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03 Jul 2020 12:07:00
I think from the performance last night and how well KDB played, We need a creative midfielder and another CB.

Ed’s thoughts?

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03 Jul 2020 12:44:26
I don't think we have a midfielder who isn't creative. It's just they can all do more than just play cute passes. I mean, look at fabs performance vs Palace. Made 100 tackles. Scored a screamer and played a ball Kdb would be proud of to set up mo salah.

This happens whenever Liverpool don't win. People start saying how we need this and we need that. We just won the league with 7/ 8 games to go!

03 Jul 2020 13:46:22
With you there, Robbie. Same old crap every time we lose (yeah all 8 times in near 3 seasons) . It never ends and never stops. OP, City played with two sitting midfielders in Rodri and Gundogan, something they NEVER do under Pep. This allowed KDB a free role to maraud and find space. We did not do enuff to limit him and stifle him enuff. Oh n by the way in games like this, goals change games. We could have been at least a goal up if not two BUT we hit the post and missed another guilt-edged chance.

On the other hand, City have no shots on target in the first 25 mins for City, mind you. City get ticky-tack penalty, we lose our heads and it all goes downhill from there. City played a great game. We played poorly all over the shop. We take the lessons, improve and move on. That's it, IMO.

03 Jul 2020 13:58:10
We need a spark in that midfield sometimes it's too pedestrian and predictable .

03 Jul 2020 14:03:47
Last night for me was a meaningless game but the performance and attitudes were very poor. I appreciate we had nothing to play for and the lads have been celebrating but for first 20 mins we were competing so it must mean either hangovers only kicked in for the last 70 mins or players kind of wrapped in. Not going just off last night but all season I think we need an upgrade on Origi. I like Origi and he’s had some magic moments for us but those 6-7 moments just paper over the cracks of his actual LFC career. Bobby has been very much up and down this season and hasn’t come back from lockdown and when he’s off the boil it very much shows. Again not just off last night but I agree we need more of an attacking threat from midfield. Our midfielders are work horses but the fact that VVD is our fourth highest scorer this season behind the front 3 shows how much we miss goals from midfield. Only my opinion.

03 Jul 2020 14:22:38
It feels like people have had to wait 32 games this season to say that. We’re on track for 180+ points in 2 prem seasons. That is absolutely sensational.

03 Jul 2020 14:24:24
That KDB lad is the proper business lol. If klopp decided to stick fabinho on him and mark him out the game he would of been less effective but that's a mourinho tactic and not a klopp tactic and I know who I'd rather have has our manager. Had we scored first the game wouldn't of went that way. Playing city vs us is always going to be a tight win or a lasting never a dull game.

I hope that battering last night will make teams try to play us more openly and it should P off the squad so they never play that poorly again.

03 Jul 2020 14:35:14
On a separate note I’d like to see Klopp now use these last 6 games as a make or break, sink or swim opportunity for a number of our players. Give a number of them (Jones, Elliot, Origi, minamino, Shaq, Kieta, Ox etc) maximum game time and let them stake their claim for next season. Give Klopp an idea then of what he needs to do in the summer and whether these players are what we need in the squad going forward.

03 Jul 2020 15:20:44
JK23, I thought Naby has greatly improved post lockdown and the Williams kid seems to be the real deal.

For me, the game meant nothing BUT it was def a game we wanted to win and we definitely did not play anywhere near well enuff to even get a point. This is not so much a wake up call BUT just a reminder of how tight things can be n how quickly things can get from good to bad in a flash.

This is a reminder that we must always play with a chip on our shoulder. Never get comfortable and Never settle for anything remotely less than the standards set for ourselves. If we take the right lessons from this performance then, we will be better for it, I am sure.

03 Jul 2020 16:27:09
Red Meister I don’t think we can make a call on Naby just yet mate. I thought he was our best player for 60 mins in a terrible derby and he only had around 8 mins v palace and was ok ish last night. I’d like to see him get a few 90 minutes under his belt these last 6 games. I’m sure I read he’s only completed 90 mins for us around 3 times in the 2 seasons he’s been here. Williams is another that I’d like to see more of. For me it doesn’t matter what the results are these next 6 games we need to test this squad out as we’ve depended on the starting 11 for far to long. I know we want to go for some records but for me who cares. It doesn’t matter if you’re the best or worst ever premier league champions at the end of the day you still get the same premier league trophy. And regardless of what results we get now until end of the season no one can take that title away from us.

03 Jul 2020 17:55:42
The loss against man city doesn't matter, what will is our performance in the next game.

03 Jul 2020 18:58:54
JK, I have not made a call on Naby either cos he still has a long way to go to prove his worth at LFC esp. on his long term fitness which is what is stifling him now, IMO.

I can understand why you want Klopp to use these game to check and make a definite choice on some frineg players/ youngsters as to who we keep and who goes> I just don't feel Klopp is inclined to do that. IMO, he may want to keep the intensity and competitive levels up and if we do that and perform at 100% then if we win and get the points record then, so be it.

