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28 Jul 2020 09:05:06
don't kill me for this but not have coutinho back instead of getting thiago? 😂
I was wondering we could get a loan with obligation to buy and coutinho is definitely a better player than thiago for us.
He could still be the x factor in some big games or games where we need a change.

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28 Jul 2020 09:32:12
I don't really understand the Thiago-Coutinho comparison to be honest mate.

Thiago can play holding midfield or box to box midfield. He would be legitimate competition across our midfield trio.

Coutinho is only any good on the left wing. He'd be a an Origi replacement as back up to Mane, except he'd want to be our highest earner despite having no chance of ever usurping Mane as first choice.

28 Jul 2020 09:41:38
I would rather have alcantra one place we lack is midfield and he would instantly improve that area, coutinho is not going to happen too expensive, although the way he left was sour he used too gel with that front 3 something major . Who is to say we might not get both .

{Ed002's Note - So who leaves - GW or Fabinho?}

28 Jul 2020 11:01:16
Every month someone suggests the return of Coutinho and gets shot down in flames. He’s an expensive benchwarmer for us who feigned injury to move elsewhere. The team improved once he left and started winning trophies. He doesn’t have potential or resale value and is unlikely to get much better plus he’s been average in three out of four European leagues. If we’re buying purely based on nostalgia and sentimentality, why not see if Alonso feels like pulling on a pair again as I’m sure he would do a better job.

28 Jul 2020 11:42:19
I am pretty sure thiago is not a holding mid. Pretty sure he ain't the proper box to box type either. ain't a dlp either.
He is a Attacking kind who is very good in terms of passing and maybe 5 goals a season. He makes just no sense in our setup. Coutinho still could.

28 Jul 2020 10:49:22
Ed002, we've already lost Lallana and Chirivella from the first team and they made nearly 30 appearances between them this season. Milner also doesn't look like he'll be as evergreen as he has been, already talking about coaching roles etc. Shaqiri is probably going too and he made about 10 appearances. That's a minimum of 40 midfield appearances we need to fill and that's from a season where we went out of every cup competition early.

There is no guarantee Wijnaldum is going to sign the new deal on offer either, in which case he'll leave or be phased out. Ox is mostly used as front 3 cover out wide. The only 3 midfielders you'd say you can bank on being here (and regulars) next season are Keita, Hendo and Fabinho.

I guess Klopp has to make a decision on Curtis Jones. The rhetorical question is does Jones need another season on the fringes, or do we want to throw him in like we did with Trent and let him play 40-50 games next season?

Either way i see a midfielder as a necessity. The players we have are versatile so i don't see an issue whether we sign a player like Barnes, Cantwell, Thiago or McKennie etc (just a few we've been linked with) . They could all play with Henderson, Keita or Fabinho.

I do have to agree with hailstones though. Midfield is the main area we look at risk of lacking going into next season. And maybe centre back too.

Can i ask Ed002, you have a vast and impressive knowledge of players across Europe. Is there a midfielder and centre back you think would be good fits for us and financially within our capabilities this summer?

{Ed002's Note - Chirivella did not appear in the league as far as I recall but obviously he appeared in a cup game as Liverpool got fined for playing him. He does not need replacing. I don't know how many minutes Lallana played but obviously if Curtis Jones is not up to it then he should be sold or released and Liverpool should look to a replacement. Obviously Milner has been given two years extra on his contract - that would have been with the approval of Klopp, so perhaps a better advised coach is needed as well. Shaqiri may well go. Personally I don't see that Liverpool need to add a midfield player but if there is interest in Thiago (and Lioverpool have not made an approach to his club) then he is a very good player - I have explained that the cost/age ratio means that Liverpool will be shifting from their stance of buying younger players who have a good future. In terms of CBs enquiring after a price for Ben White would be a good first step and perhaps Ferro (Francisco Ferreira) if there is a non-HG place available.}

28 Jul 2020 11:40:52
Ed as a neutral do u think our midfield needs improvement? Also if we were too get alcantra do u think he would improve that area? Forget coutinho we have curtis jones who can play in midfield or in front 2 wide positions I would rather see him flourish .

{Ed002's Note - No I don't see a need for improvement. As you say it is time for Curtis Jones.}

28 Jul 2020 12:51:38
Ed, did you say that Brighton's starting position on Ben White is £50m? Sounds like that would be very difficult to do in this climate.

{Ed002's Note - If Liverpool were to act responsibly with Brighton and make sales then they may be able to get him at a lesser price.}

28 Jul 2020 12:54:13
So we are doing this whole Coutinho thingy again after Klopp has said repeatedly that the issue is a non starter? Must be a Tuesday then cos it is a very slow news day.

