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03 Jul 2020 20:59:04
Eds can I ask, I know to qualify for a champions medal you need to have 5 appearances. Is being in the squad as a sub classed within that or does the player have to get on the pitch?

{Ed002's Note - Playing.}

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03 Jul 2020 21:14:13
Thanks Ed002. Be nice for the young lads, Jones, Williams and Elliott to get medals as a confidence boost and showing them that they are part of the future of LFC.

03 Jul 2020 22:14:06
Those lads should not get medals and should not want the medals. They should earn their medals not get a couple of charitable appearances to get be given a medal they should have to earn.

03 Jul 2020 22:17:37
Mental to think that these young lads could get a premier league winners medal and players like Stevie, God and Carra never did. Don’t get me wrong I’m not dissing the young lads. Just saying as these youngsters could end up playing 10 -20 games for us and leaving and the 3 mentioned are modern day club heroes.

03 Jul 2020 23:44:08
I agree, while tempting only those deserving of the medal should get one. If mane got injured divok comes in, if he's not available I guess mino comes in. You get a pl medal on merit, it is an incredible achievement, it isn't a charity. Saying that Jones and elliot can't be too far off are they? Did Adrian play 5? Did didn't he?

04 Jul 2020 00:28:22
5 appearances gets you a medal. The club are officially given 40 medals for the players and staff, sometimes this leaves some staff members short of a medal which is why the club can commission more to be made. After the players who've played at least the minimum amount of games have gotten their medals and the key members of staff have gotten their medals, it's up to the club to decide who gets the spares (if there is any, or decide to make more) usually this includes the reserve/ 3rd choice keeper etc physios, nutritionists, getting a medal because off the field contributions are just as important as those on the field.
Loads of articles been written about this topic recently.

04 Jul 2020 09:28:06
Should we not just trust one of the greatest man managers in the game to make the right call? Besides Brewster got a champions league medal last season. I think Klopp values the contribution of the younger lads in training in maintaining standards and the overall culture of the team, he views as them as a part of the group just as much as the seasoned pro’s, even if they aren’t playing. It makes sense really when they’re training 5 or 6 times as often as they are playing, and matches are won and lost on the training ground. If Klopp see’s fit, which he will, they’ll get their medals, which he feels they deserve.

04 Jul 2020 10:45:49
JK, I don't undestand your logic. What does Stevie G, Carra or Fowler (no human being is god, IMO) not having a PL medal have to do with whether the young lads get one this season? I don't get that at all.

Whether they have earned the medals or not (regardless of how many games they may have played), is Klopp's decision and he does NOT need to consult a club hero or defer to their opinion.

If Klopp decides that they get a medal (just like Brewster, Kellerher, Woodburn etc got a CL medal last season), I'm not sure these legends would care that much or do you want Klopp to give these legends PL medals as well to appease them for being club heroes or what?

04 Jul 2020 11:58:12
RM at no stage did I say Klopp had to consult or give former players medals. You have chosen to write that to suit your argument. I have no issue what so ever with who gets medals. My logic was clearly just my opinion. My English reading skills are also pretty good as I’ve been doing it for 35 years. I don’t need you to put WORDS in capitals for me. Plus just because things are in CAPITALS doesn’t mean they add more to a debate. They are still just your opinion of which you are welcome too.

04 Jul 2020 13:19:32
JK, calm down with all the snarky stuff. I did not say you said the legends need to be consulted. I used that to support my point and btw, You were the one who brought them up to support your opinion and in my opinion, that is irrelevant and I stand by that.

As for using capital letters, I do that to support my point. It is a way of writing and others use it and I have no problem with it cos that petty/ petulant stuff is of no interest to me. You may find it weird but that is your business.

I am more interested in the substance being written. Neither have I said one bit that it adds something to the debate. You came up with that all on your own, just like you brought up the whole "how will the legends feel" stuff on this topic. That, is what adds nothing to the debate about whether youngsters get medals or not, IMO. Peace.

04 Jul 2020 13:55:42
Rm you are comical. Enjoy your day on that high horse of yours.

04 Jul 2020 22:00:48
JK23, that is your opinion and you are welcome to it.



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