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08 Jul 2020 10:37:45
A question to other posters. do you think that Liverpool need to strengthen? With all the financial issues we have due to the C.V. (loss of revenue but still having to pay out salaries, payments etc), it’s seems that we don’t have the money. However with other teams like Chelsea and City looking to strengthen, are we shooting ourselves in the foot if we don’t/ are unable to strengthen? Remember that if we lose any key players to injury (we have been very lucky in the last couple of years with our front tree being pretty fit all the time), we don’t have the depth in the squad like Chelsea or city. Even Man Utd are now starting to look good and will continue to strengthen. Just want to get peoples’ thoughts really.

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08 Jul 2020 11:22:45
If we are lucky with injuries we will be fine but looked what happened to city when Laporte got injured.

Left back and striker who can score goals if Salah and mane off boil, rested or injured.

If buy left back and bring back Brewster I think we will be fine though will be a lot closer next year with more teams at top taking points off each other.

Glad we won this year!

08 Jul 2020 11:39:05
The same was said before this season started; others were spending, we bought Elliott. And yet the team just won the league. Im not saying that if the club don't spend next season, it will be a sure thing that more trophies will be won. Just have faith, and believe. I'm sure the guys there know what they are doing. And spending isn't the only way to go forward. Just my opinion anyway.

08 Jul 2020 12:02:59
Yeh need new faces.

{Ed002's Note - Then playes need to leave.}

08 Jul 2020 12:05:38
This topic has played on my mind too but unfortunately we don't have 100 million to spend on benchwarming full backs like city do not to mention the wage budget needed. Other teams are strengthening their starting 11 and there are literally only a couple of players who would strengthen ours, and they would cost the kind of money we won't have even after selling fringe players. The left back situation does need addressing but if Klopp went and spent 5million on a left back I won't bat an eyelid. just look at robbi.

08 Jul 2020 12:10:40
I think we will be fine in the short term, in 2 years time is where i see the problem, man u are interested in Sancho, so we could be looking at Rashford, Greenwood, Sancho, Martial and Bruno at their peak with a couple of years playing together under there belt, then you have Chelsea with Pulisic, Werner, Ziyech and potentially Havertz, Man city will always have a good squad and then there's us who will need to look at replacing players and rebuilding, this will be there chance to finish above us and then we're playing catch up again. You might say our defence is better but those teams could be looking to improve their defense next year as they won't be focused on attacking players.

08 Jul 2020 12:37:27
Good thing we have the best goalkeeper and defender in the world. Hopefully by end if next season our revenues will allow us to invest.

08 Jul 2020 12:52:20
New faces could include people like Grujic, if we can't find suitable buyers. Surely he can offer what Lallana would to the squad in terms of football. If they can find a way to keep Shaq fit he could be useful from the bench until we can find deals that work for club as well as the player.

{Ed002's Note - The club has been trying to sell Grujic but he would offer something in midfield if he were assured of decent game time and if he can get a Work Permit. He is not Home Grown.}

08 Jul 2020 15:20:38
Not sure we need to be that worried by Manchester United Haji. They are basically in the same position now in terms of playing staff that we were in between 1990 and about 2017 (lots of half decent players, but not great ones) and are some way off challenging for a league title, especially with Solskjaer in charge.

I'm not even convinced some of the players you refer to are that good - I'd maybe see Fernandes in our team but none of the others you mention.

08 Jul 2020 15:46:45
Those Man u players i mentioned have a better goals per minute ratio than our front 3 albeit against weaker opposition as they played in cup games and europa league, so the potential is there, to say they are not going to improve in 2 years is delusional. When Mane and Salah were under the age of 24 they were not setting the world alight.

08 Jul 2020 15:58:35
Add who, add where?
nobody available for decent price really improves us. Anyone who does on paper, can't be afforded.
We have enough squad players. We need to ask for more out of minamino, keita, origi, shaq etc.

I think klopp needs to put in Minamino and origi in next 5 games. There is a good player in them. They needs to be thrown in the mix and klopp has to analyse what they need to work on as they will play crucial roles next season.
Klopp also needs to decide which youth players are definitely ready and get them in. Curtis jones and williams have to be part of games.
Then he has to decide how will he challenge for next season, how can he continue to do good and what needs to ironed out. For example we still need to figure out how to get going after a break.
we need to be aware that any signing just for sake of it could easily disrupt our squad. We have a good thing going. we have klopp and its almost a certainty none of our big players are leaving so that is a big plus for us. We are on no risk and its a great situation to be in.

08 Jul 2020 16:57:46
Clearly you need to improve every year especially when you're in a highly competitive environment like the EPL. But I don't think improvement is just about sending players off and bringing new ones in. If you agree that the core (or bulk) of ManC and LFC players have remained the same over the last 3 years (except for they lost Kompany and added Mahrez, we lost Coutinho and added Alisson), how do you explain that 3 years ago we ended up 25 points behind, only 1 point behind last year and 23 points ahead (so far) this year? So things like coaching, tactics and where the squad is in its development, play a larger role than meets the eye. We didn't make any major purchase last summer (after failing short by 1 point) and yet here we are 23 points ahead (at least) of everyone else.

I think the present group has 2-3 years in it to play at the highest level. I think a lot of it depends on how much and for how long Klopp remains motivated. Nobody talks anymore about him not winning titles and championships, the "monkey's off his back". So what will keep his fires burning?

08 Jul 2020 18:06:04
That stat about United's front 3 is a bit of a nonsense though Haji really given the level of the opponents they faced in some of those games. And whilst I'd say our front 3 have improved under Klopp all 3 of them were pretty damn good players when they signed. Martial has been at United for ages and has been pretty average for most of that time from what little I've seen.

What this team needs now is incremental tweaks just to keep the quality level up and keep the incumbents in their toes. Maybe a quality CB to replace Lovren and Matip and keep pushing Gomez and VVD might be a sensible addition this year if funds are tight. Maybe look to add a forward player after next season. No need for mass changes all at once.

08 Jul 2020 18:45:42
Spot on, ArAy1969. It is all well and dandy that we need to strengthen when we are on top BUT adding the players is not the only way to "strengthen" or improve. There are other ways you can improve like we did last two season by buying players like VVD and Allisson who fixed long term issues while Shaq and Origi added depth t the squad.

Then, Klopp changed our system to be more controlling, more pragmatic and made us "gritty and nasty". Tactically, Klopp forewent the whole suicide, kamikaze football that scored us a bunch of goals and made us a bunch of admirers but got us knackered and won us nothing.

This season, Klopp increased our intensity and relentless approach to games as well as our mentality of never giving up while keeping all the other things he changed in the past in other words, we evolved and continue to do so. We can improve in so many other ways other than just adding players even tho if we need to, we should try to get a couple in this summer.



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