28 Jul 2020 12:59:00
Chirivella played 6 cup games. Lallana 22 across all comps. Shaqiri played 10 times in all comps. I'd say 2 players could replace the 3 of them because Shaq and Chirivella were fringe players. Jones should 100% be one of those replacements but if he picks up all that game time on top of the game time he's already getting, that basically makes him a first team player.

I'm not suggesting Curtis isn't good enough for that but i was thinking more of a Foden-style involvement than, for example, how much game time Mason Mount has seen this year. I thought at 19 Jones was not not far into his development to go straight into the first team as a regular but i don't see him training every day so maybe he is. I'd love it if he is ready for that and could save us money.

Regarding Milner's new contract i worded my previous post poorly. I think it was a good decision by Klopp. But signing on for 2 more years doesn't necessarily mean he will be as involved as he has been in previous seasons where he was basically the 4th choice. He is 34 now after all. I wanted him to stay for his presence in the dressing room if nothing else though and because he's our primary left back cover! Was merely pointing out he might not be able to keep playing 30 odd games a season for much longer.

Thiago's age might well be an issue with the business model though, so you might be right about that one. Be a shame though. As you say he is very good.

I'd guess Ben White is going to be expensive of we do enquire! Thanks for the detailed reply boss man.

{Ed002's Note - How many minutes did they play?}

28 Jul 2020 13:04:46
Thanks for the info Eds, We need a CB more than a MF. Fabs and Keita should start most games for me, that means Hendo going in. With Gini rotating. We also have the Ox who when fit and gets a run of games normally looks pretty good. The only positions we really need are CB/ maybe LB cover for Robbo, and then ideally an attacking mid/ forward player but again we signed Minamino who in time I'm sure will play the role well.

28 Jul 2020 13:19:10
Ed002 I would say with Jones coming in for Lallana that does improve us, Lallana is 3 years past his best. Same at the back Williams coming into the squad makes us better I would love Nat Phillips to get a chance as 4th choice he looked good a few seasons ago in preseason. I would like a left back to cover Robertson as I don’t think what we have are good enough and Milner is getting to old to play that role his lack of pace could get him into trouble there. And I think a better option to cover Mane as the drop is massive when Origi comes in not sure Elliot is ready yet his only just turned 17 so he does not need rushing.

28 Jul 2020 14:14:02
Interesting question Ed002. I had a quick look online and of the midfielders presumed leaving it's 1722 minutes total.

If Wijnaldum left too with his contract situation in the balance there is another 3648 minutes to cover.

With that in mind, considering Jones only played 587 minutes himself, maybe it's worth while gambling on Jones being fit for every game next year and just letting him take over that additional 1700 minutes of game time.

Then i guess we only look to Thiago IF Wijnaldum does move on. Fair point well made, Ed002.

{Ed002's Note - If Wijnaldum leaves then there will be a replacement. Hopefully the club will be able to raise money from the sale of Elliott and Curtis Jones et al to buy replacements to suit you. You I assume included League Cup and FA Cup time.}

28 Jul 2020 15:14:04
Yeah that's minutes in all competitions. I want to be competitive on all 4 fronts naturally.

No need to sell off the kids. I honestly thought the guys leaving had more minutes than that. I was expecting over 2000 combined but looks like a lot were sub appearances. Just didn't want to over burden children like Elliott with excessive responsibility and expectation. I think Jones and Elliott will be alright to take up that game time though.

I do suspect Gini might move on still though. Which would be a shame as he's our 3rd best midfielder.

{Ed002's Note - You can't have it both ways. The club cannot simply add players. If the kids are not up to being integrated with the first team for the cups (like they are at other clubs), then they simply need to be sold.}

28 Jul 2020 17:02:00
Gini will sign his deal. Of course he will.

28 Jul 2020 18:41:02
I met a lad the other day who was at school with curtis Jones. Said he was really quiet lad. I like that. A good sign imo.

{Ed001's Note - I am surprised, you don't often meet a quiet scouser! Jones seems to have come out of his shell recently.}

28 Jul 2020 18:46:28
Of course Gini is going to sign a new deal. Where is he going to move to? He's at the league champions, European champions and gets plenty of game time.

I remember there being the same worries about him leaving when we signed Keita and Fabinho. Klopp convinced him that he would get game time and he has. Why would he leave?

28 Jul 2020 16:41:41
No i understand that fully Ed002. It was my mistake initially, as i thought Lallana and Shaqiri played a lot more minutes than they actually did. In reality they made a decent number of appearances on paper but didn't actually play too many minutes. I was wary of burnout but doesn't look like that will be an issue after following up you question on actual minutes played.

I'd still like Thiago though even if it means losing Wijnaldum.

{Ed002's Note - That is possible - but the Fat Kid From Bolton has been saying it is a done deal, like Werner to Liverpool, Sancho to Liverpool on a "pre-contract" next season and a mass of other bullshit which the Liverpool fans obsess about and seemingly gamble on.}

29 Jul 2020 10:26:31



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