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19 Jul 2020 20:38:35
I wonder how much Alexander sorloth is worth now he would be an excellent back up great in the air, quick and can dribble whilst scoring goals. We play attacking wing backs who have the best delivery in the league and none of the front 3 reach 6ft surely we are missing a trick.

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19 Jul 2020 20:44:53
I wish we still had the thumbs down button, I’d use it 20 times per day right now.

19 Jul 2020 20:48:49
5 goals in 2 seasons in the Dutch League, 4 goals in Belgium last season, no goals in the Premier League. Very good league record this season, but only 2 goals in Europe.

Basically apart from this season, he's scored less often than Origi. But with more game time. I don't think he's good enough, hailstones.

19 Jul 2020 20:59:25
As Ed02 would say, "Liver pool are not interested in random players".

19 Jul 2020 22:07:42
Some big clubs apparently interested in him.

19 Jul 2020 23:07:51
Another Ed02 quote, "Liverpool cannot be interested in every player esp. random players". There, fixed it for ya.

20 Jul 2020 01:03:32
Whilst I wouldn't be convinced on sorloth personally I do find your point interesting that a player who excels at attacking crosses may be of benefit when certain games need that type of change in CF. Trent and robbo attempt so many deliveries that salah mane and firmino all enjoy a level of success to an extent in scoring some of their goals. An actual striker who's main strenght is feeding off crosses could certainly offer more danger than origi as an alternative. The likes of a giroud type player who's main asset is attacking and anticipating the ball into danger zones and that style of striker would love to play that role when our full backs supply such larger amounts of crosses than other teams do and with so many coming from deep areas the striker loves the added space in behind that those early deliveries give.

Klopp has previously not used this type of striker often in his success but with our recent approach to using wide players whipping ball after ball into the danger zone I wonder would he be looking at this kind of forward to upgrade origi while minamino still offers us the ability to fill in the more similar role of firmino giving us 2 different options in mixing up our style of attack. Whether that suitable type of player is available currently to bring in is another thing. Mitrovic from Fulham I think could be far more useful than origi.

{Ed0666's Note - Mitrovic? Have we all of a sudden gone back to the Hodgson era without anyone telling me? Mate you do realize we’re broke and we can’t go round spending the limited cash we have on dross.

20 Jul 2020 07:16:06
Let's get them thumbs down buttons back but only with the option that you explain your reason for the thumb down. Could add to the discussion.

20 Jul 2020 07:27:50
Mitrovic oh dear🤦‍♂️.

20 Jul 2020 08:34:18
Hello har_red that's exactly what spring too mind wat u mentioned I was watching the Chelsea game and giroud played a blinder just winning things an bringing the wide players into play . When I watch us play we whip loads of balls in the box an if we had someone as an option who could attack the ball or hold up play it makes us less predictable.

20 Jul 2020 06:32:13
Honestly, some people’s judgment of players on here is astonishingly poor.
I’ve seen suggestions for Tyrone Mings, Cantwell and Mitrovic recently. Clearly a few people have been drinking a bit of whatever Brendan Rodgers enjoys - that lot are all terrible and would still cost about 70 million quid.

20 Jul 2020 09:10:44
I remember Mitrovic being a player ed2 suggested would be a good signing. that is pre-newcastle. I'm guessing he never quite blossomed or didn't get that chance.

20 Jul 2020 09:26:12
This is almost as bad as John Barnes suggesting we sign Danny Drinkwater. Which was bad enough.

20 Jul 2020 09:36:04
LoweLFC, it is either MOTD fever that is raging amongst the LFC fan base or people are just so desperate to see us sign someone hence, they are just throwing names out there to see what sticks. The funny thing is that these random names being thrown out are osme of the most dire players you will ever find. Mitrovic? Sorloth? Mings? Thank heavens these lot don't run the transfer business at the club. PHEW!

20 Jul 2020 11:26:11
Back to the days of Andy Carroll?

20 Jul 2020 06:38:33
That’s Everton’s job Ed.

20 Jul 2020 15:07:49
I said back up meister, origi has scored 5 goals this season is that good enough? Why are napoli after sorloth? because he has scored 31 goals this season albeit in turkish league still origi would still score 5 in that league .

20 Jul 2020 17:54:13
Hailstones, could not be arsed who signed Sorloth nor do I care where he was playing nor how many goals he scored. The fact remains that LFC cannot be interested in random players that you seem to mention at will all the time, on here and LFC cannot sign who they are not interested in. That is the reality regardless of how you feel.

As for Origi, you may want to run him out of the club cos he is not doing enuff for you BUT Klopp wants him around and the guy is willing to stay and contribute so he stays, end of. If you don't like that and you are bent on Origi being gone, here's an idea: Make an offer to FSG they can't refuse, sack Klopp and get rid of Origi yourself and then you can sign "insert your random player here" to replace him. Cheers, man.

{Ed025's Note - and you call me cheeky sod..

20 Jul 2020 18:02:09
Hailstones, a crocked Daniel Sturridge looked like David Silva in Turkey this season.

{Ed025's Note - his last 2 seasons at liverpool he looked and played like a turkey SR..

20 Jul 2020 18:47:35
Love it, Ed25. Of course, I am opinionated and so are you which is why I enjoy your posts/ banter even tho some of them read more like mindless rants, lol.

{Ed025's Note - .. :)

22 Jul 2020 06:33:47
First of all I only mentioned mitrovic as an upgrade to origi at a time when we can't spend big, no mention of mings, cantwell etc on this thread. Mitrovic has banged in the goals this season while also showing he can be a regular scorer in the premier league previously. He's tenacious strong and offers an alternative plan B to origi. Origi won't score more than what mitrovic would in the amount of balls whipped into the box. Why are ye speaking as if that player is touted to be the main number 9? Yet call for Brewster, Harry Wilson for example as players who deserve a place. Ye would have laughed at the idea of Robertson and OX in the same way.



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