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26 Jul 2020 19:15:04
I've seen posts on here praising Origi. Now I know he has a knack for occasionally scoring an important goal but his all round performance today, and in every game he starts, was awful. A worse touch than Lukaku, can't compete for headers, pressing half hearted, gave the ball away constantly. I even predicted that he would score and that's part of the problem! Do you tolerate such bad team play for the sake of, what, 3 goals this season? Not for me, I'm afraid.

{Ed025's Note - i agree mate..

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26 Jul 2020 19:20:17
This goal has extended his stay for another 3 more years doing nothing.

26 Jul 2020 19:23:57
I don't think he's a bad player in terms of touch and finishing, but he lacks a bit of nous and is ineffective anywhere but through the middle where he can use his pace and physicality to give us a different option to Bobby.

But Klopp generally doesn't use him in that role. I think he's only started once there this season against Everton. He prefers to preserve the shape of the front three rather than modify it during the occasional starts that Origi makes (which is understandable) and plays him as a left winger instead, where he quite obviously hasn't been good enough most of the time.

With that being the case I'd look to move him on if we can someone who's more suited to being on the left wing to replace him.

26 Jul 2020 19:26:10
Origi isn’t the best striker Out there he will even admit that. But you cannot falter the lads attitude when clearly being second fiddle.
It’s stupidly hard for fringe players to take their chance when they are thrown on as game time gets you used to the speed of the game so sometimes we just need to appreciate their efforts.
Personally I think he will leave and we should wish him all the best.

26 Jul 2020 19:33:12
I think he’s reached his point in development with lfc. To go another level or see if he has that in him he needs to play 25/ 30 games a season.

26 Jul 2020 20:14:42
You have a brilliant point there something red and I believe that’s exactly why Brewster wouldn’t cut it at LFC. Unless Klopp decided to alternate his system no strikers would make it at the club.

26 Jul 2020 20:30:04
If your cf scores and you win the game, especially if its the winner and is a beauty, he's done his job. We don't have any money to buy and we'd get ripped off in this climate. Now is not the time to sell origi.

I can understand people saying "he's not going to take the no9 shirt, or he doesn't do the same job as Firmino. But to say he's poor, or even rubbish, is absolutely ridiculous. The lad can play. If origi gets chances he WILL score. But the team isn't built around him and he's often played out wide (where he has scored some nice goals) and it's not ideal. I feel he's a confidence player and would benefit from a run in the team. In the past when we've had an injury to our cf and he gets a bit of a run he has done well.

We have been very lucky with injuries regarding our forwards. This luck probably won't last forever and we are going to need someone who can score. Origi knows where the goal is. I bet if you took his goal tally and the minutes he's been played down the middle it wouldn't be too bad. Better player than ighalo all day.

26 Jul 2020 20:36:58
Origi has done nothing except score goals in the champions league semifinal and final and loads of goals against Everton. 🙄.

26 Jul 2020 21:00:50
Bar Matip, Milner, Naby and Ox. Realistically nobody can break into the first 11, not even close. Even those 4 are at a push.

26 Jul 2020 22:44:31
Harry, Brewster seems has a greater capacity for dropping deep and carrying the ball and linking up than Origi who's at his best right up on the defender looking to get in behind or get onto the end of crosses (He was playing pretty well in that role in 2016 until he got Funes Mori'd) .

Brewster's not the same as Bobby and does like to be in and around the box more, but he's closer to him than Origi. I think it'd be easier to tweak the system to suit him, or for Brewster to play the Firmino role, than it is for Origi.

That being said, if Swansea get promoted, I'd try and keep Brewster there for another season to get regular starts for his development. And I think his future will depend a lot on what progress Taku makes.

26 Jul 2020 23:18:17
Origi has featured in 28 premier league games this season and managed to score in 3 of them. Not really sure where this if he plays he will score comes from. For me he’s a decent enough player but his goals against Barcelona paper over the cracks of a pretty average 5 years at the club where he has become the most used substitute in the clubs history.

26 Jul 2020 23:53:27
Most of those appearances are a minute or two and you know it jk23. That's unfair to say that. And how many chances did he get in those 2 minutes? No one said if he plays he scores. I'm not saying he's a 38 goal a season striker. But, if you give him chances he is well capable of finishing them. He will get you goals if you can set him up. And he's got 6 goals this season, not 3. For a guy who's started 7 pl matches that's not bad.

26 Jul 2020 23:42:12
He started only 7 of them JK, the rest are sub appearances. I don't think holding up the figure 28 appearances and saying there should be more from him because of that is entirely logical with 3/ 4s of them being sub apps.

As I said, I think the big problem for Origi isn't so much game time as it is that he usually plays left wing when he does play, because he doesn't suit Klopp's formation as a striker, and he is not a left winger. He struggles with his positioning out there, can't really cross and has nothing in his locker to beat a man other than kick and rush.

