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19 Jul 2020 08:03:46
Seems everybody sleeping on minamino, do we forget how good he was against us? I have too say the lad needs a settled position an a goal would be lovely for him . I would like too see this guy play were coutinho played just before he left in the half space on the left hand side between attack, an midfield . This guys energy from deeper an ability could be a big plus for us .

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19 Jul 2020 08:25:47
Agreed, I think given time and support he could be quite special.

{Ed025's Note - if he improves 100% that will make him average, hes an asian version of tom davies ant too lightweight for the prem..

19 Jul 2020 08:36:17
David Silva 67kg, Minamino weight 67kg. Come on Ed25, you're better than this 🙄.

{Ed025's Note - being lightweight has nothing to do with how much they weigh IR, its about strength and application mate, hes a bit tippy tappy for me and imo would be better suited to la liga or serie A ..

19 Jul 2020 08:50:28
I see you’ve found your spark again Ed025 over the last few days mate lol. It’s good to have you back mate I hope your well. Missed your compliments and praise for the new PL Champions mate. Your assessment off our players our players must be a bit off though mate considering the pots we’ve added to our swelling cabinet of late.

Seriously it’s good to see your comments and banter again 😊, hope all is good your end.

{Ed025's Note - yeah im good thanks DTD, still trying to get into the game without supporters mate its still a bit surreal and alien to me, i have congratulated the reds on their amazing season and i cant see anyone giving them any problems in the near future, but im still a blue who lives in hope and will look for weakness in the liverpool set up to keep my spirits buoyant.. :)

19 Jul 2020 09:37:02
Some of Klopp signings have always needed some time to settle. Robbo and Fabinho couldn't get in the team during their first few months. Now they are indespensible.

Im sure come January or so next season that Minamino will be on fire!

19 Jul 2020 09:20:27
Sorry Ed25, you simply have no more credibility on this issue or on the topic of rating LFC players cos we all know how your expert judgement turned out when you gave you "opinion" on Fabinho when he first arrived and how you literally said that Pickford was at the same level as Allison during Allison's first season, has now become the stuff of comedy fodder for all eternity. But hey, it's a free country, eh?

As for whether Minamino will pan out or not, give it time as he just got here and like the OP said, he is super talented as he ripped us to pieces in the CL game a Anfield BUT then again, I don't expect you to be as patient or want what is best for us cos as a Neverton fan "who lives in hope and will look for weakness in the liverpool set up to keep my spirits buoyant. " you are allowed to think this way of our players. Stay safe, my friend.

{Ed025's Note - football is and always will be about opinions RM, i am biased towards everton and you cant see anything other than red when you peer out them red tinted glasses and thats fine by me, but there is a difference, im more of a realist than you and will tell it like it is, everton have been crap and i will not make excuses for them whereas you will not have a bad word said about anything liverpool related which makes you very shallow mate, yes i get the odd call wrong and when i do i hold my hands up as i have done with hendo and fab, im not perfect but im as close as you get my friend, its fine in my book to disagree on things its part of the fun so stay safe and protected in your red bubble and i look forward to the new season and the banter that will go with it..

19 Jul 2020 09:55:08
Good to see you ed25, hope you're well. Let's give Taki some time, yet to see him properly and by no means has he had the opportunity to play 'properly' and acclimatise to his new teammates. As I've come to learn before passing judgement, mr klopp sees something wnd that will do for me at this stage. The blues have been on a decent run and you've a fantastic manager, the future will surely be brighter. Expecting a very tough year next season, should be a cracking season.

{Ed025's Note - i wish i had your faith regarding everton in istanbul, i forsee a long hard slog for the blues mate, i hope your well and looking forward to another great season for the reds which looks on the cards, taki could well prove me wrong but you have enough without him to still be the major force next year..

19 Jul 2020 11:19:20
What I will say is that I'm hoping Klopp didn't buy him because of his performance against Liverpool, that would be madness.
I haven't seen anything yet from Minamino to say he will be a good addition. That said, he is rarely used and maybe not in his preferred position.

19 Jul 2020 11:51:56
Hard for Minamino as if bobby, mo and mane are fit I don’t see Taki ever getting a run of games to get match sharp.

19 Jul 2020 12:23:20
I remember Bobby was off the pace when he first signed. let's give him some time. Klopp and the scouts rarely get it wrong so fingers crossed he will settle.

19 Jul 2020 10:44:18
Ed I disagree with anyone catching us ya know mate, if we don't get players in too the right areas especially with players leaving and injury liabilities we could stand still . United are definitely stronger with emergence of Greenwood an signing Fernandes an they will strengthen. We know chelsea the same, city need a defence which they will get, I think next year will be a lot more competitive at the top .
As for minamino I don't think we playing him in right areas too compare with tom davies is odd as Davies is a CM, I share your concern though is he strong enough an also has he got the mentality too get better, good players don't just blossom over night . Arsenal are a good example last night with good coaching certain players who have been ripped are now getting better .

{Ed025's Note - you still have the best team in the league hailstones, only complacency can stop you mate..

