somewhat surprised Madrid aren’t interested in him. Look at his stats for the past 3 seasons, he’s an outstanding player.

{Ed002's Note - This has been done to death.}

01 Jul 2020 20:53:30
This is going to be really unpopular. But I don't think salah is as good as his stats suggest. His best tally (which was simply outstanding) was when we played a very counter attacking style. He is quick and has quick feet and a calm mind in the final third, which is perfect for counter attacking football. After that season we have progressed into a more controlled team who has all of the ball and his stats have gone progressively down, the more controlled we play. Still very good.

But I'm not saying he is no good. He is a wonderful player whom I love. I hope he stays at liverpool. But, if he went to Madrid I think he would struggle and I think he would regret it. I don't think he's good enough to walk into their team and become "the man" I think he would get into their team, yes. But not in the way he probably imagines. As the poster boy. His confidence is high at liverpool. He would start with a clean state at Madrid and I think the pressure might be too much.

Let me end by saying "I love mo salah, class player for Liverpool"

01 Jul 2020 23:08:19
This is definitely not my day. I praise Chelsea to the skies and they go and lose to West Ham.

Robbiesline, I don't know if you realize it but you've put up two opposing points (somewhat) in the same thread. You first said that the League was different every year. And I agree with you completely on that. Teams have changes in players, but also in managers sometimes, and certainly in tactics and styles because they've been watching each other play all year long, and they have to devise ways to counter each other in the new season. So that's why there are changes. And then you say that Salah is not as good a player as his stats suggest from the first year. But isn't it because the other teams made the changes they make to counter him? They started sending two players to mark him. And that's been a constant for two seasons now. So they make changes. And then we make changes to compensate for their changes. And then our football looks different (less flowing or less counter attacking or what have you) . He's a 20 goal forward now (he needs 3 more goals for it) . I bet you he'd be back to being a 25 goal forward or even a, 32 goal forward once again, if everyone went back to marking him with only one man. I know you love the player, so not arguing, just pointing out.

02 Jul 2020 00:31:55
Chelsea looks miles off of us. They get up for the big games and then lose to the likes of West Ham and Newcastle. Their goalkeeper and defence is average, Abraham isn’t a top centre forward and Lampard doesn’t know his best team. Only 2 of their players get close to our first team, Kante and Pulisic.

02 Jul 2020 00:39:16
Yeah, fair point aray. I think it's more down to the fact that we are a better team now who don't come under much pressure so don't score on the counter as much any more. And like I say, salah is a great counter attacking forward. But of course the fact he is more heavily marked has made a difference. He was golden Boot winner twice in a row and will get 20 this season, I don't know why I'm moaning. That first season was just crazy. It felt like someone tossing a coin and it always coming up heads, or someone rolling 7s with dice every time. Everything mo hit went in.

I actually think he has become a better all round footballer despite his goal tally's going down in the last 2 seasons. He's a bit of an enigma is salah. He hasn't got the ball control or accuracy of mane, he doesn't have the skill or vision of firmino but he out scores them most of the time. And anyway, times have changed. We are bringing in big trophies every season. We are right on top of the world. I don't think we need to worry about players leaving anymore. Despite all I've said. How do you replace salah! God I've contradicted myself 4 times in this thread. I give up trying yo pin down mo salah. And I absolutely love the "mo salah" song (James sit down)

02 Jul 2020 13:30:41
how will the teams below us make up that 20+ point gap? get to the start of the next season when we're all on 0 . . .
last season the narrative was exactly the same, how will we claw back that 20 point gap to City then we did it.

I am yet to be convinced that what we are watching is normal. We are witnessing unprecedented levels from The team (which is awesome! ) and we should expect a dip at some point. City went 100 and 97 and have dropped down to what will be around 80 points. we are going 96, hopefully 100+ and then next season we will see. But overall point is that maintaining this level seems unrealistic but I hope we turn into a consistent contending side. I don't want to see this as a bubble.



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