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27 Jul 2020 17:35:28
Ed025 mate can I ask you a couple of questions please-If you were in charge of Liverpool and knowing the financial situation within the club what area of the team would you be looking to strengthen? Equally what would you do about Everton?

{Ed025's Note - money is a problem though barry, liverpool have a very good team but i would say not the strongest squad so you would have to sell to buy imo, i would get rid of gomez or matip and try and get koulibaly even though at his age he does not fit the clubs demographic, i would also ship out gini and origi to finance a deal for kai havertz who is excellent mate, everton is a much harder fix though, we need 6 first team replacements i feel and a keeper is essential so romero from utd would do, we also need a complete overhaul of the midfield which is not going to be easy, i will leave that to carlo though if you dont mind my friend..

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27 Jul 2020 18:36:58
Kai Havertz if only Ed.

{Ed025's Note - if chelsea are an option for him then i dont see why liverpool would,nt be barry...with some creative accountancy of course..

27 Jul 2020 19:03:21
What about the relegated teams Ed025 anyone there you might take a punt on?

{Ed025's Note - sarr looks good and we have been linked with deeney before but from watford i would prefer dacoure, brooks and ake are the only 2 i would take from bournemouth and possibly cantwell from norwich, but the fees being asked even for these losers is very high barry..

27 Jul 2020 19:10:30
Every time I’ve seen havertz play he’s either a striker or just behind the striker. Be interesting to see how Lampard plans to use him maybe a change of system for Chelsea.

{Ed025's Note - if i was frank i would put him in goal jordz, he has to be better than that bloody kepa mate.. :)

27 Jul 2020 19:16:33
"I would get rid of Gomez". I literally stopped reading after that.

{Ed025's Note - its all about opnions RM..

27 Jul 2020 19:13:13
Ake Ed025 you know what that's not a bad idea mate I never thought of him I say it to Ed001 and see what he thinks😁.

27 Jul 2020 19:26:14
🤣 very true.

27 Jul 2020 20:33:25
Ed025, people hounded me when i dared suggest Gomez and Gini were the weakest links in our starting XI. I wasn't trying to he unfair though. I think they're good players still. I was just looking at it as if i were an opposition manager. I would tell my team let Wijnaldum have the ball because he lacks creativity, and i'd tell the striker to stand on Gomez.

Hendo or Fabinho can launch a pass in behind or thread a pass. Gini not so much. And let's be honest, no striker is going to go up against Virgil by choice when Gomez struggles in the air.

I totally agree with you. We should be aiming to pair Van Dijk with an equally imperious player, and to add another player with the quality on and off the ball as Hendo and Fabinho.

A better back up than Origi would be nice, but i'd rather focus on the starting XI given our financial situation. I appreciate your honesty mate. I don't think we actually need to spend a great deal this summer as Gomez is more than adequate to line up for us for another season. But given Thiago's availability i'd take the opportunity to upgrade on Wijnaldum.

I'll probably get slaughtered again for agreeing with you though. People will bring up Wijnaldum's excellent performance against Barcelona over a year ago, as if that doesn't prove my point that he is inconsistent!

{Ed025's Note - all supporters have their own ideas on teams, players and formations HMB, it would be very boring if we all thought the same mate, a lot wont have anything said about their players that is negative as their glasses are so tinted that they can do no wrong, i may sound negative at times but these are my honest views, i say the same about everton players as well..

27 Jul 2020 20:50:21
Ed25, I agree deals like Kai Havertz don’t come around often but money is an issue and Chelsea have that at the moment. Wouldn’t want to sell Gini, although said many times selling Origi would be best for both parties. For what it’s worth I don’t even think Gini and Origi would cover the costs to bring in Havertz.

28 Jul 2020 01:06:03
Harvey’s Man Bun - I agree about Gomez, but not Gini. Wijnaldum is an absolute force in that midfield and a player who is not readily replaceable or similar to any other.
We do need to be pairing Van Dijk up with another player who just demoralizes attackers. Ed’s Koulibaly shout is a terrible one, not because of his age but because he’s not actually that good.

