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30 Jul 2020 13:18:27
This is not a rumour but I’d tell you who i would take as a backup for a season - giroud.
Give Brewster a prem loan and given Chelsea have Abraham and Werner I don’t think they’d put up a big fight.

Always seems to score against us too. Offers a bit more of a presence but also is good at link up and hold up. Can easily start a handful of games but also make an impact off the bench.

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30 Jul 2020 13:24:03
You can't be serious?

30 Jul 2020 14:13:29
Giroud is quality but I doubt Chelsea will sell him to us.

And considering he's already re-established himself ahead of Abraham, that he could play with Werner in the right formation, and that Klopp historically hasn't rotated his front three, I think he's likely to play more often at Chelsea than here. So why would he uproot himself and his family to sit on Liverpool's bench?

30 Jul 2020 14:18:28
I can see the logic Firmane and I've always liked Giroud. Would he suit our style though? He'd certainly get service from our fullbacks and he would hold the ball up well for Salah and Mane. Wages would probably be an issue though.

30 Jul 2020 14:18:35
Giroud is a seriously underrated player. I would be happy with him as back up but he will want to be playing and i imagine his wages would be sky high.

30 Jul 2020 14:59:44
Chelsea get Werner instead of Liverpool and then to top it off, we take their 33 year old lump striker. That’s like Being in one of Frank Lampards dreams.

30 Jul 2020 15:39:27
LFC8, remember when we signed that 30 year old cast off from Man City? That didn't work out did it?

Giroud is a genuinely good player, and I'd expect him to have a good bit of longevity because his game never relied on having pace or an engine to get around the pitch. But he will stay at Chelsea next season.

30 Jul 2020 15:42:15
LFC8 - what’s your definition of lump? Because in my mind, Giroud certainly isn’t one.
He’s a highly dexterous, skillful, slippery striker with some of the best movement of any PL forward. He has a career goal record of just under 1 in 2, and is one of the few players that makes flicks and tricks efficient rather than flashy. The only drawback is that he is somehow even slower than Fabregas.
It says a lot that as the season reached its conclusion and Lampard became more concerned about CL qualification, he used Giroud instead of the overhyped Abraham.

30 Jul 2020 17:44:19
Obviously opinions differ on Giroud. The facts though are he’s 34 in September. He doesn’t fit our system because he’s too slow. And he's Chelsea’s 4th highest earner.
Irrelevant if you think he’s a lump like me, or Prime Dennis Bergkamp like others, he’s just all wrong for us because of Age, Wages and speed. But he’d bring all the women to Anfield so fuch it, let's buy him.

30 Jul 2020 17:59:11
Giroud's a lump and Abraham's overhyped. I've read it all now. No more internet for today.

30 Jul 2020 18:48:43
IMO, Giroud does not fit the way we play cos he can't press, can't play the Bobbie role which is very complicated and difficult tom play in the way Bobbie plays it. That said, Giroud is severely underrated and is a brilliant footballer and if people think he is just a lump that you can just launch it to so he can hold it up then trust me, you are watching the wrong guy.

IMO, Giroud is a very adaptable player who has been able to have a very long PL career mainly due to his ability to patent his game to what the team needs at the time they need it cos at Arsenal, he participated a tonne in the buildup play cos his skill and technique on the deck is so good.

At Chelsea, he is asked to sometimes be the lump that can hold it up or be the decoy or participate in build up play depending on what is happening on the pitch at the time. As for France, they are still relying on him cos frankly, no striker has been able to dislodge him in spite of the amount of negative criticism he gets from French fans who IMO, not very little about the game.

30 Jul 2020 20:03:25
I don't think he has to be one or the other LFC8. But you are right age and wages would be against him. Ability wise though I think he would be a cracking signing.

31 Jul 2020 16:52:57
Giroud got ahead of the rest at Chelsea because there is no one else at Chelsea. Except tammy who is v young to have so much responsibility placed on him. A good player but as soon as he went a few games without scoring you could see the pressure.

Don't want Giroud anywhere near our team. Good to throw on if you need a goal in the last ten minutes. He isn't underrated, he's seriously over rated.

It was such a ridiculous op that I can forgive salah's John mconroe impression! Love ya mate.



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