Now I know for a fact now that after the shambles we saw last night, you can forget about Klopp giving players the day off esp. for the Villa game. Klopp was also irritated after the game and it DID matter to them and if you know anything about Klopp's history with us after we lose esp. like this, Look out Villa.

03 Jul 2020 19:13:30
I'm more than happy with this team, I just want us to sign another top CB.

03 Jul 2020 19:57:11
Agreed Salah, good shout.
Diego Carlos please Mr Klopp, although I would love to offload Keita who would do well to hold down a starting place in a Championship side and that’s if he wasn’t injured, and bring in a midfielder, maybe Brandt who Jurgen seems to like.

03 Jul 2020 20:25:54
Red Meister I think you’re right there. Klopp will want to win every game but with 3 games in 6 days I can’t see us starting our first choice 11 in each one. We could actually get a step ahead of our competition by resting key players for the start of next season. Other teams have to play full strength teams as they Still have something to play for. Risking player burn out to chase a points record the end doesn’t justify the means for me. And when I say burnout I don’t mean now (I know everyone had a few months off) I mean the burnout every team and player risks next season from literally going back to back seasons because as soon as this one ends next is straight on top of us.

04 Jul 2020 01:00:29
What! Keita would struggle in the championship? That is probably the most ridiculous post I've ever seen written on this site. Yoy are probably the only person in the universe to think this.

04 Jul 2020 06:59:23
Well I’m definitely not the ONLY person because 8/ 10 people who I regularly go to the game with (Pre C.V.) says the same thing.
It’s opinion and I feel strongly enough about Keita to vent mine. I will hold my hands up if I’m wrong bug mark my words, we will get to the end of the 20/ 21 season and Keita will not have held down a starting role in the team, he will have picked up further injuries and everyone on this website will be calling for his sale and a replacement, he will not make it in the Premier League and would not make City, Chelsea or Man Uniteds first team so why do you see him as good enough for our team.

04 Jul 2020 11:00:49
Shughes55, your opinion and the 8/ 10 or matchgoers agreeing with you makes NO diff. in this debate, IMO. You all have opinions and your opinions are no facts. Your fist post said in part that Keita would not make it in the Championship is based in any form of fact or reality.

You may believe that and that is okay BUT you will have a very hard time convincing anyone who watched Keita play at RBL (Which I did a tonne), a player Bayern and Barcelona were interested in, one Klopp got burned tapping him up cos that's how desperate he wanted Naby, would not make it in the Championship is pure fantasy, end of., IMO. You may not like not like Naby BUT your hyperbole is ruining your argument, IMO

Now your second post about you forecasting what Naby's career at LFC would be like is just your own projections based on your clear dislike for him which again, is fine. You cannot see the future so that part of your post is irrelevant.

You also say that Naby would not start in Utd's, Chelsea's, City's midfield so why should he be good enuff for our team? Well, he is good enuff cos Klopp thinks he is and there are many of us who thinks he is cos he has shown it many times before, just not consistently.

Also, these teams' midfield play in diff. ways and they may not need him esp. at Chelsea where Kante (a much better player) runs things, or City who play a diff. way or Utd so again, that part of your post is pure projection with no valid arguments to back it up. Again, you may not like Naby BUT your hyperbolic statements are ruining your argument, IMO. Peace!

04 Jul 2020 11:37:17
Rm I think you’ve hit the nail on the head there with one of your last points mate but I think it’s the wrong nail you’ve hit. I actually think Naby could be better suited to the other teams and it’s our system he’s not. At a Chelsea, City or utd he would be allowed to roam free in the midfield like De Bruyne, Mount and Pogba / Fernandes are allowed in their systems. Our midfield 3 under Klopp are probably one of the most positionally Disciplined in world football. And I believe this is what is restricting him and us seeing the player that lit up German football.

04 Jul 2020 13:30:25
JK, you are so right. To support your point, I saw an interview with David Maddock where amongst other things, they were talking about what was holding Naby back at LFC outside of his off the field issues and lack of fitness.

He said that the way our team used to play under Klopp in the press, was that everyone knew when to press and where to press the opposition sometimes depending who had the ball. That has evolved into the players ability now, to INSTINCTIVELY (sorry for the caps, lol) press the opposition wherever they are on the pitch cos they know the system so well that if one goes, the others automatically know where to be and who to pick up. This is where Naby is lagging behind, according to him and I agree.

Another place where Naby is lagging is his positional play and his ineffectiveness when we don't have the ball. He tends to go walkabout at times in games and in our midfield system, no passengers are allowed. Maddock said if he can sort this out and of course stay fit then he will be awesome cos clearly, the kid is ultra talented.

My issue with Shughes55's post was not so much the substance of what he was saying but rather, the absolutism with which he gives his opinion. For me, speaking in absolutes is just a way of not having to actually argue your point and that is why I responded the way I did. Peace, man!

04 Jul 2020 15:27:21
The same keita who was excellent in the champions league this year and last. Not good enough for division 2? I agree his injuries have severely hampered him at liverpool but he has played well a lot more than he's played poorly.

04 Jul 2020 22:03:57
Robbie, it's just absolutism and hyperbole, IMO. Nothing more, nothing less.



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