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23 Jul 2020 17:00:48
Have or did have a lot of respect for Frank Lampard, who's done a great job in the circumstances, but feel him telling Klopp and liverpool not to be arrogant is a bit rich. This is the same manager who made a big deal of getting to the play off semi finals, only to lose the final.
I understand tensions were high, but feel Frank could've conducted himself a lot better, rather than telling half the Liverpool coaching staff what to do.
Just a little bit irritated by the whole thing.
Don't mean to sour the mood, Champions of England, Europe and the world as it stands.
Up the reds❤️.

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23 Jul 2020 17:18:11
OP, Lampard, not that I care for him nor have that much respect for him as a manager, seems to be doing what his former and supremely arrogant manager used to do after having his arse handed to him on a plate, which is to deflect from the beating he received to some rubbish after LFC's bench over-celebrating.

Really? Over-celebrating and arrogance? Sorry, does he remember who he used to play for? The Special One who used to over-celebrate winning games whenever he saw fit to do so and slam managers at press conferences to again, deflect from his own failings. Does he remember every time he has celebrated goals and wins at Anfield? Who accused him of over-celebrating then? Jog on, sore loser. You have embarrassed yourself and not for the first time.

Again, I will not be taking moral-high-ground lectures from this lot and definitely NOT from this manager who instead of taking the L and moving on, chose to whine and moan about getting his "widdle feelings" hurt just cos the other team celebrated the right pummelling your pedestrian lot received. Grow up, man.

23 Jul 2020 17:43:16
Completely agree to be fair. Felt he’d done a good job and handled himself well mostly, but last night irritated me greatly, a manager who is streets behind Klopp trying to be big.

23 Jul 2020 18:31:50
Ridiculous. On the night your getting the trophy. There are fireworks primed to go off, some are already going off outside. You're playing a team you have a bit of history with who are decent. And you win an 8 goal thriller 5 3. I don't think they celebrated enough!

23 Jul 2020 19:17:30
Lampard got his knickers in a twist over a free kick. It wasnt Liverpool who gave the free, it was the ref. He should wise up, oh and by the way Frank, it WAS a free kick you goat 😀😀. SUCK IT UP, you lost.

23 Jul 2020 19:22:41
I’m honestly not sure it was as calculated as that given there are videos of him shouting obscenities and insults of that nature at klopp during the game.

23 Jul 2020 19:52:05
Rover is right it was the Mane free that got his g-string in a twist.

23 Jul 2020 20:58:29
BarryInLouth, whatever may have caused him getting all bent outta shape, he could have just swatted the question down when asked and said something like, "Hey, it was an emotional game and tempers were flying all over the place. Just hand bags and nothing more. LFC deserved their win and title and we just have to get back to work and improve" or something of that nature. Lampard did not do that.

Instead he chose to go all bitter, sour and deflective acting as if he had been hard done by and telling Klopp to F-off whereas Klopp was telling Pep to calm down and trying to diffuse the situation.

Now maybe that makes him feel good and feel some kind of self worth BUT only losers act that way. IMO, he completely embarrassed himself royally, crying and moaning like the loser that he is, that a team over-celebrated on a night they smashed his lot and lifted a title after 30 years of drought, blood, seat and tears. Like Robbie said, we did not celebrate enuff.

{Ed002's Note - One wonders why the apology was made?}

23 Jul 2020 22:22:00
Who apologised to whom Ed002?

{Ed002's Note - Two members of Liverpool staff apologised for what was said in a highly charged situation.}

23 Jul 2020 23:01:13
Apologies made end of story then.

{Ed002's Note - Yes, the matter is closed. Perhaps a lesson learned.}

23 Jul 2020 23:37:04
The irony in telling people not to be arrogant only to conduct yourself in an arrogant manner.

24 Jul 2020 03:03:17
Ed.002 Presumably the apology was made behind closed doors and not in front of the cameras like Frank comments were.

Also we know that the language used on and off the pitch would require multiple apologies every match if we are being honest. The issue is showing a touch of class after any game, especially after you've lost. Not easy but its the respected thing to do.

{Ed025's Note - or even if you have won potclay..

24 Jul 2020 05:53:13
I don't know what you guys on. Lampard was ok to be frustrated. I know lampard didn't mince his words but he was kind of right to be pissed. It wasnt a free kick. Yes we scored and boy what a goal. But Klopp would have been pissed if we were on the other end of it.
Also klopp tried to difuse the situation suggests heated things were exchanged between lamps and pep.

Also why the bitterness. At 2-0 lampard would have felt pressure because his team could miss CL spot because of a 70-30 decision. He could have held himself better but he is new manager trying to get his team best result. I think that anger got chelsea back in game. He made subs and they played better.
Also words on pitch are just that. Doesn't describe the person.

{Ed025's Note - i think your spot on mate..

24 Jul 2020 06:28:50
If they done something they should apologise. but Klopp didn't do anything to Frank so where's his apology to Klopp?

{Ed025's Note - we dont know what was said liverbird, it was obviously something that upset frank so i cant see him apologising anytime soon..

24 Jul 2020 06:53:18
Never heard him tell "The Special One" not to be arrogant.

{Ed025's Note - you are all being very presumptuous without actuall knowing all the facts irish..



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