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09 Jul 2020 10:39:20
Interesting thing I noticed from yesterday's game in the first half was how often Neco Williams was isolated on the left side. Ox didn't do a very good job defensively leaving the young lad (playing in an unfamiliar position) alone against Brighton's right hand side.

Just made me realise how good Mane is at his defensive duties. I'd give Neco another go at left back with Mane in front of him and you may find Neco would look more assured defensively.

The lad is class though, so good on the ball. I have really high hopes for him.

Your thoughts Ed001?

{Ed001's Note - I agree, he was left isolated, but it was not just Ox, people are so busy verbally masturbating over how 'great' Keita was yesterday that they are failing to notice his side was where we were getting attacked. Both of them wandered about too much, with no one filling in when they did and neither tracked back enough. I wouldn't want to see Neco playing there every week, nor would I want him to be the first choice back up, but as extra cover I am sure he will be fine. Especially if given cover by Mane and a Gini or Milner in front of him.

He certainly pings a good pass, it is almost like having two Trents on the pitch at times. It should be pointed out that there were a fair few games in previous seasons when Trent struggled just as badly defensively. Experience has improved his defending and I am sure it will Neco as well.}

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09 Jul 2020 11:10:50
excellent spot, he can certainly ping a pass.

09 Jul 2020 11:00:02
Good point Ed. I did notice Henderson having to cover Neco at one point and thought to myself he's class at doing that.

Do you think that was possibly a slight bit of mismanagement on Klopp's side? To put Keita and Ox on the same left hand side as the inexperienced Neco Williams? Mane or Gini would have helped a lot more I am sure. I am also sure Klopp would recognise this anyway.

If Neco continues to progress, how do you see him and Trent fitting in the team together?

{Ed001's Note - not mismanagement as such, I think he probably wanted to throw them all in at the deep end to see how they would cope. Neco will learn far more from a game like that than he will by being protected. Just like Trent has. Neco started out as a winger, maybe he will end up being back there in the future as a combo with Trent. They could swap over constantly and it would cause havoc for the opposition.}

09 Jul 2020 11:23:34
Ed, when you say you don’t think neco would be good first choice backup, you mean as full back or specifically left back?

{Ed001's Note - specifically left back.}

09 Jul 2020 11:49:16
I didn't know he was a winger before a full back! That combination on the right hand side would be very interesting.

Thank you Ed.

{Ed001's Note - I think most modern full-backs where to be honest. It seems to be the usual now, if a winger isn't quite tricky enough to make it as a winger, move him back and play him as a full-back. It has always happened to a degree, but usually with more experienced wingers, whose legs were going, such as Kilbane, who would then use their experience to help defend. That was more of a defensive measure then, now it is more about getting that extra attacking impetus from full-back. Everyone thinks they are going to discover the next Dani Alves by doing it.}

09 Jul 2020 12:45:56
Ed1 I hold my hands up, think I am guilty of the verbal masturbation over Keita last night. I didn’t even realise we were constantly being attacked on his side as the pressing and carrying the ball forward masked it.

@c_matthews94 spot on with Mane, his work rate is second to none both offensively and defensively. I would however prefer to have Neco at right back covering games where TAA needs a rest or when we can bring him on with 20 mins to go.

I just want to touch on Keita again, as he is a strange one like someone posted below. He is talented but lacks that swagger, take the game by the scruff of the neck mentality which he seemed to have at in Germany. Imagine him having Hendo’s mentality along with the talent he obviously possess, then he would be some player. I just hope Klopp can get it out of him before it’s too late.

{Ed001's Note - the big problem is that his pressing almost entirely vanished after the first 10 minutes, hence Brighton got into the game as they had time and space to play through. It leaves a huge gap when one player does not press as they should. The second half he did the same again, pressed for a few minutes and then it became half-arsed again. We can't have a player doing that if we are going to win trophies again and again. He needs to step up and be the player he can be.}

09 Jul 2020 13:10:28
I thought Keita was playing on the right side of midfield? Not left. With Hendo in the center and Wij on the left side.