19 Jul 2020 10:47:47
Good to see you on here Ed25 mate, hope everything is well :) .

{Ed025's Note - yeah im good thanks salah, i hope you are too mate..

19 Jul 2020 10:48:19
You are exactly what is needed on this page Ed025. People seem to have forgotten how ruthless Paisley was in order to sustain success across a decade.

You should always look for chinks in your own armour. That's how you improve. Any body not being biased can see that we do not have the best player in the world in every position.

The only players in our 30 man squad who are top 10 in the world at what they do are Alisson, Trent, Virgil, Robertson, Fabinho, Henderson, Mane, Salah and Firmino.

I keep seeing the narrative that Gomez is the best u23 centre back. Even if that was true it's not relevant. Harvey Elliott is probably the best 17 year old winger. Does that mean he should start over Salah? If we can get a player like Diego Carlos then i'm sorry, but Gomez has to up his game and fight to get his place back. He is part of the long term future but in 5 years time when Gomez is at his peak half of this current squad will be past their best and we might have missed our opportunity. Gomez for me is Liverpool's own Wes Brown. A very good player who can cover across the backline without a massive drop in quality, and he has a huge part to play in our future. Put a better player ahead of him and it might just drive him on to new heights.

Wijnaldum is another good player being over hyped. He works hard and he's very good at keeping possession in tight spaces. But how can you demolish Barcelona at Anfield and then go missing against Watford at Vicarage road? He's mentally weak and too often he has to be carried as a passenger. If a player as gifted as Thiago is available and wants to sign, you take the chance. I love Gini as much as the next Liverpool fan but the difference is i love Liverpool FC more. If the shoe was on the other foot, would Wijnaldum be loyal? Clearly not as he's still not signed a new deal despite it being sat on the table for months. If he can consider his options, so can we.

Then when you look through our senior substitutes; Origi, Minamino, Shaqiri, Lovren, Matip, Milner, Ox, Keita, Adrian etc. Nobody can tell me that is a top class set of back up players. Matip and Milner are the only ones who can come into the team without a significant drop off in quality but that is partially due to the fact that they'd come in for (you guessed it) Gomez and Gini. In the defence of Ox and Minamino they are recovering from long term injury and settling into a new country respectively. But the likes of Origi, Shaqiri, Lovren and Adrian are just squad padding who are never going to genuinely compete for a starting role. Does it make me a bad fan to admit that out loud? Because I refuse to believe nobody else can see it.

A lot of my fellow Liverpool fans are deluded right now. Maybe they are entitled to it after 30 years of hurt? Sentiment has no place on a football pitch though. There is not much money available, and we have a lot of very good young players like Williams, Hoever, Jones, Elliott and Brewster. So i'm not desperate for us to sign anyone to be honest. It's a bit embarrassing watching other Reds try and argue that there is nobody in world football better than Wijnaldum and Gomez though. Anyway, Ed025, thanks for being the voice of reason.

{Ed025's Note - i have always said you have a great team but not the best squad HMB, you need to strengthen because if you rest on your laurels in this game you go backwards but the trouble is that you dont have the money, liverpool have been extremely lucky that none of their key players have had long term injuries but that may not last forever mate..

19 Jul 2020 10:50:56
Ed25, so you want me to say bad words about LFC players just to make you feel good? You want me to call Minamino names to please you? Sorry I will not engage in the same name-calling of LFC players that you do. I will critique our players the way I see fit, thank you.

Red Bubble, Ed25? Where in my post did I say Minamino will work out or that he is an awesome player? I just asked you to give the guy time to mature since he just got here. How is that an excuse where as it is a fact that he is new to the team and needs time? That is a fact, man or do you suddenly not know what an excuse means? I know giving Minamino time is not something you are prepared to do and I don't mind that at all as that is what banter is all about.

Now you calling me shallow and living in a red bubble is rich coming from the guy who said Pickford was better than Allison at one stage or that Fab would be crap. You never gave them time to mature or fail on their own which is why you are getting the jokes you are getting now and rightfully so. A realist? So those who disagree with you are not realists then? Yeah, Who's living in his own bubble now?

I love your banter BUT lose the name-calling and stuff. It is beneath you. Peace and Love.

{Ed025's Note - i suspect that what you label name calling would be seen as opinion and banter by most peoples standards you need to stop being a snowflake, grow a set, and stop being a big tart mate.. :) peace love and respect..

19 Jul 2020 11:26:01
It far from pains me to say it mate, I really rate Carlo and I can see him having a very good summer. You can only forsee next season being a very tough one with some excellent managers wt the helm and several teams improving. If we (Liverpool) can at least challenge for the title I will be happy. Don't get me wrong you want to win the title every year, but so do several other sides.
I'm diung very well thanks for asking, excited about summer both personally and from a footballing perspective, hoping Liverpool strengthen but nit expecting too much to happen.

{Ed025's Note - liverpool will definitely be contenders in istanbul, i fully expect you to win the league again next season but maybe with not as wide a margin as this year, everton will struggle again i believe even with carlo at the helm mate..



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