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26 Jul 2020 08:31:37
Views on Brewster. It'd be great to get him into the squad next season, I don't know if he could have done much more during his loan spell.

Yes he's playing in a lower league with poorer opposition, but also with poorer team mates, he shown some real talent and desire to work hard during his spell and perhaps most importantly his finishing has been very good, from poachers goals, nice finishes, to long range worldies.

I do rate Origi as a bench option but I genuinely believe that Brewster can be an understudy to Firmino. Most fans will want a star striker but how about we give the lad a chance, especially considering finances are low right now anyway and we don't have a spare £50m for a backup forward.

There was a time when we would have been asking for a world class right back before Klopp gave TAA a chance.

I'm expecting Brewster to come back with a lot of confidence, a couple of early goals or a decent preseason and I think he could be a little diamond for us.

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26 Jul 2020 08:35:19
Love to see Brewster get 10-15 appearances next season while training full time with the first team.

26 Jul 2020 09:07:01
He’s done well but I’d hate for him to come back next season and then not get games. I’d rather see him loaned back to Swansea and get vital game time and experience. Maybe until January and assess the situation then.

26 Jul 2020 09:27:56
I'd rather keep him for the start of the season. Sometimes there are dead rubber Champions League group games, plus the early rounds of the cup competitions and the hectic festive period.

Then if by the end of January we're out of all the cups, he could go on loan for the 2nd half of the season again. It makes no sense to send him on loan for the part of the season he is most likely to get game time, and then bring him back for the half where we've potentially only got Premier League games to play.

26 Jul 2020 09:52:20
IMO, Brewster is at an age where he needs to be playing every week and we have current, visual evidence that this has benefited him immensely with a manager who nurtured him form jump.

Sorry but the 10-15 appearances (or dead rubber CL games which are not guaranteed there will be, btw) will not help him compared with what he is doing now, playing every week in high pressure games and producing. Sorry but I cannot agree with an argument that playing 10-15 games will improve any young player better than him playing every week. Sorry, that does not make sense to me.

Therefore IMO, if Brewster cannot play consistently for us and improve his game and experience levels, he needs to go do that somewhere else on loan (hopefully Swansea can come up to the PL) and then come back stronger, fitter, smarter and more experienced.

26 Jul 2020 10:19:45
Ideal scenario is swansea get promoted and we see him start games in the top flight, then judge how he does.

26 Jul 2020 10:34:55
Brewster will only improve and gain match experience by playing regularly. He needs at least another full season on loan.

At Liverpool he will be a bench warmer apart from the odd cup game, which would harm his progression. Another loan at Swansea or a mid/ lower prem team who will actually play him regularly is best.

26 Jul 2020 10:51:33
Why can he not be the Liverpool equivalent of Greenwood? If he's good enough to get in and stay in then he'll play plenty of games.

26 Jul 2020 11:11:52
Irishman, the answer to your question is simple. Klopp and the staff do not think he is good enuff yet to contribute and needs games and experience at a good club to progress.

Also, remember he has only just recovered from a devastating knee injury which has cost him a year or so in his development hence, the loan to get regular opportunities to play and get that development going.

As for comparison with Greenwood who is a baller, I am not one for making comparisons cos two diff. clubs, environments and I don't know if Greenwood got a bad injury that set him back like Brewster had. Comparisons are futile, IMO.

26 Jul 2020 11:32:07
Odd one. He's too good to sit on the bench and too much pressure to be Liverpool no2 cf imo. But I think over the next decade brewster is going to be to liverpool and England what Harry kane is atm. I know people dislike kane but it's hard to argue with his goal record. Brewster is the next bright star this country produces. So tempting to keep him. Harvey's bun made sense, keep him til January and assess the situation then.

26 Jul 2020 11:49:02
Because united were crap and had nobody else to play, so he got games, we have the best front 3 in the world and no academy striker with a few goals in the championship is going to displace them anytime soon, so he’s better off getting regular games somewhere else until we know he is ready.

26 Jul 2020 12:17:31
He hasn't just recovered. The knee injury was 2 years ago. He's been fit for nearly a year now.

He'd learn more at Liverpool alongside better players, under better coaches, against better opposition. There are 50+ games in a season and he'd get plenty of game time across all competitions when you factor in rotation, substitutions, and injuries. In Solanke's only season here he made 27 appearances and he was half the player Brewster is. He had Sturridge to compete with also.

If Klopp can't offer Brewster; what Solskjaer offered Greenwood, what Guardiola offered Jesus, what Lampard offered Abraham, what Arteta offered Nketiah etc then we should stop messing him about and sell him to a team who will. They were all given the opportunity to fight for game time and be an understudy to a senior player and they've all got on with it and scored goals. If Brewster isn't good enough as you say then fair enough but i personally disagree and think you are underestimating him.