Maybe that shows how much out of position he was haha.

{Ed001's Note - he was just wandering about mate, that was the problem.}

09 Jul 2020 13:11:49
Do you think the lack of pressing by keita for long spells was down to fitness? Watching his time in Germany he seemed to have much more stamina.

{Ed001's Note - if he lacks fitness then that is because he is not working hard enough in training or his lifestyle is an issue.}

09 Jul 2020 13:13:16
Keira did ok last night but I still feel Hendo Fab and Wini is the best combination when they are all fit and yellow card free. They cover the defence and push forward when they need to. It’s up to the others, Keita Ox, to match that.

09 Jul 2020 13:49:17
I think that Ox and Keita just do not work well together when they are on at the same time; whether it is side by side (as against Aston Villa) or if one is ahead of the other. They don't seem to compliment each other's failings. The smallest player on the field (Lamptey) was able to get by them again and again and come face to face with the inexperienced Williams.

09 Jul 2020 15:58:04
Ed001 do you think we will go into the market for a LB? or do you think Klopp will give the two young ones a shot? . I personally think an older LB to come in would be wise to give robbo a break every so often. an Erkin or Wendt would be extremely useful to this team, if we could get him a Guerreiro would be ideal (Defensively suspect) but can play LB, LWB, LM, LW done very well for Dortmund.

{Ed001's Note - it comes down to finances, I don't think it will happen, but Klopp does want one if possible.}

09 Jul 2020 19:06:04
Ed01, you have stated Keita's issues clearly and I can share some news on this. David Maddock gave an interview on Redmen TV on youtube, that Klopp and the staff know how talented Naby is.

The issue is that he goes missing in games, does not plug the gaps in midfield and lacks the focus and awareness to graft consistently when we are out of possession and all of these issues, were on display vs Brighton, as you alluded to in your replies.

This is where Naby can and must improve outside of his fitness levels and if he does not do that, he won't improve and we could be done with him.

{Ed001's Note - it frustrates me watching talent like that not being used to the full. It is so sad to see as the bare minimum a player should do is work hard.}

10 Jul 2020 04:51:23
That is not an accurate portrayal of how neco was exposed. Keita was playing advanced and was the most right sided of the 3. Gini and hendo were deeper and gini was the left sided far more predominantly. It's not fair to simply blame keita when his obvious role was less than gini hendo and OX in terms of helping neco. In reality OX was poor in terms of keeping up with closing the spaces and he didn't click with gini as the closest midfielder. This crap of keita and OX not being able to play together had no relation to last night. OX was terrible and yet keita somehow made to be scapegoat again for no reason. Keita only played an hour yet he still had superior defensive numbers than others, he carried the ball, won the ball, passed forward, and intercepted more than the rest and was clearly our best player.

Tactically he was played on the opposite side of the field to OX and neco and was advanced to play closest to salah and firmino and press from behind them when Brighton played out. Not once did it look like he was instructed to be responsible for that wing when gini and hendo were deeper and OX ahead of neco. Crazy that people will not even take note of his role in the set up and instead just blame him for any weaknesses in our shape. The OX has put in far more regular poor showings than keita lately but he never gets half the stick for some reason. Keita has arguably been our most influential midfielder in at least half of his starts dating back to pre lockdown. He's not injured more drastic than OX and is 2 years younger yet most seem willing to move him out while OX doesn't get the same treatment when he's looking lacklustre.

{Ed0666's Note - if you were in quarantine with Perrie Edwards for 3 months believe me mate you’d be lackluster when performing on the pitch also. Poor guy looks drained...literally and figuratively!

10 Jul 2020 06:28:17
True ed I'd probably still be self isolating if I was in his shoes.

{Ed0666's Note - Quarantined with perrie edwards and getting paid for it...some guys have all the luck mate



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