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15 Jul 2020 15:35:55
Not sure what's worse, the fact we haven't been this successful for 30 years and seem to have no money from massive prize/ TV earnings or new kit deals to improve the squad or the fact we are run on a season to season basis, the owners have no money to put in and seem unlikely to sell up while they are coasting along on Klopps coat tails, we have the lowest net spend near every season, can only buy decent first teams players if one of the front 3 leave, we need owners who can invest and keep us at the top, not owners who seem happy to pocket money or spend recklessly on agent fees, the job klopp has done with these owners not backing him is amazing, we are lucky to have him. It seems strange to be so successful yet not have any funds available to re invest, us and United are massively infront of any other squad in terms of fan base, United have near a billion debt yet are looking at spending hundreds of millions on Sancho and Kane ETC, Eds I would be interested to know if the owners are looking to selling up or if someone is looking to buy, ffp is a joke so we need owners who can invest and keep us competitive.

{Ed002's Note - It would have been fine if it were not for the pandemic. The owners can only invest in accordance with FFP - the club has to move toward self-sufficiency like all others. You should get down to the new end of Anfield and daub abuse about the owners on the walls - then take a cab to the brand new training facility and perhaps get some sort of fire going to really push home your views. Social media is another way to whip up the fans in to protesting to force FSG out.

Obviously FFP is beyond you.}

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15 Jul 2020 15:56:46
Well said Ed. It seems that people think that all the money in the world grows on trees which companies can just harvest whenever they want.

15 Jul 2020 15:56:58
Lancaster - Do you not remember the previous regime under Gillet and Hicks? The years we were held back before then?

FSG has just secured one of the best managers in the world to a longer deal. Delivered the European cup, Super Cup, World club championship and now, the Holy Grail, the league title!

We have a fantastic new stand, the hospitality areas are amazing! A new training ground.

I just don’t get the moaning. Yes we can’t dip into the Transfer market like maybe we’d want to and there’s no doubt the likes of United and especially City will invest heavily. But you’ve got to be pleased with how the owners have turned around our club?

15 Jul 2020 16:02:32
Hendo, Lovren, Milner, Bobby are the only players Klopp didn't add to the team in not even 5 years, clearly he has been backed. Set world records for signing a gk and a cb. The owners have invested, and guess what? It has worked! We won the Champions league and the premier league with the almost exact same team!

15 Jul 2020 16:02:59
Not beyond me just no point to it, the new training ground was £25 mill, that's less than a quarter of TV and prize money added together, i would assume Melwood will be sold off to housing developments, recouping a fair whack back, we missed only 5 ish games of revenue, while obviously a big loss hardly enough to wipe out a budget, personally i don't think these owners have ever had the money to own something as big as Liverpool while pumping money into the Red Sox, what happens to the money that's generated from concerts at the grounds? Pink has played Anfield, Pearl Jam have sold out Red Sox stadium on enough occassions, we have signed many new deals, won every major trophy and still all we hear hear is, too improve the first team we must sell 1 of the front 3? Werner said after the CL there would be addition at whatever it cost, can't believe Klopp will be happy missing out on Werner at such a low cost ( in this day and age of fees)

{Ed002's Note - It is completely beyond you. All of that money goes to running the club - paying outrageous agent fees, paying the £325M a year wage bill etc., etc.. You have absolutely no grasp of the finances. So don't post again.}

15 Jul 2020 16:44:24
Lancaster red, wow, just wow. I cannot believe what you have just posted. We are world champions, english champions and European champions yet you question our owners?! FSG have been bloody brilliant IMO and despite people like you knocking them have backed klopp to the hilt and have improved the club from top to bottom. It makes me sad that we have dimwits like you supporting our club. As ed2 said, don't post again please.

15 Jul 2020 16:51:32
I'm confused how it is we seem to be paying outrageous agent fees when other clubs don't. Is it down to bad negotiation? Or are we at fault and doing something sinister?

{Ed002's Note - Between Feb 1, 19 and Jan 31, 20 Liverpool spent about £12M on Takumi Minamino, Sepp van den Berg. In the same period they paid agent and intermediary fees (including a little something else) = more than £30M.

