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18 Jul 2020 21:41:08
Liam Don't look back you w*#k-+r I heard you say.

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18 Jul 2020 21:53:29
City mate of mine said Thursday morning that we were "bottle jobs" for not hitting the 100 points. I'm loving this.

18 Jul 2020 22:07:09
Oasis were awful. Trite, contrived subpar Slade tribute act wrapped up in a pair of Beatle wannabes who plagiarised almost everything they’ve ever written.

18 Jul 2020 22:07:44
there defence is awful, they won't win the CL defending like that.
where would the gallagher brothers be without a certain band from liverpool showing them how its done?
Win the trophy's first and then do your bragging, now you look like the fool you are.

18 Jul 2020 22:39:00
Let's hope they get dumped out of europe too!

18 Jul 2020 22:52:35
I found his comment funny, but leeds promotion means there's another team bigger then city in the league!

18 Jul 2020 23:02:37
Sterling's " the season starts here" after beating us isn't going so well so far 🤣.

19 Jul 2020 00:11:35
Liam Gallagher. A man with delusions of adequacy.

{Ed0666's Note - No way to talk about his band in that way 6times.

19 Jul 2020 07:06:33
So used to mediocrity is Mr Personality that every time his rivals get beat or taught a football lesson he can't hide his joy, he is a child, and Liverpool supporters should not give him a rise, we celebrate our victories in earnest and we simply get stronger as our rivals grow weary in our glory, so Bog Off Liam G you music thief, we shall not be moved, although I must admit it does make me laugh when city get stuffed.

{Ed047's Note - if there’s a bigger pair of pricks out there than those two brothers I’ve yet to meet them, absolute asshats!

19 Jul 2020 08:18:38
Totally agree 47 mate. They are a pair of muppets.

Well done on beating Man City yesterday pal, hope you go on to win it.

{Ed047's Note - everything vile in a human being lives in those two planks! and thanks Drogie, it would be nice to lift it again.

19 Jul 2020 09:28:08
Ed47, congrats on the win and silencing the City trolls running their mouth about how us winning the league is shaded cos we did not get 100 points like City did, as if that is what our boys set out to do this season, lol. Clearly, LFC do not have a 5,000 sq. foot villa in their heads cos it seems they cannot simply leave us alone wi n, lose or draw, as Iron Man's post alluded to.

As for these two individuals, could you pl tell me what they actually said? Cheers, man.

{Ed047's Note - thanks Red and people are always going to slag you for something utterly meaningless mate.

You totally romped the league it’s number 19 so I wouldn’t give a toss what any one said, same for me if we won number 14. Unlikely as that may be any time soon! 🤣

That aside I don’t know what they are supposed to have said, apart from it was probably some bitter tripe!

19 Jul 2020 09:35:31
Lol they think they are it don't they, how they are 'famous' is beyond me. I think Noel is the best of the two but he's still a bloody idiot, both are.

19 Jul 2020 09:40:48
Have to hold my hands up I was a massive Oasis fan- particularly Noel. But I did chuckle reading Mark Lanegans autobiography the other day. His band the Screaming Trees supported Oasis back in the 90s and he absolutely hates Liam 🤣 Like really wants to kill him! Had good things to say about the Manics who are my favourite band though.

19 Jul 2020 10:12:33
"Famous" oasis have sold about 70 million albums! Not a fan of much of their stuff, though acquiesce is a belter. Gallagher was a troll before it was cool.

19 Jul 2020 10:59:49
I'd love to meet Liam so that I could call him Willie.
His real name is William but he calls himself Liam because of the last four letters.
I think Willie is much more suited to him.



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