Irrespective of exactly how good or bad he is, he's clearly not a player that suits our very successful system. So if we can replace him with a player who does suit better, we probably should.

26 Jul 2020 23:13:27
I don’t want to bash Origi I would like to be respectful. He has scored some very important goals and provided us with some good memories but taking sentiment aside a move this summer will be good for both parties. He needs to be playing regularly and we need stronger options from the bench or even someone to potential challenge the front three.

27 Jul 2020 01:07:28
Origi, the Everton slayer!

I like Origi. We're not going to find many players who will bide his time on the bench, perform intermittently, score crucial games at odd times, but also cause no trouble in the team and be generally well liked. Those guys are hard to find, especially at this level and at his age.

i think we should lay off him. just wish him all the best. he is leaving a multiple title-winner and some people are talking about him as if he is Djimi Traore lol

wish you all the best Dovick, whether here or elsewhere!

{Ed0666's Note - Only Liverpool fans can deride a player who scores crucial goals from the bench. Classy post Faith I applaud you’re advocation of Divvy, shame others don’t have you’re grace. The guy rejected a big money move to wolves to try and prove himself with us and boy was he vindicated. World, European and English champion. Never once has he put the club down or been an ounce of trouble he is a dream employee. The problem with our fans is they want ten Timo werners on the bench every game. Like you say finding a guy of Divvy’s caliber to sit on the bench knowing he’ll only play if there’s injuries or the guys ahead of him need resting is nigh on impossible. Yes he doesn’t set the world on fire when he Plays but no one was complaining when he scored against spurs in the final and crucial goals against Everton. We have the most asinine and fickle fans and it makes me wanna puke.

27 Jul 2020 07:29:56
Faithworks and Ed0666 100% agree lad's.

27 Jul 2020 08:34:49
triple6 - I now understand what our rival fans mean by Liverpool fans being unbearable mate. I think you hit the nail on the head. And I'm not saying I'm some kind of expert on this at all, but just trying to observe and follow the development arc of our squad since Klopp has been here. Our squad needs guys like Divock, Adam, Shaq etc. These are quality players that contribute to the 99% of the week that we don't get to see.

Never heard a sniff of an issue from Divock. I read somewhere that he is well read and thoughtful, would have studied psychology had he not been a footballer. Again, players like Origi are hard to find and are just gold in a squad. Throw in the goals over the years and for me he has done enough to to leave the club with nothing but praise for his contributions. That is IF he leaves!

27 Jul 2020 08:50:05
I have to agree. The way people are bashing divock is not right. Consider buying a striker to gladly sit on the bench and not moan or constantly post on social media about lack of games. How much would that player cost? And who would that player be? Had we bought werner would he displace our front 3? No. At his age would he moan? Yes.

27 Jul 2020 09:31:32
How is someone having an opinion on Origii bashing him. Everything I said is true. I never stated he played every minute of 28 games I said he’s played in 28 games and scored in 3 of those games not has 3 goals. I’ve not slated him as a person or a player I’ve just said I think he’s been average in his 5 years here 19 league goals in 91 appearances. Faith people find LFC fans unbearable because a lot of them think they are better fans than the rest and you’ve just come across that way with your reply. Obviously your opinion means more than mine.

{Ed001's Note - 19 goals in 91 appearances, mostly as a sub, is not a bad record you know.}

27 Jul 2020 10:06:46
Ed001 I’ve not said he’s a bad player mate. I joined in the discussion and said I believe he’s had an average time here with around 6-8 great moments. I’ve not said we should sell him or that he is not good enough. I’ve got no issues with Origi at all and to me if he stays then I’m happy or if Klopp was to look at replacing him I would be happy. This is a brilliant site and love coming on and reading everyone’s opinions. It just dissent sit right with me when people make out that they are a better fan than you just because you have a different opinion to them. The different opinions on here are what make this site great. Imagine how boring it would be if we all thought the same.

{Ed001's Note - I never suggested you said anything else, just pointed out that it was quite a good record for a sub. I have no idea what you have been saying on him or anyone else, I try and avoid reading through threads like that as they are tiresome.}

27 Jul 2020 11:57:45
bit of a thought experiment - for arguments sake, I wonder how many goals Salah would have scored had he played the same minutes and sub appearances as Origi. I imagine Salah would be very busy fluffing loads of chances haha.

27 Jul 2020 11:50:57
Ed001 sorry mate wasn’t saying that you had said it 👍.

{Ed001's Note - ok mate no worries. I was just more kind of musing out loud really, though in text form and I didn't want you thinking I was accusing you of anything. It was the first time I had seen his totals written down, personally I think it is quite impressive. Fairclough is remembered as 'Supersub' because he scored so many from the bench, but his record as a sub was 18 goals in 62, which is not all that much better. That is for a player who only played in a side that dominated as well, unlike Origi who has been with us before we became great. Just found it interesting.}

27 Jul 2020 19:46:25
Fully agree with you, Ed666.



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