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31 Jul 2020 06:22:25
The only way I could see room for thiago is if klop sees milner having a big reduction in game time, as he is getting to that stage in his career.
Or if milner has designs on finishing his playing days at Leeds.

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31 Jul 2020 07:09:13
But would thiago be happy to come to provide cover only (which is essentially Milners role now)? At his stage, I would suspect he will want promises about game time.

31 Jul 2020 07:23:14
Do we (or anyone) even know if Bielsa wants him? Any discussions or rumours of such? It's not like Milner has a life-long "get-in-free" entry ticket at Leeds. And I don't see Milner trading the Liverpool bench for the Leeds bench; not when he's winning titles with LFC.

If Thiago is seriously being considered, I have a feeling it's Wijnaldum that may have to make way. Or may just be added to the squad as one more option; someone to come off the bench when things need a different kind of approach. It's a mighty crowded midfield already, and there will be a lot of unhappy players if there are no outgoings.

31 Jul 2020 08:16:10
Spot on, ArAy1969. I have asked this very question once before and not a soul seems capable of answering it. It seems everyone knows what Bielsa and Leeds want or could want but no one has asked if Bielsa could be interested and IMO, he is not.

Having watched Bielsa coach at Marseille, I can tell you that the guy doesn’t suffer any fools and could not be arsed about the whole “Milner will love to end his career at Leeds” schtick. Bielsa won’t be signing him if he does not think he can help them, end of.

As for the Thiago deal, I’ll believe it when it happens cos as I’ve said before, this deal makes no sense to me on several levels but if Klopp wants him then do be it.

31 Jul 2020 08:40:28
I don't know why fans stress about how it would work so much. It's a simple question for us; does Thiago improve the squad?

The answer is, yes. He is better than probably all of our midfielders except maybe Fabinho and Henderson.

It's Klopp's job to worry about how to keep everyone happy. All i know is that Klopp likes Thiago, Thiago likes Liverpool, Bayern are happy to sell, and Thiago is better than what we have. That's all there is to it.

Maybe instead of replacing Shaqiri, Klopp will continue to use Ox further forward like he did most of this season? He was our 4th highest scorer after all.

Maybe Fabinho will play centre back? Klopp actually took Gomez off in the 2nd half vs Man City to put Fabinho alongside Virgil.

Maybe Gini is leaving because he won't sign a new contract? Club won' want to lose him for nothing.

Maybe Milner's talk about coaching roles is a hint he'll be more of a player coach? He is going into his 19th season and started picking up uncharacteristic injuries last season.

Maybe Jones is seen more as a player to cover the front 3 whilst he matures? He certainly looks most comfortable on the left wing when i have seen him play.

My point is, none of know how Klopp plans to make it work but if he wants Thiago then we know he certainly does have a plan. He's hardly been erratic in the transfer market or bad at keeping the squad togetherness.

{Ed001's Note - Fabinho is not viewed as a centre-back, that change you referred to was simply because he wanted Fab's ability to pass there and there was no need to worry about defending so much. The answer to all this is simply, Gini has one year left on his contract and has yet to sign. He needs replacing now.}

31 Jul 2020 08:58:39
Is there any interest in Gini? As you say if he doesn’t sign a new contract then it would make sense to let him leave and bring in someone else.

{Ed001's Note - I have not heard of any, other clubs seem to believe he is happy and wanting to stay, which is why this is surprising. I am sure there will be interest though. Personally I think he is just looking to see out his deal and go back home. Otherwise it doesn't make sense.}

31 Jul 2020 09:28:21
I wouldn't be completely shocked to see gini go the other way. Both 29, both with one year left, both seem to fancy something different, so I wouldn't be surprised to see gini go to bayern. I think it's obvious, however, that thiago is a gini replacement if he leaves.

31 Jul 2020 09:31:58
If we're getting Thiago, bare in mind, if this is 100%. Then we need to cash in on Gini, one year left on his contract and he could walk for free or we flog him now and get decent money? money which we are in need of right now. It's a no brainer in my opinion, I love what he has done for us the past couple of seasons but football these days is a business and that's all it is, we need to sell him while we can get something for him. I don't see the lad signing a new contract.