{Ed0666's Note - why all the hate for Gomez all of a sudden people? I just don’t get it. On his day he’s a beast. Yes he lacks concentration at times but that can be nullified. There were times this season he was better than Virgil. And I agree about Gini he is the archetypal unsung hero the guy is special and in the words of our leader ‘if you can’t see this then I can’t help you’

28 Jul 2020 07:01:37
Ed0666 - I don’t hate Gomez in the slightest, I think he’s the best young defender (U25 for defenders imo) in England. If we were to go into the new season with Gomez and Virgil as first choice, not a problem - ‘need to be’ was probably too strong a phrase.
Gomez has got a good 10 or 12 years at the top level, I just believe that another elite defender would land us the PL/ CL double we should have had this season. (Not blaming Gomez at all)
As for Gomez being better than Van Dijk, there were similar shouts for Matip last season. Neither Gomez nor Matip have ever been better than Van Dijk at any time nor at any aspect of the game. Ask yourself, at that time if Van Dijk had got injured and Gomez was the senior CB, how would you have felt? If it was the other way round it would have been fine because Van Dijk was still there.

{Ed0666's Note - I appreciate the Frank and earnest debate Lowel but are you honestly saying that Gomez was not better than Virgil at any point in the season or that Matip never had a better game than Virgil? I think I’d have to vehemently disagree my friend.

28 Jul 2020 08:48:11
Ed0666, you have to differentiate hate from an honest opinion. Hate is far too strong a word. It's not even close to what is going on here.

There is no hate here for Gomez. He's a good player. Virgil is a world class player though. All people are suggesting is that rather than stand still we look to improve on what we have.

Alisson, Trent, Virgil, Robbo, Fabinho, Salah, Mane and Firmino are all debateablely the best in the world at what they do. Messi or Mbappe might be the only two i won't argue when it comes to those Liverpool players above.

Henderson is a sublime captain (debateably the best) and at least top class as an actual player so he won't be replaced any time soon. Rightly so.

Now can you honestly say Gomez or Wijnaldum are legitimate arguments for the best in their positions?

You'd be out of touch to even debate it. David Silva on his last legs was still better than Wijnaldum on the left of the midfield 3. Saul Niguez is better. Pogba (when he's not on strike) is better. Modric is better. Thiago is better. Veratti is better. Kante is better.

With regards to Gomez you cannot tell me he is better than Varane, Giminez, Koulibaly, Laporte, Diego Carlos etc.

They are the creme de la creme in Europe. In any normal circumstance i'd say stick with Gini. He's a good player and he gives 100%, plus normally none of those players would be realistic signings. But, in the unusual circumstance we find ourselves in Gini won't sign a new contract and Thiago is (reportedly) interested in coming to Liverpool as well as having a year left on his deal.

With regards to Gomez, i think the expense to sign a defender better than him will exceed what we can spend during this C.V. so i'd stick with him for now and go after a young centre back to push him short term, and maybe long term be his partner when Virgil retires.

It is not hate to say "sure we have a good player, but let's look for someone even better". Paisley is the most successful manager in our history because he did just that. He never rested on his laurels or let sentiment get in the way of progress.

I totally respect anyone who backs our players to the hilt. However, we know Klopp is looking at an midfielder AM/ L and we know he is looking for a starting CB. So is Klopp guilty of hate towards Gomez and Gini too? Because he sure as hell isn't looking to replace Mane and Virgil. He's just doing what's best for the club and not it's individual "transient employees".

{Ed0666's Note -

OK Mr Bunn let’s have it.

So you think that in order for a team to be successful then they all the players have to be the best in their position? So if that’s the case Leicester city won the league with Danny, Drinkwater, Danny Simpson, Mark Allbrighton, Wes Morgan, Robert Huth et al. To say any of those were the best in their position in world football in 2016 is bonkers. You seem to have a dose of Galactico fever and fail to appreciate that success is built on teamwork and sometimes the Ginis of this world can make a team great.

I agree Klopp is probably not looking to upgrade Mane or Virgil but he’s not looking to upgrade Hendo either but Hendo isn’t the best player in his position in world football and for you to say he is 'you would be out of touch to even debate it’.

I’m au fait with Paisley and how he worked. I grew up watching his teams and Paisley would never upgrade players that were doing a sensational job and who were instrumental. He would bring in competition yes.

28 Jul 2020 13:18:50
Ed0666, same here man. It seems as soon as a player has some type of issue over a short period of games then up, he needs to be sold. So by that logic when VVD has his own lapses of concentration (cos he does), he should be replaced as well, Typical of certain LFC fand always trashing our own players who have served us well for the so called”shiny new toys”. And what happens when their replacements have issues? You know the rest. Tragic, really.

{Ed0666's Note - we live in a society were Sadly instant gratification is revered more than nurture and organic growth mate



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