Brewster has got back to fitness with this loan and a proper pre-season will do him good too. By your logic Red Meister we should also loan out Neco Williams and Curtis Jones. They're a similar age to Brewster and they will be relying on cup games, injury cover, sub appearances etc for the majority of their game time.

The loan system is hit and miss anyway. Ask Nketiah how it was at Leeds. Or ask Origi how much fun he had as the Lille scapegoat or on the Wolfsburg bench. Brewster had a good opportunity to work with a manager he already knew and regain match fitness at Swansea. He is clearly better than the Championship though so i don't see a loan back to Swansea as beneficial unless they are promoted (unlikely) and at any other club there is no guarantee he'll get regular game time.

For me we either give Brewster an opportunity next season or we let him go to another top tier team who will. It's selfish to hoard his talent and loan him out to clubs with no invested interest in his future.

26 Jul 2020 12:28:00
If Klopp believes he’s good enough now then he will get plenty of game time next season if he stays. For me though I think another season on loan to Swansea would be great. Cooper knows him well and trusts him. If he goes to Swansea he plays 40 plus games next season. Which is better than 10-15 appearances for us off the bench for 5-10 min spells which will probably equate to 4 full games of football over the season.

26 Jul 2020 13:09:46
The way I've seen it used in the UK, the loan system is like going up and down a hill. You go up the hill (your first loans to improve yourself), take a pause (see if you're good enough for the team after the loans) and then down the hill (back into the loan system because you're still not good enough or conditions are not right for a sale) .

Brewster is at the pause. Time to see if he is good enough for LFC. And the timing is just right. He's recovered from an injury, he's had a successful loan and LFC needs additional attacking talent upfront in a financially restrictive environment.

26 Jul 2020 13:10:29
Brewster has just turned 20. Another season on loan at Swansea will be perfect and if he has another strong season then bring him back to LFC for 2021/ 2022 to see if he has what it takes to displace a by then 30 year old Firmino. Could save us an absolute fortune.

26 Jul 2020 13:18:56
Good post, HMB. Brewster is 20 years old, he should be knocking at the first team door by now or at least playing PL standard. Bench time has done plenty for Neco and Curtis and Harvey especially as they spent the season training with the first team and getting to know Klopps style and demands.

26 Jul 2020 13:20:57
Harvey, We don't need to loan out Williams nor Jones cos clearly Klopp thinks they are ready to make the big jump. Brewster is not hence, is out on loan so not sure where you were coming from with that part of your comment.

Also you say the loan system is hit and miss which I agree BUT we currently have a loan that is working for Brewster so why not continue on that path with Swansea or another PL club instead of bringing him back to sit on the bench hence, stifle his progression behind the best front three on the planet cos there is no way Brewster can improve by not playing regularly, not even sitting behind our front three. You improve by playing, not sitting on the bench. Just facts, man.

As for comparing Brewster's situation to those of other young players from other cubs, Jesus was signed from Palmeiras for about 27m so your comparison is strange here. Annonymous Wollback says Greenwood got games cos Utd were crap upfront (a prob. we don't have) hence, got fast-tracked. Nketiah got chances at Arsenal for reasons I don't know about. This is why I don't make such comparisons cos I don't know the dynamics nor circumstances at other clubs. And NO, Brewster is not getting sold cos Klopp rates him highly and we see why. Cheers, man.

26 Jul 2020 13:30:19
I don’t think Brewsters good enough for Liverpool.

26 Jul 2020 13:34:32
Why would Brewster need another loan when we aren’t sending either of Jones and Williams? Sell Origi and keep him. Use him. Alternate the system. Because without that there is no use of sending him out to any loan unless we start playing a center forward.
The last thing we want is another Origi / Ings situation where players are either played out of the position to accommodate Mr Bobby and Mr Salah or they get sold and start scoring goals up and down like Ings.
Greenwood is scoring for fun at UTD.

26 Jul 2020 13:42:49
Red Meister, what makes you say Brewster is not ready? So Klopp lied to him 2 years ago when he convinced him not to go to Germany by offering him first team opportunities?

City signed Jesus when he was a similar age to Brewster. The similarity is they both needed game time to develop. The only difference is we signed Brewster from Chelsea when he was 4 years younger for much less money.

Greenwood got chances because he was good enough. Man Utd are not bad in attack. The complete opposite. They're lethal in attack but just can't defend. Rashford, Martial, Mata, Ighalo and James were all doing just fine before Greenwood got his chance in the Prem games.