I say again, only IF we sign Thiago.

31 Jul 2020 09:35:07
I suspected as much regarding Gini, Ed001. We've tied down everyone else to long term deals so it's always seemed strange that he wouldn't sign the offer on the table. If he wanted to stay he'd sign it.

I'm really not that fussed if I'm brutally honest. Wijnaldum is the most frustrating player in our starting 11. He still goes missing away from home and he only ever seems to pull out big performances against other top opposition. I know it's an unpopular opinion but i think he's mentally weak. On his day he can be our best player but the fact that people still use his performance against Barcelona as their strongest argument in his defence (which was now over a year ago) only reinforces my point that he plays within himself most of the time.

I do like Gini. Always works hard and gives 6 or 7 out of 10 minimum. He's just too infrequently a game changer in my opinion. Fabinho and Henderson are proof you can be a work horse and a match winner despite the fact that they're our more defensive midfielders.

31 Jul 2020 10:38:21
Christ didn’t see that coming Ed001 I just thought it was a matter of time before Gini signed a new contract mate. Do you see that as a real possible then Gini our Thiago in?

{Ed001's Note - if he hasn't signed it yet, then he isn't likely to sign. We certainly can't afford to wait and see with our income slashed due to the virus. To be honest he was very lucky to have been a part of the title win as not signing the deal could have seen him sold last summer or in January. I like Gini but he is just one player and he either signs or goes. It is a shame because he fits in very well but we have to do what is best for the club.}

31 Jul 2020 11:06:27
I agree Ed, A real shame if he does leave but I guess we can replace him.

{Ed001's Note - Thiago would certainly make sense in regards to a replacement. The skillset would certainly be there.}

31 Jul 2020 12:00:05
With you there, Ed01. Love Gini to bits BUT like you said, if he has not signed his new deal now, he simply won't and IMO if a player has one year left on his deal and is yet to sign a new one going into the last year, you sell his arse and move on to replacing him, virus or not. We need the cash however much it will be right now.

Now if indeed Gini is to be replaced by Thiago, then it makes sens as he has the natural ability to play in our system and Klopp is a fan. I was not in fav. of him coming to us but if Gini won't sign then he needs to go and be replaced. I trust Klopp on this one.

31 Jul 2020 13:50:25
Damn, another username change.

31 Jul 2020 13:50:25
Damn, another username change.

31 Jul 2020 13:51:41
ed1 - can you give a brief on the difference between transfers in football and trades in the NBA? Is the key difference that in football part of the transfer includes player and purchasing club agreeing to new terms as part of the transfer?

I'm just asking cos if this was the NBA the club would probably be looking to trade Gini for another player at this point if he wasn't going to sign on.

{Ed001's Note - I have little to no knowledge of how it works in the NBA, so I would struggle to give any kind of comparison, sorry.}

31 Jul 2020 16:46:57
If gini isn't going to sign (which I find hard to believe, but who knows) then he's earned a big pay day imo, that leaving on a free will bring him.

I will be seriously gutted if he goes. Better player than thiago every day of the week.

31 Jul 2020 18:17:46
Ya know, I thought if this thiago talk was true it must be a milner replacement. But ed01 saying gini doesn't look like signing (not holding your word to it Ed mate, I didn't realise it had been so long since the deal was offered) but it looks like gini is on his way eh. I'm absolutely gutted by this. He takes some replacing, hence a top player like thiago. I prefer gini but not seen a tonne of ta.

31 Jul 2020 21:12:14
Algoods ed1. In NBA a club may look at Gini situation and shop him around to see which players they can get back. And go with the best option. I don't see that happening as much or often in football. Although, are we making an assumption that Gini doesn't want to sign? Like is there any solid inside word on that ed? Or we just reading the tea leaves?

{Ed001's Note - there are clubs in football, particularly Barca, looking to swap players that they can't sell in order to get ones they want. It is likely to become more commonplace due to the high cost of acquiring players.

Gini has had a contract waiting for him for over a year, he has yet to sign it, I think that is enough to assume he won't be signing it now.}



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