£100M in three years.}

15 Jul 2020 17:34:28
You just can’t reason with some people can you.

15 Jul 2020 19:12:18
"United have near a billion debt yet are looking at spending hundreds of millions on Sancho and Kane ETC"

So, you want us to be a billion in debt and still shell out more massive transfer fees?

15 Jul 2020 17:21:35
Why are we paying so much out to agents? Are they ongoing payments to do with our previous big money deals for the likes of Alisson, VVD etc?

{Ed002's Note - Well there you go. That is why there is not always money available. Somethimes it just slips out of the corners.}

15 Jul 2020 17:28:16
Ed 2. I’ve seen you mention the agent fees for the last year before and assumed it was a typo. How could we have spent £30m on agents when transfer fees were only £12m. What dark magic is this!?

{Ed002's Note - THis is one of the places monies are left to be paid for purchases, indiscretions, advice etc..}

15 Jul 2020 18:35:03
I do like these posts every now and then cos then we get ed to talk money!

15 Jul 2020 20:18:02
Wow my eyes hurt after reading that was it not the owners who got klopp and who decided to buy the most expensive centre half (at the time) vvd and we have bought arguably the best keeper in the world also most expensive at the time we have an unbelievable team and yes we could probably do with a signing but only if its the right signing at the right price.

15 Jul 2020 19:53:04
A couple of questions Ed002 if you don't mind.
For comparison, Liverpool clearly being top of the agent fees over the past 3 seasons. Could you let us have an indication how much Liverpool pay in agent fees compared to the second and third teams on the list, maybe who also pays the least?

Secondly, you say Liverpool have paid £30 million from Jan 19 to Feb 20, yet have only spent £12 million on new players. Now I'm assuming the agent fees were not just for these 2 player so how come the high figure for that year? I understand that a players transfer fee might be spread over a few seasons but not necessarily agent fees, maybe I'm wrong?
Lastly, what do Liverpool achieve by paying such high fees? Clearly they are trying to gain some advantage on player transfers but not certain what or how? The only thing I can think of is an agent convincing a player to move to a certain club? Thanks.

{Ed002's Note - (1) During the three years, Liverpool have spent £101M on fees, Chelsea £78M, Manchester City £77M, Manchester United £66M down to Burnley at £11M in total. (2) Liverpool have also paid intermediaries and paid for a number of indiscretions (tapping up a player), payments to other sides for issues caused etc., outstanding payments on previous matters etc.). (3) It keeps the authorities off their backs, it eases the way past certain issues etc.. You look at the additional £15M paid for Van Dijk (which is not here) ant then being held hostage for huge agent fees (some of which are here).

It needs addressing.}

16 Jul 2020 00:03:24
Absolute garbage post to submit. You ignore all the actual real success we have achieved due to those spending decisions over recent years which got us to the top and klopp clearly backed with 2 transfers breaking records at the time.

You instead seem to understand that in football, success is based on who can splash the most cash. You even seem envious of United spending so much as the level we need to reach, even though United have wasted so much on bad investment while we had far more joy yet spending less. Not to mind we've reached the top of world football while United have been yet to take a step forward in 7 or 8 seasons.

I'd question your sanity mate haha your thoughts on football are possibly the worst grasp I've ever seen anyone have on the game.

16 Jul 2020 08:01:15
It seems everyone is happy to have that one prem win, teams build year on year and stay at the top, its clear we need a Werner but didn't have money for a player Klopp clearly likes, keep your head in the sand about the wonderful owners and they will keep pocketing the profits for the Red Sox, 3 european finals and 2 top 2 finishes in 3/ 4 seasons amounts to a lot more than a 8.5 net spend, VVD and Alisson were bought because of Coutinho going, not the owners, don't worry though as we will soon have to break up the front 3 just to buy another player so that's ok then.

16 Jul 2020 09:36:36
Drogie, not saying the owners haven't done well, i'm saying they have taken us as far as they can and need to either get another investor to partner them or sell up.



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