Abraham and Nketiah got chances because the loan system wasn't working for them and they were getting caught in a perpetual loop of "they need game time". What Abragam has learned this season will be far more useful to him than the 20 odd goals he scored against Barnsley and Birmingham.

You don't improve by playing. That is a simplistic view. Otherwise Brewster could improve playing for our reserves. You improve by playing with and against stronger opposition. Teams that make you learn from mistakes. How to cope with more intelligent opposition players. Team mates who demand more from you. Team mates who guide you. You also improve by being coached by better managers and staff during training.

Brewster's loan was a perfect storm. Swansea needed a striker, he needed game time to get match fit, we got knocked out of both cups early, and he'd played under the Swansea manager at England youth level.

Brewster hasn't improved from this loan. He's just got back to match fitness. I think we'll just have to agree to disagree buddy. I don't think simply playing games pushes players to be better. I think higher pressure environments and better players around them do.

26 Jul 2020 13:45:50
DreamOfGini, i think you raise another key point there. Learning Klopp's style of play and demands is critical. The best young players should always be kept close to the senior team so they can inherit the winning mentality and learn from their professionalism. Brewster needed game time to get fit, not to learn anything he couldn't learn from Klopp.

26 Jul 2020 14:26:38
You can't just say we either give him opportunities this season or else sell him. He's been on loan for 6 months and his career has just started so why the urge to force or rush his progress. Just have a look at some of older players who made a great career at the highest level. Fabinho had his breakthrough into becoming highly rated by enjoying the benefit of his opportunity from seasons on loan. James Milner at Brewsters age enjoyed good form on loan at villa which helped his career kick on. Mo salah in his early 20s needed more than 6 months on loan to grow into one of the world's best, his quality came from having 2 seasons of regular game time to keep improving, Kevin de bruyne needed a couple of seasons of regular playing with a weaker club to become the player he is now. Greenwood is not a similar example to how Brewster is used. United moved on lukaku and Sanchez, had many Europa fixtures which they could afford to mix up the team, rashford was missing for a large period, martial was used on the wing largely until then. Bruno fernandes only involved since January. Pogba injured for the entire first half of season too while lingaard and Daniel James have not performed anywhere near the level that earns them a start each game. It was the perfect opportunity for Greenwood to be involved and with the task of becoming the main goal scorer wide open for him to grab it makes the chances of success much higher than let's say Brewster who's opportunity might likely end up being stalled by salah mane and firmino who have shown than over 3 seasons together that their performance levels don't drop to a prolonged poor run of games and there's yet to be a time in 3 full seasons that I have not wanted us to start every game with those 3. Unless there's an injury that keeps firmino out for a long spell Brewster wouldn't have much chance to develop with 15 or 20 mins off the bench when so often the game might be over by then and the striker coming in with no pressure to deliver the big impacts. Greenwood and Abraham have enjoyed great form but they were given a clear wide open path to help.

I always say iheanacho was hampered by the couple of seasons at city where he'd be used off the bench at 3nil late on and grab a goal or 2 which led him to be over rated as he needed the experience of being relied on to deliver at that age instead of a couple of seasons being highly rated yet never had any experience to improve his mentality. Solanke, Origi, sturridge, ings, Shaqiri would never have played regular enough as long as that front 3 are here, only likely that a run of games be only as a result of injury and even then it would be unlikely that the world class front player would not come back in. We've seen no reason to believe that Brewster would get the balance and consistentcy to stay focused if his role with us was entirely dependent on the struggle with form or injury to a star forward. And carling cup maybe 2 or 3 low league opponents in first half if the season or potentially 1 CL group fixture to spare but asides from that how often would salah mane and firmino start in the league? Every game when fit, CL? Every game when fit they start.

Brewster was with us Ist half of this season and what benefit did it do him in comparison to recent few months at Swansea. This time included, super cup, charity shield, CWC games, extra game vs Shrewsbury. Shaqiri, Keita rarely in the picture then, minamino not yet arrived and Curtis Jones and Harvey Elliott have only seen their stock grow since. He wouldn't see much more important game time than he got last year with us.

26 Jul 2020 14:51:25
Har Red

You have a pout but you also miss the fact you need to take chances and play him often. Or he turns to be the next Origi. Firmino has his worst season in his footballing. Career and origi couldn't get a sniff at him.
Brewster is a proper CF. Likes to run behind the defense and he would cause Havoc. Having many seasons at Swansea wouldn’t change the fact that we don’t actually play with a CF! Would it? Klopp got a decision to make here.
Sell Origi and keep Brewster. Give him chances when Firmino plays rubbish! That’s how you do it or wait until Bobby retires!

26 Jul 2020 16:07:43
Milner did not "learn to improve at Villa on loan". He was signed by Villa from Newcastle who signed him from Leeds.



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