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28 Jul 2020 22:57:24
Ed’s with the non stop chatter of transfers clogging up the feed, I have 2 questions?

First is where do you think we can improve as a team next season? And what would you like to see more of?

And second it would be interesting to get your thoughts on each players (or first 11) development targets you think they should be focusing on for next season?

Appreciate a big ask but would be good to hear some non transfer discussions.

{Ed001's Note - better finishing, I just want to see us be more clinical. We are creating ridiculous amounts of chances and scoring so few of them. Then we can start putting games to bed early and using the subs to rest players and give Elliott more time on the pitch, in particular.

That's a huge ask, it would need me to put time aside and think about it, so I will put it on my list for an article. I don't really have time today sorry.}

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29 Jul 2020 10:35:10
Ed01, I have been harping on our poor finishing for ages now and esp thru out the season. We won about 15 games by just one goal hence, the haters and ITK’s in the media kept saying we were fortunate in these games.

Whereas if you look at several of those games like vs Spurs Burnley, and Leicester at Anfield, the amount of chances we created and did not take were ridiculous. If simply have to improve on this front cos this cannot go on for another season. City had the same issue too but instead of still winning, they lost done of those games.

I know people harp on and on about making signings like it is the only way to improve. It is not. By simply increasing our conversion rate in front of goal by a couple of percentage points can make a huge difference even if you sign nobody.

29 Jul 2020 10:36:39
Ed001, totally agree we have been very wasteful in front of goal, especially when we create so many chances. However I don’t see that changing, we have been wasteful in front of goal for 3 seasons. Admittedly we still out score most of the other teams but there have been games, like the Burnley or arsenal one, where we had so many opportunities but couldn’t score. I still think we need a proper out and out striker, a creative mid, and top class CB. I think then we will really be the complete team.

29 Jul 2020 10:54:14
Totally agree. And I don't think you have to sign anyone to do this. All 3 of our front 3 have had 20+ seasons. One had a 40+ season. Salah needs to calm down, love the club and hit the ball the way he did in his first season.

Bobby, love him, but has to put the ball in the net whdn you get a chance. we're hard to score against and we play defensive teams, we need to take every chance. People are worrying because we haven't signed anyone and Chelsea have signed a couple of stars. I'm expecting Liverpool to come out and be better than they were last season. They've been surprising me every year.

Don't worry, Jurgen has made a juganaught and it's still building steam imo. These teams will be bedding their players in. Ours are close knit bunch of champions. I think we're bookies favourite I can't wait.

29 Jul 2020 11:29:21
Part of the reason we concede so few is because teams are scared to go toe to toe with us. Look at the 5-3 Chelsea game. They tried to out score us and they just couldn't.

The only teams in Europe I don't fancy us against in a one off game on the day with our best 11 on the pitch are; Atletico Madrid, Napoli and Man City. Every other team i'm surprised if we lose.

I think we have plenty of goals up top. This was our front 3's worst collective year since they started playing together and they still scored about 55+ goals. We just need a midfielder capable of scoring double figures as well and a back up forward who will also hit double figures.

Maybe we need to sign a couple of players? Or maybe Klopp see's Keita/ Jones and Minamino/ Brewster as those players? Whatever Klopp decides, he's earned the right to do what he wants with our full backing.

29 Jul 2020 11:28:47
No worries as I said it is a big ask! But would be an interesting viewpoint.

Finishing does seem to be our downfall!

{Ed001's Note - very much so, against Burnley we set our Premier League best ever total for chances created, yet we came away with one goal. And that defo wasn't down to Pope, who did nothing special despite the media verbal masturbation over yet another average English player.}

29 Jul 2020 11:47:42
Atletico were pretty lucky in the second leg when we should have put them to bed at Anfield.

Really there is no team to be feared.

We should keep our humility and respect the opposition but when we play to our potential then we are pretty much as good as it gets.

29 Jul 2020 12:18:13
I agree but also I don't see it changing. We have many top players but in terms of finishing chances none of them could be called clinical. But as has been stated all the front 3 have done it in at least one season so I stay hopefull. Maybe Ox, Keita, Minamino, Jones could all start to score more goals as well.

29 Jul 2020 12:19:50
Hey Ed001, agree with being more clinical, how would be the way to go do you think in trying to improve this? I can’t see us replacing any of our front 3 so how do you improve them? Is it a case of better or more coaching or tweaking the style of play so our strikers end up in better positions to shoot?

{Ed001's Note - it is a combination of things, though we don't seem to struggle to get them in good positions! Mostly I think it is a case of teaching them to relax more when they get there. Far too often shots are scuffed or smashed high or wide because a player's technique deserts him at the final second. That is normally caused by tension making them tighten up. There are a number of ways to help with that, unfortunately one of the best ways is repetitive practice, taking the shots over and over and over so they become second nature. That can be boring, so you really need the players to choose to do that themselves. The other main way is mental conditioning, to allow them to stay calm in the moment.}

29 Jul 2020 13:32:52
I was thinking about this last night. None of our front three are natural goalscorers. They add so much more than scoring to our side and in fairness all have become more clinical to some extent since joining Liverpool. I’m comparing Salah to his previous clubs not his first season where everything he touched it went in.

Would love to see our goal scored to goal chances ratio increase because there is so little more that we as a club can improve on!

29 Jul 2020 13:37:56
Fowler’s looking for a job, get him in to coach everyone’s finishing!

We’d bloody score goals for fun.

29 Jul 2020 13:45:35
Ed, I think you're bang on! I believe that our front 3 can work to improve their finishing. They are already unplayable as a trio and Klopp and the coaching team have the ability to work on the psychological aspects of finishing.

For those of you craving for us to bring in a "finisher", I would suggest to not underestimate how good this trio is and by replacing one we'd likely create less chances.

I do however think we need to add another pacey wide forward to add to the options across the front 3 - possibly at the expense of Shaq and Divock. If Ed002 recommends Stevanovic, who am I to argue :)

29 Jul 2020 17:45:24
Something we all agree on. I don’t know if I’m being greedy also but more goals from our midfield and fullbacks, I only say that because they are all capable. Trent and Robbo strike a ball as good as anybody.

29 Jul 2020 20:39:59
Who said, "this season is our top 3s worst season collectively, what we need is a midfielder who can get double figures. "

We won the league by 18 points. Not sure we need anything. Of course we want our forwards to be more clinical. It's hard to improve a team that gone out and won everything, But everyone of our front 3 is a technically brilliant footballer, better dribblers or passers than finishers. You can't have it all, unless you ask Barcelona for messi.

It's very exciting having your team go gung ho, and scoring 5 goals. But it's dangerous too. There's something very satisfying in having your team completely control a game, pop two goals in and then just keep the ball. Not allow the opposition an inch, don't let them get the ball down and play. And I think that's why we finished 18 points ahead of city. Weren't we 26 points clear and one point?



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